What Kills Cockroaches Instantly?

Having a roach infestation is bad enough, but if it gets to the point where you’re skirting around the floor to avoid stepping on them, then you have a serious problem. While there are plenty of long term solutions to get rid of cockroaches, sometimes, you need to take instant action. We’re going to help you take care of your roach problem instantly.

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What & How to Kill Roaches Instantly?

#1 Step on Them

Probably the simplest and quickest way of killing roaches is to step on them as you see them. Just make sure you’re wearing shoes; otherwise, things can become quite disgusting.

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  •       Instant killing tactic
  •       No equipment or other items needed
  •       Not effective if you’re trying to kill multiple roaches at once
  •       Messy and disgusting without shoes

#2 Commercial Roach Spray

Sprays can kill cockroaches instantly. Just spray it whenever you see any of them scuttling around. However, these sprays are very strong and can be harmful to your health if inhaled or consumed. Make sure to spray in spaces that are free of food, dishes, and water.

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  •       Kills cockroaches instantly on impact
  •       Quick and easy to use
  •       Dangerous if consumed or inhaled

#3 DIY Roach Spray

If you want to steer clear of commercial roach sprays, you can make your own using a simple item found in everyone’s bathroom – soap. Create a solution of water and soap and put it in a spray bottle, and whenever you see any roaches, spray it on them. They’ll die instantly (they may twitch a little before dying). You can also spray in areas that are frequented by cockroaches, but do it when there are roaches around; otherwise, it will dry and become ineffective.

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  •       Quick and easy to make and use
  •       Roaches die instantly upon contact
  •       The soapy liquid needs to be cleaned immediately to prevent anyone from slipping

#4 Boric Acid

You can either make a boric acid trap or form boric acid balls to place in infested areas and near openings like the kitchen sink. When the roach comes into contact with the powder or paste, it will stick to its body, dehydrate it, and kill it. The catch is that this method isn’t exactly instant – it can take up to 3 days for the roaches to die.

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One way to use boric acid is to combine it with white flour and roll it into balls.

  •       Roaches start dying on contact
  •       Inexpensive
  •       It takes time for the cockroach to die
  •       Leaving boric acid around the house can be dangerous for pets and little children

#5 Baking Soda

Baking soda has the power to destroy roaches from the inside. It is often combined with sugar (or similar substances) to lure the roaches so that they swallow the baking soda.

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  •       Inexpensive and can be done with basic kitchen items
  •       Killing roaches takes time
  •       Cockroaches may not ingest the baking soda

#6 Roach Gel

Commercial roach gels are highly effective when it comes to killing these pesky little creatures. Squirting it along openings in the house can kill cockroaches as soon as they try to come out. Just remember that this gel can be toxic for humans as well and should be kept away from food, children, and pets.

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  •       Very effective in killing roaches
  •       Toxic for humans
  •       Can’t be used to kill roaches on the spot

#7 Hiring an Exterminator

Although an exterminator can help you get rid of cockroaches instantly, this method is quite expensive. However, if you have a massive infestation and you’re dealing with a large space like a hotel or a large house, then it’s necessary, and, in the long run, will save you time, effort, and money.

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  •       Instant freedom from roaches
  •       Time-saving in the long run
  •       Can be expensive
  •       You may need to temporarily evacuate your house while the infestation is being dealt with.


There are many ways to kill roaches instantly, but you need to remember that they reproduce quickly and in large numbers, and finding and killing their eggs isn’t as easy.

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The key is to keep your house clean, take out the trash, and not leave any crumbs or standing water anywhere. Combine this with your instant roach-killing methods, and you won’t have to worry about running into any cockroaches scuttling across the floor. You’ll finally be able to walk barefoot in your house.