What Attracts Cockroaches?

You may have heard strange noises in your house in the middle of the night or noticed some frantic running in the kitchen for nights in a row now, but you just cannot figure out where they are or more importantly, what even attracted them into your house in the first place. 

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The thing is, there is no single answer to what exactly attracts cockroaches into your house. That said, here are some very possible reasons that can serve as a checklist for you to identify what could be attracting them into your house.

So, Just What Attracts Roaches Into Your House?

Just like humans and almost all living creatures on earth, cockroaches seek three things – food, shelter, and water. The bad news is that all of these can easily be found in our houses.The good news however, is that knowing what attracts roaches, we can narrow down and better identify what is the main attractant at home, and what can we do to deter roaches from staying around or even coming back.

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Potential Attractor #1 – Food

Food is the main attractor of cockroaches. Just like other living things, cockroaches also need food in order to survive. Removing their access to food in our house will almost guarantee to reduce and prevent getting a cockroach infestation. Keeping good housekeeping habits at home will help greatly. Sealing or storing away unfinished snacks/food properly, ensuring not to keep dishes unwashed, wiping all table top surfaces after preparing meals and completing your meals, and lastly, cover up your trash and make sure to bring out the garbage and dispose it properly each night. 

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When it comes to storing leftover food, it is recommended to use airtight containers and storage options. This includes pet food, storing them off of your floor. Also consider keeping leftover food inside your refrigerator or freezer for extra protection.

Before turning off the lights and going to bed every night, make sure to clean the surface of all areas for food preparation, clearing out those crumbs and food leftovers off the floor. From time to time, make sure to perform deep cleaning, going through areas beneath the appliances, wiping them down accordingly. This also includes cleaning beneath the stove, refrigerator, as well as drawers for any signs of leftover food. 

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Potential Attractor #2 – Shelter

Check for block crevices or gaps around the house that may be potential hideouts for cockroaches. You may also consider installing weatherstripping in the entryways, such as doors and windows. It is also vital to declutter from time to time, as this could be attractive to these pests. Note that pheromones are used by these cockroaches to communicate. As such, they prefer surfaces that can soak this scent, including wood and cardboard. 

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Potential Attractor #3 – Water

Water is another attractor for cockroaches, hence it is very common to find them around moist and warm areas in the house such as near the fridge and below the water sink. It is helpful to  check the pipes around the house when doing housework, keeping a lookout for any leaks or water catchment spots. Also check that you don’t have any water standing in pet bowls or plants for a prolonged period of time. Wet mats and towels should be dried accordingly after every use.

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Final Thoughts

Cockroaches are quite difficult to detect in the daytime since they are nocturnal pests. At times, you will only notice their presence once the infestation has gotten quite serious. Which is why it is crucial to take action to carry out investigations as soon as you find any signs of cockroaches like finding oval-shaped eggshells, dead bodies of roaches, roach droppings, as well as a musty or oily odour in your kitchen and bathroom areas. These are all common signs that you may likely be having a cockroach infestation at home. If there’s no infestation upon investigating, then make sure to carry out some preventive measures like keeping the area clean and prevent any water catchments. If you do identify an infestation, take immediate action to get rid of them. Depending on the situation, you should pick the right cockroach products or even consider engaging professionals.

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While other insects only attack at certain times of the year, cockroaches are recognised as a year-round threat. It may be difficult to identify which attractor has pulled the cockroaches since they are not really the pickiest. Making sure to practice preventative solutions may help in reducing the attacks, though different types of treatments may also be needed in order to completely eliminate one.