Bug a salt 2.0 Review (2023 Edition)

This is our review post for the famous Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Eradication Gun. This bad boy was mentioned in some of our posts (mainly under natural, organic and pet safe roach killers’ related articles) and many readers have written in asking for a more in-depth review of this product and whether it’s worth their investment.

Many would like to know if the product works and whether it’s really possible to really have some fun out of this annoying pest situation.

Notice: This post is slightly different from our usual articles where we provide info and recommend possible solutions for your consideration based on your current roach (or other pest) situation on hand.

For more serious roach situations on hand, do proceed to read our more serious post and recommendations here.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Pest Eradication Gun

The Bug-A-Salt gun was first introduced to us by one of the readers, and out of curiosity we bought one to try [May: it was my youngest son, John’s birthday, so might as well].

Also known as a bug salt gun, Bug-a-Salt is a plastic gun invented with the intention to destroy houseflies at a distance by spraying out table salt like a shotgun. Over 21,000 guns were sold when it’s first launched on Indiegogo (back in September 2012), making over US$570K.

Many users have tested the product on other bugs including roaches and these are some of the videos on YouTube:

It even works on other more venomous bugs like Scorpion and Spiders as well:

How it works

The Insect gun shoots out a spray of table salt which takes down the bug on contact.

  • Up to 80 Shots with each reload
  • 90-day warranty (for purchase from Skell or authorised seller)
  • Texturized Handgrip for non-slip cocking
  • Pop-up sight indicator (yup)
  • Excellent for bugs on ceilings and in corners
  • Non-Toxic
  • No batteries required
  • Item is not on really cheap
  • Doesn’t kill the pest on the spot (at least not all)
  • Once start, it’s difficult to stop (seriously)

Things to Note…

Some customer reviews seem to feedback that the item breaks or gets jammed quite easily.

In our experience, it could be due to the salt hardening inside the toy when they are not playing with it. What we do is to always ensure to finish the salt or pour the excess out before keeping it.

Also note…

  • Don’t use other ingredients other than salt as they might be too fine and might clog the gun.
  • Be sure to lube all the areas as directed in the instructions for the gun to work well.

Laser Sight Beams


Conclusion and Review

In conclusion, this product is more effective on smaller sized bugs and pests (e.g. flies, Beetle, small spiders) but do not really take down bigger pest like the roaches on its first shot. It is, however, ideal for knocking them out (almost) so you have time (and courage) to go in for the kill with a roach spray or something.

If getting rid of the pests is your main objective, then obviously the gun is not an ideal/smart option (read this article for better options for such cases). However, the Bug-A-Salt gun is a fun way to help aid and even enjoy the battle with roaches.

Get rid of pesky pests at home and have a blast in the process.

Note: Please do also ensure that your kids don’t use this on animals or use this to shoot each other.

How about taking things up a notch…..

Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden Edition

Bug-A-Salt introduced a ‘Lawn & Garden’ edition, which seems to be designed for more robust usage.

It is said to give (we quote) “more load, more power, and more fun”.

Alternate Insect Gun

It seems like there are other bug gun alternatives in the market already.

We have yet to try it, but for those working on a budget, you may perhaps consider giving these a try instead.

If you do, pls leave your feedback and review in the comment section to share with our readers how did they fare.

Final Words

Be warned….. As soon as we took down the first fly, we can’t stop playing with it. At one point, we actually hoped more flies will come.

What we personally like about this product is that we get to knock out the target (be it roaches, flies or lizards) accurately (compared to rolling up the newspaper or magazine).

Most importantly, cleaning up is a lot easier and less messy as compared to using roach spray or having to wipe the victim’s body that is stuck to the wall, the floor or the window glass.

>> Check out Bug-A-Salt here