6 Best Roach Spray in 2023

We have received quite a number of emails asking for a list the Best Roach Spray available in the market today, after the posting of our Best Roach Killer Article. So here it is!


Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer Check Price
2BENGAL CHEMICAL Roach spray Check Price
3Max Ant & Roach Killer Check Price
4Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer Check Price
5Ortho 0196710 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray Check Price
6Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray Check Price
7Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun Check Price

In this post, we bring you a guide on some of the best bug spray for roaches that you can reach for the next (unfortunate) time you have to get rid of a cockroach.

Before diving in, let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of using a roach spray killer:

Pros of using Roach Spray
  • Immediate killing effect
  • No luring or set-ups needed (as opposed to using a bait gel or trap)
  • Very cheap and effective roach killing method (compared to other methods like the roach bait and gel)
  • No squashed dead roaches to clear (compared to smacking with magazine or newspaper)
  • Works on almost any pest (other than roach)
Cons of using Roach Spray
  • Mostly only effective on direct contact with the roaches
  • Leaves sticky residue after application
  • Most roach spray comes with a repulsive smell
  • Kills roaches on sight but do not have the ability to get rid of the entire roach nest
  • Not suitable around food place
  • Humans and pets will be exposed to pesticide
  • Chances of missing target and causing a mess
  • No suitable for hard to reach areas
Note: The list for negative points might seem longer but really, for an instant killer product that is this cheap and effective, the pros simply outweighs the cons many times over.

While bait and gel are a safer option and have potential in getting rid of the entire roach nest, we wouldn’t deny the amount of satisfaction you feel by killing on contact. Also, if your roach situation is not recurrence or severe like an infestation, a good spray should do the trick.

Raid 11717 Ant & Roach Killer

>> Best Over-the-counter budget Roach Spray

Raid ant and roach killer spray promise to kill upon contact with the pests. Using this product is hassle free as reapplication is kept to a minimum – one spray can remain effective for up to four weeks. This bug spray also comes in an easy-to-use aerosol can, which will minimise possible contact with the product.

  • Pleasant floral scent
  • Kills other pests (i.e water bugs, silverfish, crickets, spiders and beetles)
  • Kills for up to four weeks
  • No lingering chemical odor and fragrance-free.
  • Do not have sprout attached that allows usage at corners or hard to reach areas
  • Not suitable for use around pets

[May: We mostly go for the value pack after the product has proven to work at our homes.]


The Bengal Chemical Roach II spray a dry spray formula that does not leave unsightly stains on your walls. The spray can also penetrate walls to get to where the cockroaches are hiding. The non-staining formula does not leave a messy residue that will stain valuable and expensive furniture as well.

Bengal Chemical Roach is an effective long-term formula that can last between one to four months, depending on the cleaning frequency. It is comparatively pricier as compared to other roach sprays due to active ingredient content in this product (Permethrin) that makes it both effective and safe.

The spray does not kill on contact but brings the pests out of their hiding places and after a while they die off.

  • Dry spray & non-staining formula
  • Also eradicates other common household pests (i.e. ants and spiders)
  • Long-term formula that last between 1 – 4 months (depending on the cleaning frequency)
  • Odorless and safe for indoor use
  • Comparatively pricier as compared to other roach sprays
  • Does not kill on contact
Note: Remember to wash your hands after application or wear gloves to ensure that you do not transfer the residue onto clothing that can get into your eyes or to edible food sources.

Raid Max Roach Killer Spray

Raid Max Cockroach Spray kills on contact and remains effective in its killing for up to 6 months with its residual action. With an improved design, the two-way nozzle allows for both spot application (like in cracks and crevices), and also allows wide area application.

  • Comes with straw nozzle attached
  • Lasting product
  • Only need to spray a small amount to kill the target
  • Works as an repellent too
  • Smell can last for a few hours before disappearing
  • Only suitable for indoor use (not be able to use it as a preventive measure for outdoor application)
Pro-tip: Remember to shake well before using and the formula will be evenly dispensed if the container is held upright.

Position the spray such that it is about 12” from the potential surface area. Spray until the entire surface is wet and allow the entire area to completely dry for the residual effects to work.

For special surfaces such as plywood, retreat it every four weeks, for other surfaces, once in six months should suffice.

>> Also try: Raid Roach Gel to attack the roach nest and Raid Max Bug Barrier to act as a repellent to roaches.

Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Lawn & Garden Insecticide Sprayer

Chapin 20000 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides, 1 Gallon

>> Best Roach Spray for Lawn and Garden

The Chapin 2000 1-Gallon Poly Spray is designed for outdoor usage. It is a great option not only for pest control but also weed control while acting as a fertiliser. This product raves for its good design in terms of the unique in-tank anti-clog filter that will help your extermination process be clog-free and consistent.

This huge machine comes with an ergonomic pump handle to simplify the process of pumping and carrying. Made of lightweight material and rust-free polyethene, the tank is translucent for easy checking of fluid levels.

A great looking lawn does not have to require that much effort to maintain. With the help of the Chapin 1-Gallor Poly Lawn and Garden Spray, you can go through your garden without much hassle with its ease of movement. Polyethene plastic allows you to rinse it out without much trouble. You will be able to use the sprayer for many other different applications around the home.

All Chapin 1 –Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden sprayers come with SureSpray anti-clogging filter to prevent the occurrence of clogging. The anti-clog feature can be found in the centre of the pumping mechanism.

  • Translucent tank makes filling/ refilling and cleaning easy
  • Compatible with common fertilisers, weed killers and pesticides
  • The top of the gallon is funnel-shaped to prevent spillage when refilling
  • Smartly fitted with an ergonomic handle to pump the formula out and to carry around outdoors
  • Comfortable spray handle for easy application
  • The spray pressurises quickly and delivers consistent spray strength
  • Adjustable spray pattern by simply adjusting the nozzle cap
  • Some users experience small leak upon pressurising
  • Lacks the ability to hold pressure

Twist the filter snugly into the funnel top and tighten it down such that air pressure can increase within the space of the container. Use the handle to pressurize the interior so that the liquid can escape via the hose and wand. Note that the hose is 28 inches long while the wand is 12 inches with a lever attached near the grip. The spray is designed such that you can choose from either stream of liquid or a gentle mist to cover a wider area.

A tip makes the most bangs out of your buck is to use the equipment for other gardening purposes as well. This can become one of your helpful landscaping tools for tasks such as watering needs.

Tip: Fill the box with water to test if the product has leakages before adding the pesticide concentrate. Also, try to fill pesticide outdoor to prevent having to clean up any mess.

Ortho 0196710 Home Defense MAX Roach Killer Spray (for Indoor & Home Perimeter)

>> Best Roach Spray for Indoor & Outdoor  (Heavyweight)

A product that claims to not only kills bugs but to create a barrier against them, Ortho goes for the all-kill, getting rid of not just roaches but also ants, spiders, roaches and other insects. Also promising convenience, the user just has to spray the ready-to-use formula directly on the pest and as a precautionary measure, around the perimeter of the home’s foundation. One application can also last up to one year.

  • Non-staining and odour free formula
  • One application can last up to a year
  • Very effective in killing ants (simply spray and leave it to kill)
  • Works as a bug barrier
  • Might take a while before seeing visible effects
  • Pump not as durable
  • Sprayer can be quite flimsy
Tip: It is a helpful reminder that the outcome will not be to see the insects die immediately but a reduction in number within a period of time.
Note: using spray outdoor can pose a risk to non-target bugs such as bees or other beneficial insects. Hence be sure to use them with cautions.

Note: Mature or larger roaches will take longer to control versus their younger counterparts.

>> Ortho has released a newer model of this item: check it out here.

Eco Defense Organic & Natural Home Pest Control Spray

>> Best Pet-safe Roach Spray

The Eco-Defense Organic Home Pest Control is marketed to be the safe alternative to other chemical based pesticides that are readily available as it uses natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients. It kills and repels not only roaches but also other common household bugs.

  • Made using natural and organic ingredients
  • Child and pet safe
  • No foul-smelling chemical odour
  • Works on another home pest (i.e. spiders, ants, fleas, mites, scorpion, earwigs, silverfish)
  • Great product for people with allergies
  • Takes some time for effects to be seen
  • No as strong as other roach sprays (due to pet-friendly formula)
  • Slight more expensive than non-pet safe spray
  • Does not repel (only kill it’s victim if sprayed on them directly)

Alternate with this product: EcoSMART Organic Ant and Roach Killer Spray

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Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

If you have been reading our blog then you should be no stranger to this product.

The Bug-a-salt gun is perhaps one of the top favourite products that we always are sure to include in the list of roach killer products and you bet it will appear in the roach spray recommendation article.

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General Rules
  • Always shake well before use
  • Always try to aim it directly at your target as the spray is most effective that way
  • Do not allow pesticide residues to settle onto counter tops, toys, food dishes and other surfaces
  • Always read the label before using for the first time

When it comes to bug spray, the one size fits all mentality will not work.

Even though certain roach sprays claim to be effective on other insects as well, if your main enemy is the roaches, you should invest in a roach spray and not a common insect spray that promises to kill roaches as well. Cockroaches are the most resistant house pests that have been frustrating us all these while, by choosing the right kind of spray, this makes thing much easier!

Roach spray contains repellent elements are should not be used in conjunction with lure type of roach products like the Roach Trap or Gel bait.

Tip: Keep a bottle of the spray under the kitchen sink and another bottle in the bathroom as the creepy crawlies can run fast so you need to be armed with your weapon.

Final Thoughts

The first reaction most of us have when we see a cockroach would likely be to scream and run away. The tough part about doing this is that the roach is at your home! And running away simply doesn’t solve the problem.

Your next best alternative would likely be to roll up a magazine or newspaper and take a swing or two at the nasty pest while internally battling over conflicting emotions and thoughts. On one hand, you wish you can hit the victim before they run or worse, fly away. On the other hand, you dread having to clean up the dead victim after your shot lands on the target.

In situations like this, the best solution will be to have a handy roach spray on hand to serve as the first line of defence between you and the offensive creature. Baits, gels and other methods are effective but do not offer the satisfaction and assurance of an immediate wipeout.


In conclusion, the best roach spray is the one that works best at your home based on price and effectiveness. The best way to find out is to start trying.

Roach sprays have been formulated and improved over time to increase their effectiveness. Even if you bought all of the best roach sprays available in the market today, it is always encouraged to combine them with other methods when it comes to getting rid of these resilience pests.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to catch them in action like in the middle of the night or at hard to reach areas of your house. That is when roach baits and gels will come in handy. With the combination of these traps, there will be a good chance of combatting these pests.