4 Best Roach Bait Gel Killer in 2023

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best roach bait gel killer products in the market today. The roach bait is simply one of the most effective and cost efficient roach killer product available.

Unlike other roach killing methods, there’s no mixing required prior to treatment. People and pets will not be exposed to the harmful ingredients as they are usually encased in a plastic container or placed in areas that are out of reach to your family and pets. Cockroach baits also have no unpleasant smell and can be found in supermarkets and homeware stores (check out the list of pros and cons below).

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How Roach Bait works

Cockroach baits are essentially a combination of a slow-acting insecticide (roach poison) and a food attractant (roach lure).

The food attractant acts as a bait to lure the roaches to the insecticide for a chance that they will feed on the bait and carry it back to their nests, exposing the bait to the other roaches. The exposure happens when they either share the food (aka poison) or when it gets expelled from their body through feces.

Pros of using Roach Baits
  • Minimal (almost none) direct exposure to the poison/ chemical (either contact through the air or while handling the solution)
  • Can be placed in areas that are hard to reach with products like a roach spray
  • Can be placed in location that is out of reach from small children and pets
  • Baits do not vaporize in the air around us
  • No mixing is required prior to treatment
  • Simply set and relax (out of sight, out of mind)
  • Active ingredient found in bait is known to be pet-friendly
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Long-term control over roaches in comparison to sprays
  • Have potential to get rid of the entire roach nest (this is perhaps one of the most enticing benefits of roach bait)

[May: Baits and gels are also ideal options for people with breathing problems]

Cons of using Roach Baits
  • Carcasses (dead bodies) have to be cleaned
  • Exposed baits are poisonous
  • Might be a challenge to place bait at spots where it’s most effective/ ideal

Here are the best roach baits:

1) Advion Syngenta Roach Gel Bait

Advion Syngenta Roach Bait Gel is a high-performing gel bait product that targets all pest species of cockroaches. It is powered by MataActive TM compound which is a combination of a high-consumption bait matrix with a potent, non-repellent active ingredient. Advion promises to be so effective such that roaches cannot resist it and the toughest species are easily controlled.

Quick Application Guide:

  • For light to moderate infestations – use one to three spots of gel bait per ten linear feet.
  • For heavy infestations – increase the amount to three to five spots of gel bait per ten linear feet.
  • Still attracts roaches even after bait hardens
  • Works best on German and American roaches
  • Works both indoor and outdoor (i.e. residential, commercial & industrial sites)
  • Certified pet-safe if used as directed

Note: Even though the Advion is certified pet safe, you should still keep it away from food sources.

The date that is stamped on the packaging is the manufacturing date (not the date of expiry). The product is effective for up to two years from manufacturing date.

Pro-tip: Apply the gel bait on a disposable tape or cupboard so that it is easier to remove and clear it away at later time.

2) Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Gel Bait (with Hydramethylnon)

The Maxforce Professional Roach Gel by Bayer kills cockroaches both by ingestion and direct contact (kinda like Boric Acid).

The active ingredient present kills slower, which allows time for the poison to be transmitted to other roaches or insects at hard-to-reach and inaccessible areas, resulting in a domino killing effect.

The Maxforce targets the America, brown-banded, German, Oriental and Smoky Brown species. Remember to keep the capped screwed and use within two years. The gel will dry out and a dry layer will form on top. Roaches will still ingest the bait but if contaminated or gone, reapplication is needed.

  • Works through both ingestion and contact
  • Kills other common household pests too
  • One extra plunger is accorded with each purchase

A very slim part of the plunger tip must be snipped off for the tube to be used (cut off instead of twisting off). Consider getting a bait gun for greater convenience.


  • Use one to two spots about the size of the gel syringe cap for moderate infestation or specifically to target the German or Brown-branded species.
  • For more severe infestations, use two to four spots of gel syringe capsize.
  • For other roach species such as the American, Smokey-brown or Oriental, use spot sizes that are one-quarter to one-half of the actual syringe cap to fight them off.
  • Smaller more frequent gel placements are more effective as compared to larger and less frequent applications.

Storage wise, keep the bait in a moderate temperature as gel will start liquefying at below minus 10 degrees or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, should that happen, return the baits to normal temperature and it will regain its effectiveness. Use within two years of purchase and within one year from the first application.

Take extra care as the gel may stain textiles and certain porous surfaces. Place the gel in places where the stain will not cause extra problems.

Pro-tip: To ensure its effectiveness, do not use insecticide spray near the baits. Heavy smelling detergents or cleaners or dusty areas will affect the effectiveness as well.

3) Invict Gold German Roach Control Gel Bait (with plunger)

If you are dealing specifically with German roaches, this gel bait might be the answer. Invict is a special gel bait that is designed to specifically targets German roaches.

The gel bait contains eleven attractants and a powerful active ingredient Imidacloprid. It works by disrupting  the nervous system when roaches ingests the poison into the body. Imidacloprid blocks the neuronal pathway (which is present more in insects) which make the formula more toxic to pests than animals.

Apply the bait in small spots that are about one-quarter in diameter in areas where roaches are commonly sighted at home (out of reach to child and pet). Most applications will range from ten to twenty spots per hundred square feet.

  • Pet safe properties in its formula
  • Comes with one plunger pre-inserted

It is recommended that Invict is used concurrently with another roach bait for higher efficiency.

Each tube comes with one plunger pre-inserted for easy expelling of the formula content. Note: Syringe tubes requires a caulking gun for application (it’s incompatibility with bait guns).

4) Maxforce Tube Roach Bait Gel

The Advion provides results with help from the Maxforce FC Magnum, which promises to get rid of even the tougher roach species – the American roaches, German roaches and the Brown-banded.

it can be applied a spot treatment on crack and crevice both indoors (i.e residential houses)  and outdoors (i.e commercial and industrial area). Maxforce Magnum has five times the Fipronil and a new technology ContactX™ which attacks the roaches via contact and ingestion. Maxforce is fitted in a 33-gram syringe and has ten percent more bait formula. One plastic plunger is included per order and not per tube.

  • Long lasting control formula
  • Odor-free application
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Small amount of application is able to kill roaches quickly
  • Results can be seen overnight
  • Not pet and human safe (care is required during its application)


The rate of application of the Maxforce Magnum will vary depending on the level of infestation and the target species.

  • As a general guide, each 33g tube yields 33 bait placements, which can treat a range of 11 to 44 square yards, depending on the infestation situation.
  • 75g should be used per square yard for maintenance purposes for a continuous control. This amount, however, is too little to provide fast and effective control over existing infestations.
  • Use up to 1.5g per square yard for light to moderate infestations or reapplication for retreatment purposes and up to 3.0g for heavy infestations.
  • For specific roach populations, such as the American, Smoky-Band and Oriental, 1-2g per square yard should do the trick.


DIY Roach Bait

If the roach infestation is not too serious (or if you are feeling adventurous), try using a DIY homemade solution to see if that gets rid of the pests.

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Find an empty jar and smear butter around the inside of the jar opening. The butter makes the walls of the jar slippery; making it the cockroaches slid into the bottom and be unable to crawl back up.
  2. Use a pin to make a hole in the lid; alternatively, you can use a lighter to melt a hole in the lit to speed up the process. Make sure the hole is big enough by widening it with a scissors and cut it based on the size that cockroaches are able to fit through and crawl in.
  3. Spread bread with some peanut butter to attract the roaches and add the poison in the form of boric acid that will make them weak. Open the lid and place some bread into the bottle and leave it out for the night.

WHERE to place roach bait and WHAT to take note

Strategic placement for cockroach baits is vital to help maximize efficiency of the product.

  • Baits should be placed in areas where cockroaches have been spotted. Usually at wet and warm spots like under the sinks, beneath refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves.
  • Baits can be stuck into corners and up against the edges at the point where the ceilings and floors meet.
  • Bait should not be placed in areas that are frequently washed (for obvious reasons).
  • Do not spray insecticides on the bait as that will repel the pests from it instead (be patient in seeing effects).
  • Besides insecticides, cleaning agents will also reduce the effectiveness of the bait.
  • Placing the baits in the middle of exposed surfaces is ineffective as these are places where cockroaches generally avoid. Placing baits in open area also expose your family and pet to it.
  • Avoid placing bait in areas where the temperature may exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit as the bait may melt.


The roach bait is perhaps the most effective roach killing method you can buy off shelve (compared to other methods like the roach spray). Simply set up the bait and wait for the result. Roach bait (if applied correctly), often has potential to get rid of the roach problem for the long term.

Tip: Rotate the brand of the roach baits for maximum effectiveness. This is to ensure the roach doesn’t get used to the bait or even immune to it. Also try switching a variety of methods based on the situation at home.

Once the cockroaches succumb to the poison, be sure to get rid of the dead bodies so as not to attract ants (which will also die when they feast on the roaches).

As with any other roach killing methods, keeping your house clean and dry is essential to help get rid of roaches at home. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Ensure food is kept and sealed properly (Clamp clips from Ikea might not be as effective as we think, further reinforcement in the form of Ziploc bags can be used to ensure stuff is tightly sealed)
  • Wipe down table tops and surfaces every night
  • Definitely don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight
  • Tie-up and dispose all waste and rubbish at the end of the day before heading to bed

Severe roach infestation does not occur overnight, therefore you cannot expect elimination to be done overnight. Diligence is required and repeat treatments are needed before roach infestations can be kept completely under control.

Try out different brands and evaluate results accordingly. Think through what might have been done wrongly and make amendments along the way like trying a different spot, ensuring no roach spray or heavy detergent smell near the bait (refer to above on ‘Where to place and what to watch out’).

Should you really think you’ve tried everything but it simply doesn’t help your situation, it’s time to consider engaging professional exterminator.

[May: Exterminator can be quite costly, but will really help if your roach infestation is severe at home. Be sure to get a few quotes and get opinions from multiple companies before pulling the trigger in deciding which to go with. Also, be sure to negotiate.]