Best Mosquito Coil & Incense Sticks

This round-up article highlights some of the best mosquito coil and incense sticks available in the market to help deter the blood-sucking and disease carrying pest. Mosquito coils and sticks (and even mosquito candles) are relatively cheap, easy to set-up and use,  and each one can burn for a few hours, providing lasting protection. They …

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Best Cockroach Traps in 2020

Best Cockroach Traps

In this article we will review the best cockroach traps available in the market and provide tips on how to increase the chances of trapping, and eventually getting rid of those sneaky roaches. Cockroach trap is one of the oldest roach products available in the market and used by many at home daily. It is cheap …

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Best Bed Bug Spray in 2020

In this round-up, we have listed 5 best bed bug killer sprays in the market. This bed bug spray review features artificial chemical and organic based sprays are being listed and they are each great in its own way. Bed bug sprays are a highly effective way to treat and kill bed bugs. It’s inexpensive, …

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