Best Fly Killer

There are many ways to kill flies, some methods are better than others depending on the situation on hand. In this article, we’ve put together a round-up of the best fly killer to add to your arsenal in the battle against them. Flies are one of fastest moving pests and although they seldom appear in […]

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Where Do Flies Go At Night

This article will answer some very interesting questions of just where do flies go at night? Do flies sleep at night? Where do flies sleep at night? For anyone dealing with flies, you must have noticed that these annoying flying pest always seem to disappear after sunset. Also, there are generally a lot more flies […]

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Best Fly Traps in 2018

The best fly traps are not only effective at ‘catching’ the annoying flies, they should also be easy to set-up and dispose after accomplishing its task. In this roundup article, we have featured some of the most popular fly traps in the market. Fly trap is one of the most popular and effective fly control […]

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9 Best Ant Killer

Ants are probably the most hard-working creatures and are certainly among the most persistent pests around. To drastically reduce the number will require both eliminating of their food source in your home as well as destroying the ant colony outside. [May: Getting rid of ants at home completely is almost impossible, but keeping them out […]

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Pet Safe Roach Killer

12 Top Pet Safe Roach Killer & Repellent 2018

In this post, we’ve consolidated what we think are 12 of the best roach killer safe for pets in 2018. These natural pet safe roach killer are not only efficient for getting rid of our feared enemies but also safe to use around our little furry friends. There are tons of articles on the web […]

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Best Mosquito Killer in 2018

With the increasing transmitted diseases caused by mosquito, there’s a need for everyone to equip their household with at least one mosquito killer. After much request, we have put together a list of the best mosquito killer on the market. There are several types of mosquito killers – Electric zapper (swing or uses light source […]

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