Best Cockroach Traps in 2024

In this article we will review the best cockroach traps available in the market and provide tips on how to increase the chances of trapping, and eventually getting rid of those sneaky roaches.

Cockroach trap is one of the oldest roach products available in the market and used by many at home daily. It is cheap and very easy to set up. Disposal is also effortless and most importantly, users don’t have to deal with cleaning after any dead roach after math.

Here’s a general overview of the pros and cons of using roach traps:

Pros of using Roach Traps
  • Low cost
  • Experience instant gratification
  • Ease of set up
  • Easy to dispose
  • No nasty smell
  • No contact with roaches
  • Most roach traps are non-toxic
  • May be used at inaccessible spots
Cons of using Roach Traps
  • No potential to get rid of entire roach nest
  • Does not keep roaches away in the long term
  • Dead roaches in the trap might attract ants if left for too long

WHERE to place roach traps

Strategic placement or roach traps are vital in ensuring the effectiveness and success rate. A rule of thumb would be to plant these traps directly in the path of your target pests.

Here’s a quick breakdown for some of the best spots at home to place the traps:

  • Along the walls (as cockroaches seek comfort in crawling against the wall and you will not find them in the middle of the room)
  • At the opening between the living room and the kitchen
  • Area between the refrigerator and appliance
  • Kitchen cupboards (especially the ones mounted against a corner of the house)
  • Beside the microwave and coffee machine
  • Inside the closets (place the traps in a corner, holes in the corner will allow the roaches to crawl into the wardrobe)
  • Behind large household appliances (such as a television)

Where to AVOID placing roach traps

And here are some places to avoid:

  • Avoid placing traps on areas where trap can get wet (i.e. Sinks & Drainpipe)
  • Most of the roach traps are made using cupboard material, hence the trap won’t hold up against water splashes over time
  • The sticky substance will also lose its effectiveness when it comes into contact with water

Our Top Cockroach Traps
  1. Black Flag Roach Motel Trap
  2. Trapper Insect Trap
  3. Exterminator’s Choice Professional Cockroaches Trapper
  4. Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach
  5. PIC Roach Prison Pre-Baited Glue Trap

Here are the 7 best roach traps:

#1 Black Flag Roach Motel Trap

Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap

The Black Flag’s Roach Motel Trap is featured in our Best Roach Killer round-up post.

It has a tag line that perfectly encapsulates what the product is about – ‘Roaches check in but they don’t check out’ -making a guarantee that the trap will be effective in getting rid of the unwanted pests in your homes.

The Roach Motel also promises to trap continuously for four months without you needing to change the trap as out of sight, out of mind, the dead carcasses will be hidden from view.

  • No foul smell (slight maple syrup scent)
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to set-up
  • Stays sticky for a good period of time
  • Big enough to trap a few roaches (hence does not require constant replenishing)
  • No need to clean up dead carcasses (dead bodies), simply throw the box away
  • Pet safe formula used in lure
  • Does not take up too much space (or stick out like a sore thumb)
  • No direct contact with the poisonous lure
  • Sticky pat might have mild smell
  • Not ideal for bigger sized cockroaches (i.e America Roaches)

Pro-tip: Once the bottom of the box gets filled up, simply turn it over and let more roaches turn up at the motel.

Some reviewers also used the trap in conjunction with boric acid to maximize the efficiency of this trap and to get rid of the roaches promptly.

>> Click here to buy multi-pack version (pack of 6)

#2 Trapper Insect Trap

Trapper Insect TrapTrapper is a non-poisonous glue trap that captures not only roaches but also other unwanted pests.

The bigger cardboard trap can be used on its own as a super trap or split up into smaller traps that are placed in different locations to strategically target all the possible roach traffic places. The complementary backing helps you to keep the trap in place.

What makes this product different from most other roach trap is that it uses no insecticide but still manages to trap those pesky pests.

  • Very cheap and easy to set up
  • Can be used in environment with pets
  • Very sticky (roaches don’t even have a chance to reach the middle of the pad)
  • Works on other pests too
  • Lasting power
  • Trapped roach can be easily seem from outside
  • Not that high quality (meant to be a quick use and dispose product)
  • Sticky adhesive can be too sticky that the plastic layer can be tough to remove

Pro-tip: Pair this product with the Trapper Roach Attractant Tablets to make product twice as effective.

#3 Exterminator’s Choice Professional Cockroaches Trapper Glue Board

This large glue cockroach trap by Exterminator’s Choice is made out of recycled materials and uses all-natural ingredients for its bait.

To use, simply peel off the safety film to expose the glue patch and place the bait in the center of the glue patch. Lastly, fold the trap into shape and place them along the wall or carpentry where cockroaches are sighted.

On top of roaches, this trap also works with other pests like lizards, centipedes, ants and spiders among others.

  • Non-toxic bait
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Large size

#4 Hoy Hoy Trap-A-Roach

This bright and vibrant Trap-a-roach product is a high quality product manufactured in Tokyo Japan by Hoy Hoy. Its special features are the ability for users to adjust the roof height and the fact that you can place this trap vertically.

Just take a look at its glowing review and results posted by the users and you’ll be convinced.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Adhesion not as strong for super large roaches

#5 HOYHOY Trap-A-Roach Control Trap

This Cockroach Trap is another roach tarp by HOYHOY designed to work in attracting and trapping different types of cockroaches thanks to its special four flavors bait.

HOYHOY is one of Japan’s best selling roach traps with years of pest control experience in pest control.

  • Non-toxic & odorless
  • Made in Japan
  • Easy to set-up
  • Long-lasting gel lure
  • Trapped roaches are hidden from sight
  • Comes with bait

Pro-tips: To make the bait more attractive to the roaches, consider smearing peanut butter in the middle of the trap to lure them in.

#6 PIC Roach Prison Pre-Baited Glue Trap

Pic Roach Prison Pre-Baited Glue Trap

This Roach Prison trap by PIC comes in a simple design that’s works simply be trapping roaches or any insects that walks into it.

Some users reviewed that it’s actually pretty scary to discover how many bugs are crawling inside the house.

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and long lasting trap that uses very sticky glue
  • Works on other pests
  • Trapped roach can be seen from the sides

Side note: If you can get your hands on the older version of this product, you might be able to get more bang for your buck. The new and improved version has had feedback that due to cost-cutting issues, less material goes into making the traps making it more flimsy and less sturdy.

[May: The shipping fee for this product might end up being higher than the product itself so wait for free shipping days (but we understand that roach problems cannot wait).]


DIY Roach Traps

Roach traps are meant to be simple and effective; besides the commercially available ones you can try making your own.

The one that we are going to share with you makes use of household items that are lying around at home so no extra materials are required.


  1. Find two soft drink bottles to begin with, cut in a straight line at the position where the bottles start to curve.
  2. Smear Vaseline or cooking oil around the inside of the bottle while making sure you do not get any on the outside.
  3. Invert the top part of the bottle where it was cut into two and fit it into the bottom part of the bottle such that it acts as a funnel.
  4. Tape the edges with heavy-duty tape to secure the position and to stop the roaches from devising a plan and escaping from this homemade trap.
  5. Use more tape to make a leading path for the roaches to get into the trap.
  6. Soak a piece of bread in beer* to be used as the bait to attract the roaches into the trap
  7. Strategically place the bottle in areas such as under the sink and in corners where roaches are most likely to appear.
  8. Leave it out for a night; remember roaches crawl along the walls and not in the center of the room, therefore position matters


  • Check the traps in the morning and clear whenever necessary
  • Replace the bait once every few days as the bread will turn moldy very fast
  • Set up the trap again and repeat the entire process over some time until there are no more signs of cockroaches in your living quarters

Note: The roaches might only be trapped in the bottle and still show signs of life, to get rid of them completely, pour the contents of the bottle in hot soapy water and empty in the garbage bin.

* If you do not wish to use the bread + beer combination, go ahead and experiment by switching it with something sweet like peanut butter (which is sweet and starchy).

>> In case you are wondering why beer was chosen, be sure to check out this blog where we share 23 fascinating facts about roaches.

>> Also check out the DIY Beer Roach Trap here (item #10)

Final Thoughts and Tips

  • It is always a good idea to constantly switch and use a variety of brands for any types of roach killer products. The same is true for roach traps, switching between brands can help to complement one another’s pros and cons.

[May: Once a particular brand of roach trap proves to work, we usually increase our order quantity (cheaper to buy multi-pack versions) and switch location to place at home with other brands of roach traps.]

  • If a trap fails to attract roaches, try adding something sweet on the sticky pad as lure (our go to lure is peanut butter). Also ensure the area where you place the roach trap is free from pesticides or any roach repellent (even the natural items at home can be repulsive to roaches).
  • If roaches enter roach trap but still managed to exit, check the stick pad. The trap might be full or the stick pad is no longer sticky.
  • Roaches trapped might not die immediately, so it’s a good practice to clear the traps regularly and ensure that they get disposed of before they escape.
  • Some people spray a layer of roach spray before disposing the roach trap to ensure the roaches are dead and do not escape (we simply wrap the used roach trap into a plastic bag before disposing).


Don’t be too quick to give up if the first placement doesn’t work. Also spend some time to think through and observe the situation. Try switching spots to place trap as well.

Give it a try and let us know your experiences in the comment! Cheers.