Hello and Welcome!

This is May and Judy, and we are glad you’ve found us.

We are two housewives (and neighbors) staying in one of the most pest infected cities in America – Houston.

According to this infographics by Forbes, Houston is ranked highly as the most pest-infested cities in America:

Source: Statista (https://www.statista.com/)

How this blog came about?

There are so many issues to deal with in our daily lives, yet the issue of pest infestation is there to rob us off our precious time left for relaxing. And because of these pests, we can’t even enjoy ourselves in the comfort of our own house.

Hence we started this blog to help anyone who is facing the same pest issues as us. Folks who are feeling helpless in front of these annoying pests (INTRUDERS!) that just don’t seem to give up.

In short, this blog is for anyone and everyone who want (and need) SOLUTIONS fast and also for those who wants to find out more about what ‘enemies’ they are dealing with.

About Pest Survival Guide


To provide anyone struggling with pest problems, the information needed to help decide on the solution(s) to solve whatever ‘pest’ issues and challenges they are facing.

To help readers Survive and even Thrive with their pest problems!