Tomcat Rat Poison & Trap Review

In this Tomcat Rat Poison & Trap Review, we take a look at the good and the bad of one of the most commonly used bait and trap in the rodent control market.

We will be covering specifically their rat snap trap, glue rat trap, live catch mouse trap, disposable rat trap as well some of their bait blocks and accompanying bait stations.

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Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Review

The Tomcat Rat Snap Trap features interlocking teeth designed to catch mouse and rats without them ever escaping. It sets up easy by hand or feet in one single motion and are much safer than conventional trap that sometimes can be activated while setting up.

The trap comes designed with a removable cup to place and hold the bait, allowing you to fill bait easily without setting it off.

[May: Snap traps are ideal for catching occasional intruders, and when the use of poison is not ideal.]

For its size and design, this trap works perfectly when set along the wall or in wall corners where rodents love to travel along.

Here’s a video of how powerful is this snap trap (fast forward to 2:40):

How to set up – 1) Twist and remove bait cup from the trap’s bottom, 2) Place attractant or other lure in the bait cup and fit back into the trap, 3) set-up the trap by pressing top portion of the trap until trap clicks and set into armed position, and 4) Place trap perpendicular to where mouse and rats are seen to move and travel along (like the wall or along other fixture).

Tip: You can use peanut as a natural bait instead of having to buy professional rat attractant.

>> Available in 1-pack & 2-pack


  • Powerful snapping motion
  • Easy to use & set up
  • Removable bait cup
  • No chemical or poison required
  • Can be reused
  • Requires cleaning up there after
  • Bigger rodents might still be able to get away

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Tomcat Disposable Mouse Trap Review

This disposable mouse trap by Tomcat is a simple and effective mouse trap that allows you to dispose the caught rodent without having to come into contact with it (simply dispose the entire trap with the dead rat away).

This press-and-set mouse trap is idea to have when use in areas where it’s not ideal to reuse mouse traps (i.e disease area). It’s built-in grab-tab lets user hold up trap easily and the white plastic makes locating the trap easier.

>> Available in these package: 2-pack & 4-pack


  • Easy to set-up
  • Convenient grab-tab design
  • Well built for disposable trap
  • Designed to kill instead of simply catching
  • No cheap for disposable traps

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Tomcat Single Live Catch Mouse Trap Review

The Tomcat Live Catch Mouse Trap is a non-killing trap that allows single catch without hurting the trapped rodent.

This is a catch-and-release trap designed to ensure more catches with fewer false trigger situations. You can simply bring the entire trap to release the caught rodent without having to come with it.

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Note: Be prepared to travel a far distance where you are sure the rodent will not make its way back into your house. Also that it will not start harassing other households.

Direction: 1) Simply place bait, lure or attractant on the rear door of the rat trap, 2) Place trap along the wall where rats are sighted or suspected to travel along, 3) Lift trap door to complete set-up.

>> Available in these versions: Single-catch & Multi-catch


  • No suffering required for trapped pest
  • Reusable
  • No contact with trapped rat
  • Easy to use & set-up
  • Single capture only
  • No way to see if there’s rodent trapped without opening trap
  • Material might not withstand larger rats

Tomcat Mouse Glue Trap (with Eugenol) Review

The Tomcat glue trap features eugenol that enhances the stickiness to ensure a no fall catch.

This simple to use glue trap is non toxic and pesticide-free. On top of catching rats and mouse,they are also effective against roaches, spiders and other common pests that’ll take the bait.

[May: As we mentioned in every rat trap related articles, we strongly advise against the use of glue traps against pests like rodents as they are pretty cruel due to the nature of how the trap works. I.e. no instant killing]

>> Available in these sizes: 4-pack, 6-pack & 8-pack


  • Enhanced with Eugenol
  • Non-toxic
  • Also catches other common insect pests
  • Set and forget
  • Doesn’t kill trapped pests directly
  • Does have slight smell initially (not advice indoors)

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Tomcat Child & Dog Resistant Rat Refillable Bait Station Review

This Tomcat Rat and Mouse Bait station is designed for both indoor and outdoor use where it to allow rodents to enter trap to take bait while preventing child and dog access to the deadly bait block. The bait station works both horizontally or vertically.placed.

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Based on laboratory tests, each Tomcat bait block can take out 3 rats while the station case itself is designed to withstand tampering and outdoor weather. The bait station also features a see-through window that allows easy monitoring of any trapped rodents.

Tip – Set up station along routes and paths where rodents frequently travels and hang out (i.e along the wall, behind appliances, basements, yard, in storage garages or along exterior of house.)


  • Reusable and refillable station
  • Safe even for indoor use
  • Strong rodent bait block
  • Weather resistant station
  • See-through window feature
  • Only loads 2 blocks at a time

Tomcat Mouse Bait Blocks Review (with Bait Station)

The Tomcat mouse bait is laboratory tested to be able to kill up to 12 mouse with a single bait block. This purchase comes with a reusable bait station that’s designed to withstand tampering and harsh outdoor weather.

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As such, it can be used both indoor and outdoor to allow rodent to take the bait. The bait station helps prevent kids and pets to reach in and obtain the bait blocks.

Direction – 1) Remove bait cartridge from station, 2) load bait into cartridge, and 3) Place bait station along the wall where rodents are sighted to travel along.

[May: Bait is a slow killing poison that works by tricking rats to consume them and hopefully bringing it back to the nest to share with the rest, hence potentially killing the entire rodent family.]

>> Available in these sizes: 4-baits, 8-baits, 16-baits & 32-baits


  • Comes with refillable bait station
  • Safe for use around kids and pets
  • Destroys up to 12 mouse with  each bait
  • Can be used both in and outdoors

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail Review

The Tomcat Chunx Pail Bait features Bromethalin as its potent active ingredient. It’s designed to be used both around large agricultural area or around homes to kill even resistant rat species like the rood rats, Norway rats and even house mice.

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Rats will stop feeding on more bait as soon as they taste a dose of it, making each bucket of this Tomcat bait goes a longer mile in getting rid on rodents.

>> Available in these sizes: 1-pack & 2-pack


  • Made in USA
  • Works on anticoagulant resistant rodent species
  • Formulated to kill without the need for more baits
  • Contains Bromethalin

Motomco Tomcat Bait Review

Similar to the Bait Chunx Pail, this Motomco Tomcat Bait also uses Bromethalin as its active ingredient to effectively kill rodents at home and around the vicinity.

For maximum effectiveness, use bait indoor or within 100 feet of building or sheds for burrow baiting.


  • Made in the US
  • Also works on resistant rats
  • Bromethalin content

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Final Thoughts

Personally, we recommend to go with rodent baits as compared to the trap options for the following reasons:

  • No need to ‘clean-up’ trapped or killed rodent
  • Potential long-term rodent reduction
  • Simply set and forget
  • No maintenance required

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That said, the Tomcat snap trap is a good option to get rid of seasonal rodent visitor that provides too smart to take the bait, or that you would like get rid of immediately. We would advise against live catch as the caught rodent will likely return to your place or invade other households after being released.

What’s your thoughts on the Tomcat rodent control products? Have you tried them before or am considering to give it a go? Feel free to leave a comment to share.