5 Best Rat Cages in 2021

Finding that perfect cage for your rat can be quite daunting thanks to the great varieties and choices available in the market. There are certainly many considerations when looking for the best rat cage to place at home.

1Amazon Basics Single & Double Door Folding Metal Crate Cage Check Price
2iCrate Midwest Critter Cage (with Stand) Check Price
3AB Pro-Quality Catch and Release Rat Cage Check Price
4Living World Deluxe Habitat Cage Check Price
5MidWest Homes Small Animal Pen Check Price

When selecting the perfect cage for you rat (or mice), be sure to consider whether there are enough room for its growth, future expansion (i.e starting a family, having friends, a new partner or buddy). It is also important to consider the ease of setting up and taking it down for storage or transportation should you need to.

Quality and the ease of cleaning is also very important because after searching and finally deciding on the ideal cage to buy and invest, we would want clean up to be easy and the cage to last for year to come.

Tip: Also consider whether your house have that space for the cage that you got your eyes on.

[May: Also visit your local pet store to take a look at cage with size close to what you have in mind to have a better visualisation of how big you can expect it when you order online.]

1) Amazon Basics Single & Double Door Folding Metal Crate Cage

The AmazonBasics metal crate features two doors with one on the front and one by the side (also comes in one door version). The dual-door design provides easier access when cleaning or arranging inside the cage. Both doors also come with sliding latches to ensure that the cage is safe and secured.

It is made of metal-wire construction to offer strength, ventilation and visibility. It also has rounded corner designs that prevents unnecessary injuries caused to you.

Each purchase comes with divider panel for partition within the cage should there be a need. It also comes with a removable plastic pan base for easy cleanup and washing.

Set-up is easy and no tools are required. Storage is also easy as it can be unfolded to lay flat.

  • Double-doors with latches
  • Good ventilation and visibility
  • Can be folded flat for storage & portability
  • Has clip-on handle for easy carrying
  • Well coated
  • No rough edges (rounded corners)
  • Possible bending/bowing due to minor fitment issues

>> Available in these sizes: Single Door & Double Doors

2) iCrate Midwest Critter Cage (with Stand)

The iCrate Midwest Critter Cage is a double door metal crate that measures 24(L) x 18(W) x 19(H) inches. It comes in one and two storeys options. It features heavy duty latch that securely locks the crate doors.

Its exterior is in black Electro-coat finishing, and the interior comes with a removable plastic pan that is easy to clean and is washable.

It requires no tools to assemble (simply snap it into place) and can be folded flat for easy storage, portability in and out of the house; as well as travel.

Its rounded corner clips help reduce possible injuries caused by sharp edges.

  • Removable plastic tray/ pan
  • Rubber roller
  • One year limited warranty
  • Hinge/lock mechanism tends to rub against metal, causing paint to scratch off

3) AB Pro-Quality Catch and Release Rat Cage

This rodent cage is designed as a humane trap that catches rats and mouse alive, allowing you to decide what you would like to do with the caught rodent.

It does not kill or cause injury to the captured rodent and you may simply release any small animals caught unintentionally (i.e squirrels, chipmunk, birds).

It is effective both indoors or outdoors, and once the rodent is trapped in the cage, the locking mechanism will keep it secured.

  • Money back guarantee
  • Reusable
  • Simply and easy to set-up
  • Portable
  • Quality can be more durable

Tip: If you are releasing trapped rodents, be sure to bring it far away and away from other people’s house.

4) Living World Deluxe Habitat Cage

This beautifully designed cage combines a wire frame upper half and a plastic bottom base, providing a safe and well ventilated for the rat (also perfect for other pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

The wire top cage is built with arcing red wire while the sides feature white wire. The top opens easily to allow easy access to the inside. There is also a wire front door for more accessibility.

It’s interior includes a dish for food placement that is secured to the floor of the balcony as well as an access ramp that leads to the balcony. Underneath the balcony, there’s a hideaway space that provides your pet with a hideout and some privacy.

The cage also comes with a hay guard for easy feeding as well as a water bottle. It only requires 8 easy-to-use plastic clips to assembles (no tools required).

  • Lots of entry & access points
  • Durable and well made
  • Easy to clean
  • Massive cage with lots of rooms
  • Hay Guard is outside the cage to provide more interior space
  • Platform is a bit steep

>> Available in these sizes: Standard, Large & X-large

5) MidWest Homes Small Animal Pen

This Pen by MidWest is perfect for the outdoors where it gives your pet a sense of freedom to be in the sun, have plenty of space (9 square feet) to roam and explore, while keeping them within sight with the 15” high panel.

It’s colourful panels provides ventilation and great visibility. Setting up and taking down for storage is easy as it folds flat.

  • Spacious (9 sq ft)
  • Ideal for outdoors
  • Easy to setup & take down
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Tip: Combine two pens to create an even larger playing area.

Tip: Use a waterproof cover to keep floor clean.


Besides rats and mice, all the cages listed above can also used to keep other small animals like chihuahua, hamsters, squirrels and even guinea pigs.

One thing to bear in mind is that, there’s no such thing as ‘The Perfect Cage’. The trick is to find one that satisfy your needs now as well as in the near future, and is comfortable on your wallet too.

You may also visit pet stores to have a good feel of how a particular size is in actual (reading measurements alone can be hard to imagine some times).

Have fun setting up and exploring the habitat with your pet rat!

Which rat cage is your favourite? Are you more likely to try the multi-storey ones? Or a simple and portable one would be your pick? Leave a comment and share with us.