Best Rat & Mouse Trap 2023

This article features the best rat and mouse traps available that will help provide that much needed assistant in your battle to catch the disease spreading rodents and control their population from spreading out of hand. 

Mouse trap is one of the most common and effective rodent control method used around the world. Commercially available mice traps are easy to use, relatively cost effective and essential as part of a more extensive control program (also ideal for catching occasional rodent intruder).

NOTE: No glue trap was mentioned or featured in the list as both Judy and I think that it’s extremely cruel to trap and kill rodents in that manner.

Some of the most common types are: snap traps, cage traps, electric traps, container traps and glue traps. With each type of trap comes it’s pros and cons.

>> Read till end of article for tips and tricks, as well as the best types of baits to use.

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Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using mouse trap:

Pros of using mouse trap
  • Effective & easy to set-up
  • Most can be reused
  • Non-toxic & eco friendly
  • Relatively cheap
Cons of using mouse trap
  • Needs to deal with trapped rodent
  • Possibility of trapping and killing other animals (i.e. squirrels, rabbits, birds and even pets)

Note: Be sure to relocated caught mice at least 5 miles away or they may return.

1) TheAtomicBarbie Rat Trap (Live Cage)

>> Best Humane Rat Trap

This rat trap by TheAtomicBarbie used one of the most traditional mechanics that traps mouse and rodent (or any critters) without causing any pain to them. The trap works using spring trigger that shuts the door so fast that  even lightweight animals (like small mice) can be caught. The latch design makes it impossible for the trapped rodent to escape.

The trap is made with lightweight aluminium, making it tough to get rusty and resistant to any corrosion (in fact, it is possible for the trap to be used fordecades if handled with care). It also has a long handle that extends from the cage that prevents any contact with the caught critter.

The small size trap works great on small rats while the medium sized trap are ideal for bigger sized critter (i.e huge rodent or squirrel).

  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to release captured mouse
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for small rodents
  • Sharp edges of trigger support can cause small cuts to larger preys

Tip: Simply sprinkle some sunflower seed through the top of the cage to avoid contact with inside the trap. It also makes cleaning up easier compared to cheese or peanut butter.

Tip 2: As the trap is light weight, consider weighing trap down with a rock when placed outside.

Note: Instructions (in english) are sent via email instead.

>> Available in these sizes: Small & Medium

2) Tomcat Rat Snap Trap

This Snap Trap by Tomcat is a simple and straightforward mouse trap that can be set-up easily with a single hand or foot (which also makes removal and reset easy).

It is designed to effectively kills rats and makes escaping virtually impossible with it’s patented inter-locking teeth design.

Each trap comes with a removable bait cup that makes refreshing of bait easy.

  • East to set-up
  • Can use foot to reset trap
  • Removable bait cup
  • Possible for rats to remove bait from below
  • Made with plastic

Note: Be sure to keep pets away (dogs and cats love peanut butter).

>> Available in these sizes: 1 pack & 2 pack

3) Rat Zapper Electronic Rat Trap

>> Best Electronic Rat Trap

The Rat Zapper Electronic Rat Trap kills rodents that enter the trap by giving it a deadly shock that lasts for 2 minutes, ensuring a forceful kill and preventing any further suffering from the trapped rodent due to not being fully dead.

Disposal of dead rodents is also as easy as pouring the body straight from the trap without having to come into contact with it.

It works on 4 double A batteries and each fresh set of batteries can last for up to 20 kills before a replacement is needed.

Note: Never use electronic mouse trap on wet surface to avoid electric leakage.

[May: Electronic rat trap is one of the most humane alternative to traditional snap trap.]

  • Powerful killing power
  • Ease of disposing dead rat
  • No chemical required
  • Light design to help inform of a kill and when low battery
  • Batteries not included
  • Kills 1 at a time

4) JT Eaton Jawz Plastic Trap (For Solid or Liquid Bait)

The JT Eaton Jawz plastic rat & mouse trap features a high tension spring and works with both liquid or solid bait.

Each trap can be easily set-up by hand or foot, and are much safer to set as compared to traditional wooden traps.

Made of durable plastic, these traps are designed to be compact for discreet placement underneath furniture and other tight spaces.

Each purchase comes with 24 traps and a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in material and workmanship.

  • Works with wet & dry bait
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Cheap (less than $1 each)
  • Easy to spot with red & green
  • Reusable (but not recommended)
  • Too lightweight (if rodent not killed, can crawl away with the trap)

Note: Make sure to place trap where other critters won’t step onto it.

5) Bucket Mouse Trap by Plankypro

This Rodent Trap by Plankypro is made out of durable plastic and automatically resets after every catch, hence allowing multiple catches when left overnight.

It fits any standard 5 or 20 gallon bucket with no need for any modifications.

Simply use peanut butter as bait and set the trap in rodent active areas and leave it overnight. You can decide whether to catch them alive or fill a bucket with water to drown them almost instantly.

  • Bait holder design
  • Ease of dead prey disposal
  • Reusable
  • No battery needed
  • Bigger size rodent might still escape if you are not using a big enough bucket

6) The Mouse Hotel Humane Mousetrap (Transparent Green)

The Mouse Hotel is a humane mouse trap designed to help eliminate rodent problem without causing harm to the pest.

Each mouse trap has 4 air ventilation holes in the roof that allows trapped rodents to breathe while waiting for release. The trap is reusable and features a little bait feeder design to place bait.

Disposal of caught rodent is easy with no-touch and transparent casing allows easy viewing of caught mouse (also, if the door is closed means a mice is caught).

  • Easy disposal of trapped mice
  • Humane method
  • Built-in bait feeder
  • Easy to clean up
  • Transparent
  • No blood to clean up
  • Reusable
  • Doesn’t last very long if under constant abuse by huge rodents

[May: This type of trap is a safe way to get rid of mice with pets.]

>> Great alternative: Catcha Smart Mouse

7) HUX EYE Humane Reusable Small Mice Trap Device

Similar to the Mouse Hotel, the HUX EYE mice trap is an eco-friendly, safe and effective trap designed to catch mouse without harming or killing them.

It is also made of transparent plastic to allow easy checking without having open it and disposal is easy without having to touch the mouse or anything they could leave behind (thus reducing the risk of the disease).

It is designed to be be reused multiple times and has many holes to give out the bait smell.

  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to set-up
  • No touch disposal of trapped rodent
  • Transparent
  • Humane method
  • Rat’s tail might get caught in the door

Tip: Mix rodent poison to peanut butter as bait to kill trapped rodent.

>> Available in these sizes: 3 pack & 6 pack

>> Bonus

8) The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap

>> Best outdoor mousetrap

The Original Rolling Log Mousetrap is one of the most famous DIY mouse trap on YouTube.

This is the only rat trap in the list that supports mass catching without having to reset (very ideal for use in area with heavy infestation).

This trap works by using a very lightweight rolling element lighter placed in the middle of the bucket. When the mouse attempts to eat the bait that placed on the roller, they will fall into the bucket.

To set-up, simply attach the trap to a 5 gallon bucket and set up two ramps to the side of the bucket (as seen in the video).

Do note that this link is for purchase of the rolling log trap, buckets are sold separately.

  • Supports mass catch
  • No blood mess to clean up
  • Can choose to kill or catch live
  • No need to reset trap as often as others
  • No touching of trapped mice
  • Reusable, sanitary & easy to clean
  • Designed & manufactured in USA
  • Not ideal for indoor use
  • Needs to find items to set-up trap completely

Tip: Ensure roller can spin easily (can use Vaseline to help).

Safety Gloves

AMMEX Disposable Black Gloves (Box of 100)

Available in these sizes: S, M, L & XL

Best Natural Rat Baits

  • Peanut butter (most effective)
  • A kernel of popped popcorn
  • Salty caramel spread
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Salami
  • Oatmeal & Grains
  • Cereals
  • Chocolate
  • Little apple slice

[May: Fried bacon works too but might attract other animals.]

>> See this article for the full list of rat bait lure options

Tips To Using Mouse Traps
  • Place Trap At The Right Location – Rodents love to move in a single file along the perimeter of dark areas, close to and along the walls. Hence it is most effective to strategically place traps along the walls, ideally with the bait facing away from the wall (to attract them to explore it).
  • Use Enough Traps – It is recommended to place a mouse trap every 1 to 3 feet (depending on infestation level) along the wall with signs of rat activity.
  • Start Aggressively – Studies have shown that more mice are caught the first night than on following nights (makes sense, since rats likely becomes more mindful).
  • Keep Baits Updated – Refresh bait every time you clear the rodent trap, or every few days if nothing was caught.
  • Use The Right Baits & Lures – Switch cheese with nuts and seeds instead. Peanut butter works best in attracting and retaining rats while they lick up the bait.
  • Use The Right Amount Of Baits – Mouse traps with a lot of bait can result in the rodent simply stealing some without getting caught. Only a small amount (pea size) of bait or lure is needed.
  • Secure The Traps – Use products like the Hercules putty on snap traps or find a rock to place on top of cage to secure traps.
  • Eliminate Distractions – Get rid of other food sources near the rat trap. Avoid touching pets prior to handling traps (odors of natural predators like dogs and cats can create an aversion).


Generally, Snap traps are messier when it comes to cleaning up, and users will likely have to come in contact with caught rodent (dead or alive).

For individuals who prefer to release the rats caught, be sure to relocated them at least 5 miles away or they may return.

We personally don’t recommend releasing them as they will likely infest another household.

Hence, either mix poison into bait or the best way will be to use an electric rat trap that kills caught rat almost instantly (ensure batteries are fully charged after every kill to ensure they are strong enough to deliver the next deadly blow quickly).

Over to you… Have you tried using a rat trap as part of your rodent control strategy? Which type of trap is your favorite and which is most effective?