5 Best Rat & Mouse Killers

There are several types of rodent killers in the market and this article, we’ve feature the best rodent killers. From Poison to Snapper Trap, Electrocution to DIY trap.

There are obviously many ways to kill rodents. It is important to choose the more effective ones over what’s simply convenient or cheap as it is the most humane way to kill rodents.

In other words, the most humane way to kill rodents is to do it most effectively and swiftly (with least suffering and torture before rodents lost conscious and die).

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4Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Killer Check Price
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Some of the more common rodent killers include:

  • Snap Traps – where the spring triggered trap snaps on the rodent’s neck hoping to kill it.
  • Electric Traps – kills by shocking rodent with electricity (this is the most humane method to kill rodents).
  • Drowning – works by leading rodents to fall into a bucket of water and drown (this is the second most humane method to kill rodents).
  • Bait poison – works by luring rodent into mistaking them as food and consume the poison.
  • Glue Traps – traps rodent to glue pad while they starves to death (this is the most cruel way to kill rodents).

Note: No glue trap has been featured in this article as we think it is a very cruel way to kill rodents.

Each method comes with it’s pros and cons. When deciding which method to use, be sure to consider the seriousness of your rodent problem as well as the location of usage.

1) JT Eaton Rodenticide Bait Poison Blocks

This rodent bait poison block by JT Eaton features Bromadiolone as the active ingredient that is deadly to the target rodent, but less toxic than conventional anticoagulant baits.

Each purchase comes in a 9lb bucket of rat and mice bait blocks. These bait poisons are peanut flavored hence is highly effective in attracting rodents to consume them.

Note: Always place rodenticides such as these in places where rodents can easily find, but are out of reach to your pets, kids and even other wildlife. Consider getting their Heavy Duty Bait Cover here.

  • Bromadiolone active ingredient
  • Peanut Flavored
  • Idea for outdoor use
  • 9lb pack

2) D-Con Ready Mix Bait Poison Bits

The D-Con Ready Mix Bait Poison Bits killer features Brodifacoum as its active ingredient. Brodifacoum is a highly lethal poison that has become one of the world’s most widely used pesticide ingredient.

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One feeding is sufficient to result in the first kill dead 4 to 5 days after setting bait (rodents dying from internal hemorrhages).

  • Kills both mice & rats
  • Can kill in one feeding
  • Even kills Warfarin resistant rats & mice

Note: All poison baits can cause harm to humans and pets (even other animals), hence to always place baits in area that is out of reach to kids and pets.

Tip: Also use bait station to cover and hide baits from kids, pets and other small animals.

>> Bait station: Protecta Bait Station

3) Pestrax Humane Electronic Rat & Mouse Zapper Trap

>> Most Humane Rat Killer

The Pestrax Electronic Trap Zapper kills rodents with 7,000 volt shock when rodent is being detected by it smart detection system. As such, there is absolutely no need for use of chemical or other harmful substances.

This electronic rat trap measures 11 x 5 x 4.5 inch, designed to trap and kill rodents of any sizes and age. You have the option to operate this zapper trap either using the provided adaptor or battery.

Disposal of rodent carcass is a breeze. Simply empty the trap by pouring the dead rodent into a trash bin without having to come into contact with it.

Tip: Keep battery charged and replaced after a few kills to ensure effectiveness (and prevent a ‘half-kill’).

Note: Do not use electronic mouse trap on wet surface to prevent electric leakage.

  • Option to operate using battery
  • No chemical needed
  • Easy disposal of carcass
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Not designed for mass killing at 1 setting

4) Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Killer

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap Killer works like other snap trap and can be set-up with one easy motion with your hand or foot (which also makes resetting of trap easy).

It’s patented interlocking teeth is designed to effectively kill rats and prevent escaping. It also comes with a removable bait cup for placement of bait.


  • East to set-up & reset trap
  • Removable bait cup included
  • Possible for rodents to remove bait from below
  • Made with plastic

Note: Be sure to keep pets away from trap.

5) The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap Killer

>> Best Mass Rodent Killer

As one of the most famous DIY mouse trap on YouTube, the Original Rolling Log Mousetrap is also the only killer method in the list that does mass killing (without having to reset after each killing for the next one to be killed).

It’s cost effective and very ideal for use in heavy infestation situations (i.e. Australia mouse plague).

The trap works by using a very lightweight roller placed in the middle of the bucket where rodents fall into the bucket and drown (when attempting to eat the bait placed on the roller).

Set-up is easy where all we need is to attach roller to a 5 gallon bucket, and set up two ramps to the side of the bucket (refer to the video).

Tip: Use Vaseline or other lubrication to help roller spin easily.

  • Reusable
  • Supports mass killing
  • No blood mess to clean up
  • Can choose to kill or catch live
  • No need to reset trap after every single kill
  • No touching of dead rodent
  • Designed & manufactured in USA
  • Not ideal for indoor use
  • Bucket sold separately

Final Thoughts

Each rodent killer comes with its pros and cons.

Traditional traps like snap traps have longer longevity than electric traps but might not be more effective or easy to clean-up after.

Bait poison is more hands off but rodent might die in secluded area that’s hard to find, hence resulting in odor.

In our opinion, electric traps is the most humane way to kill rodent as rodent simply gets lure into the box and gets electrocuted.

Sidenote: We strongly suggest to kill rodents instead of setting them free as they might return or worse, infest other households.

Which way to kill rodents have you tried? What worked best and what does not?

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