Home Remedies for Flies

This article seeks to provide home remedies to get rid of flies naturally  both at home and around the house.

After our roundup article of the best fly killer methods, we’ve received quite a number of request on how to get rid of house flies and fruit flies naturally. These natural fly killers and repellents are good alternative to help keep flies out of your house.

[May: Personally, disposable traps like a sticky trap (number 10) is my top home remedy solution.]

1) Ginger Solution

This solution seeks to combine ginger power and water to be spray on areas where flies are commonly spotted. This method was originally tested on animals in the farms to keep flies away without the use of pesticides. The strong scent from the Ginger has the ability to cause irritation to flies.

To make spray – mix dried ginger powder with water in a spray bottle. Shake well before every application. Apply around the house (i.e garbage cans etc) and onto plants to keep them away.

2) Basil Herb

Basil works the same as garlic where the scent it lets out irritates flies, keeping them away. Unless humans where Basils are delightful is a culinary herb used for cooking Italian cuisines, both house flies and fruit flies finds the smell of basil unbearable.

With this in mind, there are two ways you can use basil to help deter flies: 1) grow small pots of a basil plant at home or in the backyard, and 2) brew a bunch of a basil leaves in water, allow to cool and pour into spray bottle to be applied as a spray.

3) Essential Oil Mixture

Essential oils are known to keep pests out naturally. By mixing the correct essential oils, the aroma it releases will keep flies away.

To make – prepare 2 cups of water and vodka (non-flavoured), and mix it with 10 drops each of the following: peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, clove oil, lemongrass oil and thyme oil. Shake well in a spray bottle and spray away! (side note- missing 1 or 2 of the essential oil listed is ok, just not as effective).

4) Lavender

Lavender is not only look beautiful but also lets out a pleasant scent that lifts our mood. That said, they are also great natural plants to deter flies.

To use – you can choose to 1) growing lavender in the garden or at home or 2) mix lavender oil with any carrier oil (i.e safflower oil) and apply it to your skin like a repellent.

5) Andiroba

Andiroba oil has been proven in scientific study to effectively keep flies away for up to 7 hours.

To use – simply mix about 12 to 15 drops of the oil with 60 to 70 ml rubbing alcohol into in a small bottle apply to skin. Another formula is to add andiroba oil with unflavored vodka and water and onto areas in and around the house where flies frequent.

6) Catnip

Other than attracting cats, Catnips are also known contain pest repellent ability. You can either grow some in the garden or in the house, or create your own catnip mixture.

To make repellent spray – Simply mix 30 drops of catnip essential oil with and 2 cups of water and 1 cup of vodka in a spray bottle. Shake well are spray inside the house or around the house where flies hangs out.

To make repellent lotion – mix catnip oil and safflower oil with the ratio of 1:20, and apply it onto skin. Replace carrier oil with aloe vera gel if you like oily or sticky texture.

7) Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

The Apple cider vinegar is a great attractant for flies and other flying pests like the mosquitoes. This makes them a perfect lure to attract flies to this natural fly killer trap (this trap is especially effective for killing fruit flies).

How to get rid of house flies with vinegar? The apple cider vinegar will act as a lure to attract them in, once inside, they will either drink the solution with soap content or simply drown and die.

To make trap – cut a plastic bottle in half and mix apple cider vinegar and liquid soap solution to the bottom half. Flip the top half and close the bottle (see video below for more).

8) Balsamic Vinegar Trap

Using the same logic as the Apple cider vinegar trap, Balsamic vinegar is another super attractive lure for fruit flies (put it this way, fruit flies are more attracted to these than to bananas).

How make trap – cut a disposable water bottle into half before mixing a good quality balsamic vinegar and a small amount of Vodka. Wrap a plastic sheet securely with a rubber band. Finally, poke some tiny holes through plastic and set it where fruit flies are.

9) Sticky Trap

There are many sticky fly traps sold in the market for a relatively cheap price. How it works is that instead of drowning or poisoning the trapped flies, the flies actually sticks onto the gel surface.

Here’s a video if you would like to try and make your own:

10) Venus FlyTrap

The Venus flytrap is a well known carnivorous plant that catches flies (and other pests and small animals) using it’s cage like leaves. When a fly lands on the plant’s inner surface, the tiny hairs get triggered to snap shut.

Keeping a Venus Flytrap at home is getting more and more common these days as it’s much more interesting and fascinating to keep than typical plants. They also create a fun topic with kids.

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While these natural remedies do help in deterring and getting rid of flies, it is still essential to keep the house clean in order to achieve long term fly-free situation.

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Have you tried any home remedies mentioned here? Are there any natural fly repellents or fly killers you’ve tried? Feel free to leave a comment to share with us.