Where Do Flies Go At Night

This article will answer some very interesting questions of just where do flies go at night? Do flies sleep at night? Where do flies sleep at night?

For anyone dealing with flies, you must have noticed that these annoying flying pest always seem to disappear after sunset. Also, there are generally a lot more flies appearing in summer than during cold weather like in the winter. As flies and other pests are cold-blooded, their body temperature is very much dependant on the surrounding temperature (that’s why they are always attracted to light bulb as it lets out heat).

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Like humans, flies actually goes to rest after the sun goes down before buzzing around to look for food the next day when the sun is up and the temperature rises.

Side note – If the weather is too cold (like during winter), adult flies will avoid moving around which will risk dying due to the low temperature. The larvae will remain in the cocoon while flies in the pupal stage wait for spring to begin in order to to turn into adult flies.

Where Do Flies Sleep?

Unlike what a lot of people think, flies do not have a nest or colony where they return to at night to sleep, they simply sleep anywhere. Some believe that flies often sleep upside down (i.e beneath a leaf or tea brunch where they are free from predators, but they actually simply sleep anywhere cooling and convenient.

These are the common places and spots they sleep and rest at night: on the surface of cool floor, walls, twigs, under leaves, on tree branches, tree trunks, grasses, under rocks or even the curtain at home. On top of a cooling and comfortable spot, they also make sure the sleeping spot will shelter them rain and strong wind.

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Do Flies Take Naps?

Yes. like humans, flies also take short nap in the day if they need to or feel like it. Like us, they might also not sleep well at night or have disturbed nights where they will take a short afternoon nap to recover.

They often nap under shelter or a shade (anywhere cooling) to escape the afternoon sun.

Fun Fact – Flies will try to get more sleep the next day if they did not manage to get quality sleep or enough of hours of sleep the night before (this is also known as sleep rebound).

How To Find Flies When They Are Sleeping?

This might not be easy be definitely possible. During nightfall, lookout for tiny black spots on flat surfaces or at areas mentioned above.

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Some Fun (sleeping) Facts About Flies

  • Substance like caffeine and even cocaine will disrupt their sleep and keep flies awake. While substance like alcohol can cause them to be drowsy just like us.
  • More sleep is required for flies during hot climates as compared to cooler climates.
  • Flies’ may experience memory issues if they are deprived from sleep for too long.
  • Baby flies actually need more sleep than the adults to help their brain development.

>> Bonus

Did you know that there will not be chocolate if there’s no flies on earth?

In order to grow Cocoa plant, a pollinator is needed. And this pollinator is actually the tiny fly.

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Have you ever discovered or found a sleeping fly? Where was it? Or will you heading out at night with you kid on a quick adventure to spot one? Leave a comment to share with us.