Best Wasp, Yellow Jacket & Bees Attractant Baits (includes DIY options!)

In this round up of the best wasp, hornet, bee and yellow jacket trap bait, we’ve included attractions you can buy right off the shelve and DIY baits that you can create using food and resources you may already have available at home.

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1) Rescue Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Trap Bait Attractant

The Rescue Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Trap Bait Attractant is formulated to lure both the workers and queens yellow jackets of almost all major species. It is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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Each purchase comes with two attractants and each can last up to 2 weeks to lure the yellow jackets.

  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks

2) Safer Brand Deluxe Yellow Jacket Attractant Bait

This Deluxe Yellow Jacket Trap Bait by Safer is formulated to lure and attract both yellow jackets & wasps to your trap. It uses food based attractant, hence making it non-toxic and pesticide-free.

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Each purchase comes with 2 packs of 3 baits (total of 6 baits).

  • Pesticide free
  • Food-based attractant
  • Attracts yellow jacket and wasp

3) Donaldson Farms Natural Carpenter Bee Trap Lure Bait

The Donaldson Farms Natural Carpenter Bee Trap Bait is an all natural attractant works with any type of bee traps to effectively lure carpenters bees to your trap. It has met all the listed ingredient requirements for EPA Minimum Risk Pesticides.

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To apply, simply squeeze about 5 drops of lure attractant to the bottom of your trap. Also apply a few drops inside and around the entrance of your bee trap. Reapply the attractant weekly or as needed.

  • Works with any bee traps
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Non-toxic
  • Money back guarantee

>> DIY Hornet, Yellow Jacket & Wasp Baits

Best DIY Wasp Bait for Spring

In spring, wasps and other stinging pests generally go around looking for foods that are high in protein as that’s the season where they are reproducing. Some good protein bait options would be either a piece of lunch meat (aka luncheon meat) or a piece of cooked hamburger patty meat.

Best DIY Wasp Bait for Summer

In summer, they go around looking for food sources filled with sugar. Sugar water, jam, soda water, fruit juice, root beers are some easy examples of sugar based baits.

Note: Avoid using honey as a sugar based bait as they may attract honey bees which are beneficial pollinators to us. In fact, add a bit of vinegar to your bait mix to keep bees away from your trap.

Final Thoughts

Both off-the-shelve and DIY baits come with their own pros and cons. Commercial wasp baits are effective regardless of season and do not give off as much smell as the protein based DIY bait. That said, they do come with a higher price-tag.

DIY baits can be as effective as an off-the-shelve version of attractant to lure wasps to your trap if you use the correct type of bait at the correct season. That said, they can smell quite a bit and you may not have them available at home.