Best Hornet, Wasp and Yellow Jacket Trap (2024 Edition)

Trap is one of the best methods to prevent a hornet, wasp or yellow jacket infestation. It aims to catch the queens and workers before they can even start building the nests. In this round up article, we’ve selected the best hornets, wasps and yellow Jackets trap to better help you decide which trap to help in your prevention against an infestation.

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We included both reusable and disposable versions of traps for your preference. The reusable ones are built to last through multiple seasons while the disposable ones are designed to allow easy disposable. We’ve also included variations of the traps that require attractants and traps that don’t. Let’s check them out.

Our Pick of Best Stinging Pests Traps
  1. RESCUE! TrapStik Wasps, Mud Daubers & Carpenter Bee Trap
  2. Bee Coline Wasp Reusable Outdoor Trap
  3. RESCUE! Non-Toxic Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap
  4. RESCUE! WHY (Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets) Outdoor Hanging Trap
  5. RESCUE! Disposable Summer Yellow Jacket Trap
  6. Fatal Funnel Wasp and Hornet Trap
  7. Stingmon Wasp, Bee & Hornets Catcher Reusable Trap

1) RESCUE! TrapStik Wasps, Mud Daubers & Carpenter Bee Trap

The RESCUE! TrapStik is a unique Wasp trap that uses its multi-dimensional pattern design colours to attract wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers to come into contact with the trap. Once in contact the pest will get stuck to the surface and eventually die.

What’s great about this trap is that there is no need to purchase any attractant or lure in order for it to work.The killing also does involve any use of chemical or harmful substances that might cause harm to surrounding animals or humans.

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The improved design comes with a bird guard that prevents birds or bats from accidentally coming into contact with the trap. You should also be mindful when setting the trap up to avoid setting in places where you know animals might frequent.

  • No attractant or lure needed
  • No chemicals involved
  • Made in the USA

2) Bee Coline Wasp Reusable Outdoor Trap

The Bee Coline Outdoor Wasp Trap comes with a solar panel that charges up the UV light when the trap is set-up in the day, which allows for usage at night. The light bulb also emits warm light to help increase the effectiveness of attracting the wasps.

Its double-entry exterior design increases the chances of yellow jackets and wasps entering the trap. The high-quality exterior plastic is also made to endure the harsh outdoor environment, allowing the trap to be reused over and over. 

Every purchase comes with 2 pieces of velcro included to help make hanging the traps easy. Its stainless steel handle is also made to resist heat and rust and heat.

  • Built-in Solar panels
  • Front and Back entry design
  • Durable plastics
  • Offers replacement and refund

3) RESCUE! Non-Toxic Reusable Yellow Jacket Trap

The Rescue Non-Toxic Yellow Jacket Trap is a reusable yellow jacket trap that is designed to catch both the workers and their queen. 

It’s uses an attractant to effectively attract yellow jackets but does not lure any honey bees that are beneficial to humans.

It’s durable and designed to work through all season, catching the yellow jacket queen before they can even start up their nest.

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  • Does not attract beneficial bees
  • Made in USA
  • No killing chemical poisons

4) RESCUE! WHY (Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets) Outdoor Hanging Trap

As the name suggests, the RESCUE WHY Trap is designed to target Wasps, Hornets and Yellow-Jackets (hence its called WHY). Specifically, it catches up to 19 species of these flying stinging pests including bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, yellow jackets etc.

It works using the combination of both its unique dual-chamber trap design and its attractants to lure and trap these pests till they eventually die inside the trap. The top chamber of the trap contains a solid attractant while the bottom is liquid, which maximises the effectiveness of luring the targets.

The WHY Trap is reusable and every purchase comes with a two-week supply of attractant.

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  • Traps up to 19 species of stinging pests.
  • Does not attract beneficial bees.
  • Double-chambered design
  • Durable construction for use across seasons
  • Made in the USA

5) RESCUE! Disposable Summer Yellow Jacket Trap

This is a disposable Yellow Jacket Trap by RESCUE that’s designed to effectively catch all common and major species of yellow jackets.

It works extremely well during summer months where these nasty stinging pests are most active due to the warmer weather. 

Setting up of this trap is very easy where you simply need to add water to the powdered attractant within and hang up the trap. Once the trap is filled with dead yellow jackets, simply dispose and set up a fresh one. 

  • Easy to set-up
  • No need to re-bait
  • Attracts major yellow jacket species
  • Made in the USA

6) Fatal Funnel Wasp and Hornet Trap

The Fatal Funnel Trap is a cost effective trap designed to easily transform any bottle into a wasp and hornet trap. 

To set up the trap, simply cut out a hole in any 1.5 L or 2 L bottle, pour some DIY attractant into the bottle (recipe is provided to make the apple juice attractant) and insert the Fatal Funnel into the cut-out hole. 

The attractant will lure the yellow jacket into the trap while the Fatal Funnel will prevent them from escaping.

  • Cost Effective
  • No need for poison or chemical
  • Can be reused
  • Requires setting up 
  • Needs to have bottle available at home

7) Stingmon Wasp, Bee & Hornets Catcher Reusable Trap

The Stingmon Wasp, Yellow Jackets & Hornets Catcher Trap is a non-toxic and reusable trap designed to catch wasps, hornets & yellow jackets from spring all the way to the fall season.

It features a multi-tunnel design that allows more entry points to trap yellow jackets, wasps and hornets coming from all directions. Once trapped inside the trap, these nasty pests will not be able to escape.

Tip: make an effort to clean the trap regularly and to replace bait with fresh ones to maintain its effectiveness.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Use natural attractants
  • Can be hung up or used standing on a flat surface

Final Thoughts

The trap method is a proactive method rather than a reactive strategy against wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. It works by trapping the workers and queens of these nasty stinging pests by catching them before they even start building their nest around your house.

To deal with an existing infestation, it is better to choose another method like the wasp, hornet and yellow jacket spray or powder. After which, the trap can be deployed to prevent future infestations.