Best Hornet, Wasp, Yellow Jacket & Bee Killer

In this round-up article of the best hornet, wasp, yellow jacket & bee killer products, we’ve selected a well rounded type of products which includes spray, powder, trap and electric zapper. 

Some of these products are best for eliminating the entire nest while others are for prevention or for killing the stringing pests itself. Depending on your own situation and needs, one killer product type may be more effective than the other.

1) Spectracide Wasp & Hornet Aerosol Killer

The Spectracide Wasp & Hornet Spray Killer is formulated for outdoor use to kill stinging pests like Wasps, Hornet and Yellow Jackets. On top of these flying pests, it also works in getting rid of scorpions, ants and tent caterpillars.

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This outdoor killer spray eliminates on contact and can destroy the entire nest. Its residual killing content also kills returning pests.

Tip: Try to spray treatment during sunset or sunrise when they are the least active. Also be sure to position yourself where your back is against the wind to avoid getting the spray on you.

  • Kills on contact
  • Spray reaches up to 27 feet away
  • Non-Staining formula
  • Eliminates nest within 24 hours

2) Ortho Home Defense Hornet & Wasp Spray Killer

The Home Defense Hornet & Wasp Killer by Ortho is formulated to provide instant kill on contact. Its jet spray can reach nests as high as 20 feet above the ground.

It produces a foam treatment that traps the wasps and hornets inside their nest and kills any returning pests.

  • Also kills yellow jackets and mud daubers
  • Entrapping foam spray
  • Reaches up to 20 feet
  • Powder

3) DeltaDust Pest Control Insecticide Dust Killer

The Bayer DeltaDust Insecticide Killer is a waterproof insecticide dust that does not absorb moisture or clump up when applied to areas that are wet.

This product is approved for treating in commercial food-handling establishments and can be applied directly into wasp nests to kill these stringing pests.

On top of wasps, it also works on many other pests like cockroaches, mealworm, centipedes, fleas, scorpions, spiders, termites, ticks and many more.

  • Odourless
  • Can be use both indoors and outdoors
  • 100% Waterproof

4) BEE COLINE Outdoor Reusable Solar Powered Wasp Trap Killer

The BEE COLINE Outdoor Wasp Trap Killerfeatures a double-entry design to increase the chances of trapping wasps. It works by attracting wasps into the trap using its blue UV lights, where the trapped wasps will eventually die of dehydration. 

Made with high-quality plastic for outdoor use, this reusable outdoor wasp killer trap features a built-in solar panel that allows the trap to be charged as it operates in the day, and to continue attracting wasps at night with the warm light emitted by the blue UV light automatically.

Every purchase comes with 2 pieces of velcro for ease of hanging the trap. 

  • No batteries required
  • Offers full refund or replacement
  • Made with high quality plastic & stainless steel

5) Aspectek Indoor 20W Electronic Pest Zapper Killer

The Aspectek Electronic Zapper Killer is an indoor zapper trap that attracts Wasps and other flying pests using its UV light and killing the trapped pests instantly using its high voltage 20W metal grids.

It has a built-in mesh screen to prevent any accidental physical contact with the internal electrical grids, hence providing protection to your kids and pets. Every purchase comes with accompanying chains for ease of installation by hanging. Alternatively, placing the trap on any flat surfaces work as well.

Cleaning of the trap is also easy thanks to the self-cleaning electric grid and the bottom removable and washable plastic tray which holds the dead pests. 

Every purchase comes with 2 Replacement Bulbs.

  • Has protective mesh screen
  • Can be easily hang up or placed seated
  • Powerful 20w electronic grid
  • Removable washable tray

6) RESCUE! TrapStik Wasp & Bee Killer

The RESCUE! TrapStik Wasp & Bee Killer is a unique trap killer that seeks to catch wasps before they can even build their nest around your house.

It attracts wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers with its multi-dimensional design pattern and colours that are appealing to these pests. Its sticky surface grabs the trapped pest until they die off naturally.

Its new design comes with a bird guard that prevents birds or bats from being stuck to the trap when they attempt to eat the trapped pests or accidentally comes into contact when they fly by.

  • No harmful chemical content
  • No attractant needed
  • Made in USA

7) ZAP IT! Bug Rechargeable Zapper Killer

The ZAP IT! Bug Rechargeable Zapper is perhaps the fastest killing product amongst the list. It’s most ideal for use to instantly kill individual wasps, hornets or yellow jackets to protect you and your family.

This zapper has a powerful 4,000 volt electric grid that kills any flying pests on contact. It can be used both inside and outdoors. Charging of the zapper is easy and convenient via USB and each charge can provide up to 10,000 zaps.

It has an activation button that has to be pressed in order to activate the electric, this prevents any accidental zapping. The racket also has a triple-layer safety mesh which gives extra protection. 

  • Large frame to help hit flying pests
  • Up to 10k zaps in a single charge
  • USB charging
  • Powerful 40 volt

Final Thoughts

Every killer product has its pros and cons, and which type of product to choose will depend largely on your situation at hand.

For getting rid of wasp, hornet or yellow jacket nests, a spray killer would be more effective than the other products while the electric zapper will be more effective in killing 1 or 2 wasp or hornet that made its way into your house or attic. The trap killer products are more preventive than to help solve a wasp or hornet infestation.  

As with treating any pest problems, always consider wearing safety gears like gloves, goggles and masks. This will provide good protection not only from the risk of inhaling the treatment, but also from the possible attack from the wasps, hornets or yellow jackets.