What Attracts Wasps?

Having wasps in your home indicates either of the two things; either there’s a wasp nest somewhere around, or there’s something in your home that’s attracting wasps. If it’s the latter, you need to figure out what it is and remove it from your premises ASAP – before it attracts any more wasps.

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Here are some of the most common things that wasps are attracted to:

  • Spots to hide or build nest
  • Insects for food
  • Leftover dinner
  • Flowers
  • Sweet Food
  • Water source
  • Decay wood

Places to Hide and Build NestOne of the most common things that attracts wasps is in search for hideouts in your home. It could be cracks in your walls or hidden cavities. Wasps are attracted to places where they can possibly build a nest. Your home offers a safe and warm place for wasps, especially during the winter months when the wasps are in search of a shelter.

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Insects for FoodWhen the weather becomes warmer, wasps start to get active and leave their nests to search for food. Wasps feed on insects. If there are insects in your home or in your backyard, chances are they will attract wasps. Insects are a major attraction for wasps.

Protein-based FoodWasps love protein-based foods, especially meat. Leftover food left in the open of discarded meat in your trash not only attracts roaches and rats, but can also attract wasps.

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FlowersWasps are also highly attracted to flowers. On top of the fragrance of flowers, nectar is also a major attractant to wasps.

Sweet FoodsWasps’ food preferences change with the season. As the temperature starts to get cooler, they get more inclined towards sweet foods than proteins. Fruits on your kitchen counter or a fruit tree in your yard can attract wasps too. This includes open soda cans etc.

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Open Water SourcesOpen water sources like a pond, pool, or a fountain at your property or a continuously running faucet can attract wasps to come looking for a drink to cure hydration, especially during the summers.

Decaying WoodBeware of the decaying wood anywhere at or around your property. Wasps need wood fibre to build a nest, and decaying wood is the best source and will likely grab wasps’ attention. The chances that wasps will build a nest near the source of wood fibre are also pretty high, so make an effort to move any decaying wood away from your property

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Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure; it falls true in the case of wasps too. It’s best to remove any source of attraction for wasps from your home so that you can prevent wasp infestation altogether.