7 Best Natural Rat & Mouse Repellent

This article features some of the best natural rat and mouse repellent products to help deter rodents.

Most of these natural mice deterrent products works by creating scent (using natural formulas) that’s unpleasant to rodents, hence deterring them from nearing. Electronic Rodent repellents works by creating ultrasonic frequencies (sound) that deters rodents.

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[May: Natural Rodent Repellents work to a certain extend but think about it, rodents are not likely to simply move out of your house where food and shelter is readily available simply because of some deterrence.]

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To achieve long term (rodent-free) results, cutting off food supplies from rodent is utmost important (not just inside the house but also around the vicinity).

Secondly, keeping rodents out of the house is most effectively done by preventing them from coming in. This can be achieved by using using weep hole covers (item 5), and keeping food away from the house by keeping trash in covered bins or rodent repellent trash bags (item 6).

1) Peppermint Essential Oil by Essentially KateS ( with Glass Dropper)

This should be no surprise to you. Peppermint oil is antibacterial, antifungal and a well known natural repellent of rodents and insects like spiders and mosquitos.

This Peppermint Oil by KateS is steam-distilled from the leaves, flowers and buds of mentha piperita. Each bottle comes with a handy long glass dropper and phenolic cap for long-term storage.

With every purchase, a detailed user’s guide (E-book) will be sent by e-mail. It features the various applications for using the oil.

  • Comes with a handy dropper
  • Full refund or replacement
  • Comes with detailed instruction e-booklet
  • Strong & long lasting smell

How To Apply – Try dripping a few drops (using dropper provided) of peppermint oil onto some cotton balls and place in drawers, attic and basement (or where mice droppings are sighted).

Tip: Also can use it with humidifier at home or apply it in a scented bag around the car to keep rodents away.

2) Fresh Cab Pk Botanical Rodent Natural Control Repellent

The Fresh Cab Rodent repellent is natural and fast acting product that repels rat and mouse by the odor it produces that rodents find offensive.

Each application can last up to 30 days to keep rodents away. For maximum effectiveness, apply about 1 pouch of fresh cab for every 8 sq. ft of area.

It is non-toxic and made using balsam fir oil. This product is most effective for wide area.

  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic
  • Ideal for large area coverage

3) Rodent Sheriff Pest Control Repellent Spray

This Natural Rodent Repellent Spray by Rodent Sheriff is made in America using natural peppermint oil. It is non toxic and can be applied around kids or pets. 

Per 8 ounce bottle size can spray up to 1,000 times and can be used both inside and outdoors to deter rodents and pests.

  • On top of rodents, also repels other common pests
  • For use both indoor and outdoor
  • Made in USA

4) Exterminators Choice All Natural Mice Defense Rodent Repellent Spray

This all natural rodent repellent spray by Exterminator’s Choice is made with fine natural ingredients formulated to provide fast results without having to resort to chemical based repellents.

It comes with a convenient sprayer that allows for easy application in the narrow spaces to apply both indoor and outdoor.

Its natural formulation lets out a pleasant scent compared to chemical based products

>> Available in these sizes: 1 Gallon & 32 oz

  • Works indoor or outdoor
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • Produced by licensed exterminators

5) Rid-O-Mice Stainless Steel Weep Hole Cover

Rid-O-Mice Weep Hole cover is made from spring stainless steel and is designed to keep rodents out while ensuring that they can’t chew through or pull it out.

The width can easily be adjusted by cutting, they look good and installation is easy. It ensures the wall maintains ventilation.

On top of rats & mice, they also block out bees, wasps, scorpions & snakes.

  • Easy to install & adjustable
  • High quality & Sturdy
  • Stainless steel
  • Maintains brick ventilation
  • Looks better than other weep hole covers
  • Not cheap
  • Had to adjust width if too big

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>> Bonus

6) Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bags

The rodent repellent trash bag by Mint-X is patented and EPA approved to repel raccoons, rats and other rodents. Its effectiveness comes from the natural and special mint-scented content added during the manufacturing (extrusion) process.

They are safe for human handling and ideal for eateries or any households that leave trash outside that’s not protected by trashcan.

  • EPA approved & patented
  • 13 gallon capacity
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Strong & durable (thick & can handle good weight)
  • Also deters raccoons, squirrels & other stray animals
  • Slightly pricier than normal trash bags
  • Does not come in smaller size

>> Available in these packs: 40 pieces & 90 pieces

7) Vehicle Protection by Exterminators Choice

The Vehicle Protection Rodent Repellent by Exterminators Choice is the perfect solution for rodent nesting or damage problems under the hood of the vehicle.

  • Long lasting
  • Safe & effective
  • Works on any type of vehicle
  • Repels squirrels as well
  • Saves tons of money in repair & servicing

Final Thoughts

Natural based rodent deterrents might work to a certain extend to keep rats and mice away. They might not be strong enough to keep them away if the rewards (food) is too tempting and attractive.

Keeping the house clean and free of food supplies is essential to truly keep them away. Also consider protecting the house by blocking access (especially easy access) for rodents to get into your house.

Also consider keeping a cat and dog at home as they do give chase to rodents and their presence alone is a strong deterrent to these annoying pests.

Have you tried or experience any of these products? Or have you got any success with any natural based rodent repellents? Let us know in the comment.