How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside On Patio

Having flies hanging around the patio is the first step in inviting them into the house. This is one of the things people often oversee when they are looking to get rid of flies in the house. Having flies at the outdoor gathering is not only distracting but also provides discomfort to your guests.

Flies carry with them lots of diseases and having them around your living area can pose a high risk of getting these diseases at your vicinity.

1) Cover The Trash Can

The very first thing you can do to keep flies away from your patio is to keep the trash bin in check. If possible, move the trash bin as far as possible from your house. Always tie the trash bag before disposing them in the garbage bin. Also keep the trash and garbage bin covered at all time. Once in awhile (maybe once a week), give the trash bin and the area around it a quick rinse.

2) Fly-repelling Plants

Consider growing plants like Basil, Citronella grass, Lavender or Mint that repels flies. Not only do they work in deterring flies, they add a nice scent and beautify the patio. Most of these can be also be used as herbs for cooking.

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3) Use Fly Traps

There are generally 3 types of outdoor fly trap: 1) Electronic fly traps, 2) Non-toxic traps, and 3) Sticky traps.

i) Electronic Fly Trap – This type of trap typically attracts flies using UV light and kills the flies when they come into contact with electric grills inside the trap. It works perfectly and can save cost in the long term.

ii) Non-toxic Trap – This type of trap works by using a bait/ lure to attract flies into the trap before trapping them inside for your disposal.

iii) Sticky Trap – this type of trap works by attracting flies to the sticky gel adhesive where they get trapped on contact for your disposal later.

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iv) DIY Fly Traps – also consider making your own patio fly trap. (see video on instruction).

4) Check For Standing Water

One of the most important thing to do your you and your family is perhaps to ensure there’s no standing water around your house. Other than flies, standing water also attracts all sorts of pests including mosquitoes. Flip over unused buckets, cover up unused tires or other area that can possibly hold stagnant water from the rain.

5) Clean Up After Your Pets

Other than the unpleasant smell from your pet’s droppings, they also attracts flies from all directions in your patio. Pick up the feces with a plastic bag and tie it properly before disposing it into the garbage can.

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Getting Rid Of Flies Outside On Patio For Outdoor Parties

Here are some of the things you can do to clear the patio in anticipation for an outdoor gathering or party.

1) Fogger – Clear the area with a pest fogger at least 2 hours before the event.

2) Fly Traps – Place fly trap of choice (refer to above) around the gathering area (especially near the food).

3) Fly Zappers – It is also a good choice to have a fly zapper or fly swatter around to provide quick relief to get rid of one of two persistent flies.

4) Cover the food – Last but not least, cover the food to ensure the food don’t get contaminated by having flies landing on it. Covering the food also eliminate the temptation to attract the flies in the first place.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping flies from your patio in the long term requires consistency and proper sanitation habits. Follow these simple tips to help get rid of flies in and outside the house.

Should there still be heavy visits by the flies with these hygiene practices in place, its possible that there’s a breeding spot near your house (i.e. perhaps in the woods nearby, a spot you missed at your backyard, your neighbour’s outside patio).

Are you facing fly problems outside in the patio? Which of these tips are you going to implement? Leave a comment to share with us.