4 Best Fly Sprays For Doggies

In this article, we’ve listed the best dog fly sprays to help keep the annoying flies at bay. All flies spray listed are non-toxic to ensure they are safe for use on your beloved ‘Good-Boy’.

[May: When it comes to pest control products to use on pets, its ingredients should be the first condition. As far as we are concern, there’s no compromising on this.]

You may also choose to DIY or home make your own fly spray for your dog using natural ingredients found at home (we will probably write a post about that in future). For those looking for a safe, convenient and effective over-the-counter fly spray that is safe for your dog and yourself, let’s read on.

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1) Miracle Coat Fly Spray for Dog

This Fly Spray For Dog by Miracle Coat is a natural spray that features a blend of natural ingredients including Vitamin E and Oatmeal and Vitamin E.

On top of these natural ingredients, it also uses various oil and oil extracts like the Redistilled Clove Leaf Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil.

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To use – Either spray directly to the dog or spray onto a cloth before using it to wipe the dog (Note: keep away from the eye and mouth area).

  • Non-toxic & safe formulation
  • Biodegradable
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Smell great

2) Farnam Flys-Off Repellent Spray for Doggies

The Flys-off Repellent Spray for Dog by Farnam is formulated to repel flies and other pests like fleas, mozzies, gnats, ticks and lice.

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On top of application on your pet, it can also double as a surface repellent on your pet’s bedding. The spray bottle version comes with a convenient pump spray nozzle.

Despite its small size, this small bottle can go a long way where a single application can protect your beloved pet dog for up to 10 days

>> Also available in ointment version

  • Can be used on cats as well
  • Works on other pests as well
  • Long lasting
  • Pleasant smell
  • Not cheap for its size

3) Best Shot Pet Natural Fly Spray

This natural Pet Fly Spray by Best Shot features a safe and non-sticky formulation that works on dogs, cats, horses and even humans [May: Simply spray on your clothes after applying repellent on your doggie].

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It does not harm your fabric when come into contact and actually provides conditioning to the skin. On top of flies, it also repels other annoying pests like mosquitoes and gnats.

Can be sprayed onto your dog to keep flies away even when your pet dog is protected by Frontline treatment.

  • Also works on people & horses
  • Safe on fabric
  • Natural and non-toxic
  • Smells good

4) Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent Spray

The Equisect Fly Repellent Spray contains active ingredient of organic pyrethrum, botanical and essential oils extracted from corn mint, thyme, clove stem and citronella.

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This Fly control spray is an official product by the AQHA and USEF. It is effective against all type of flies and other pests like mosquitoes and gnats.

Each application can effective repel flies for a good 7 to 10 hours.

>> Available in these sizes: 32 oz and 128 oz

  • Works on all types of flies
  • Repels and even kills other pests

Final Thoughts

On top of relying on these fly sprays to keep your pet dog protected, also ensure to keep them clean as it goes a long way in deterring flies.

Please be mindful that it is not ok for flies to keep landing on your doggie as flies actually do bite dogs. And needless to say, flies carry with them, dirts and bacterias that can easily cause infection to your beloved puppy dog.

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Are you facing fly situation with your dog at home or when you are out? What s your current go-to solution? Leave a comment to share with the community.