Best Fly Traps & Catchers (Updated 2024)

The best fly traps (also known as fly catcher) are not only effective at ‘catching’ the annoying flies, they should also be easy to set-up and dispose after accomplishing its task. In this roundup article, we have featured some of the most popular fly traps in the market.

Fly trap is one of the most popular and effective fly control method in the market. They are relatively cheap and is pretty much a set and forget method. Most importantly, it provides results without having to use harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Benefits of using fly traps
  • Also lures a wide variety of flying pest like mosquitoes, gnats, blue bottle flies, house flies etc
  • Environmentally safe to use
  • Safe to use around humans and animals
  • Simple to set-up with almost immediate results
  • Last longer than other fly control methods

Note: Be sure to keep fly traps way from fly repellent products (for obvious reason).

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Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap Catcher by RESCUE!

This disposable fly trap by RESCUE is effective, environmental friendly and easy to set up.

To set up, simply pierce a tiny hole at the top of the plastic as marked by the manufacturer, pull the yellow part out slightly and fill the bag with water (warm or cold). The water will then be mixed with the bait powder inside immediately.

  • Works on a wide variety of flies (i.e. bottle flies, Flesh flies, screwworm flies, cluster, files, house flies and lance flies)
  • One trap can hold over 20,000 flies of all sizes
  • Yields quick results (within 24 hours)
  • Attractant will produce slight odor

Catchmaster 904 Clear Window Fly Traps

The Catchmaster fly trap works by placement on windows to catch flies where they enter the room. Each package comes with 4 disposable traps

  • Non-toxic & Safe
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Disposable and mess-free
  • Also catches other pests (i.e. mosquitoes, house flies, spiders)
  • Trapped flies are exposed (not as sightly)

Double-Sided Yellow Sticky Trap by Gingbau

This double sided sticky trap by Gingbau is designed specifically to catch flying pest that hangs around plants. Other than flies, it also catches other types of plant flying pests like the fungus gnats, leaf miner, thrips, midges, whiteflies, aphids etc.

The trap is in yellow colour which makes it even more attractive to flying pests. To set-up, simply hang trap over branches or use the wires included.
This trap is a great alternatives to chemical based products in garden, greenhouse and the lawn.

  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly
  • Water proof (used in all seasons)
  • Highly economical (sticky on both sides and one piece can be cut into two)
  • Great for organic gardens
  • Not very sightly as caught flies are exposed

Fly Web Fly Trap by Gardner

This lightweight electric fly trap gadget by Gardner attracts flies using UV (ultraviolet) light. After getting drawn by the light, the flies will get stuck to the easily removable tape trap.

On top of flies, it also works on other types of flying pests including fruit flies, butterflies, house flies, gnats, moths, mosquitoes.

  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Caught flies are not exposed
  • No smell (as no attractants are used)
  • Must be used indoors (with shelter from wet weather)
  • Requires electricity
  • Not as effective in the day

Flies-Be-Gone Non Toxic Fly Trap

To set-up, unpack the trap and pour the formula (which includes food substances as attractant) into it and add some water to the formula. Hang trap around the fly infested areas (preferably under direct sunlight).

The Flies-Be-Gone trap works when the mixture gets warmed up by the sun and the food scent drift and spread to lure flies (in other words, the hotter it is, the faster and more effective it works).

  • Environmental friendly & easily disposable
  • One trap can hold over 20,000 flies
  • Works best in summer time
  • Translucent plastic for easy monitor of results
  • Not caught flies are exposed (no chance to come into contact with them)
  • Can only be used outdoors
  • Not as effective under no sun conditions
  • Has unpleasant smell

Black Flag Fly Window Trap

Similar to the Catchmaster, this clear window trap by Black Flag works by sticking on surfaces at home where flies frequent. Simply peel and stick the trap onto screens, windows or doors.

Each pack contains four transparent window traps that can be used both indoors and outdoors (i.e. porch, barns, garden, stables and garbage site).

  • Out of reach to children and pets
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free
  • Trapped flies are exposed

Tips: Put trap in the lower portion of the window and place some items in front of the traps. This makes the flies believe that they’re safe as they are hidden.

Electric Indoor Fly Zapper Trap

This fly zapper attracts flies using its 365nm high-intensity UV light wave. It also features high-voltage metal grids that kills in-coming flying pests instantly.

It’s designed to double as a night lamp and more importantly to provide 360° coverage of up to 6000 sq ft. It can be hung up using a metal chain or placed standing.

Cleaning is easy with its in-built detachable collection tray (to collect the ‘dead’ bodies).

  • Can hang up or place standing up
  • Removable collection tray
  • Simply plug and use
  • Chemical-free
  • Wide coverage (up to 6000 sq ft)
  • Full refund guarantee
  • Requires electricity/ power source

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DIY Fly Trap

If you like to do-it-yourself, you can definitely make your own fly trap using some basic items easily found at home.

For example, in this video, they use a plastic bottle, black plastic, string, and bait (such as raw fish or mince meat in water).

Different Types of Fly Traps

Container Trap – works by using some form of fly bait which attracts the nasty flies into the trap through the scent. Flies attracted to the scent can easily enter the trap but will get trapped and find it almost impossible to escape.

[May: This is our most favourite type of fly trap as the trapped files are not exposed, and disposal is super easy.]

Sticky Glue Trap – As with any glue traps for pests, the idea is use fly baits to attract flies to land on the glue adhesive tape where they gets stuck to the surface. Sticky trap can be placed on flat surface, or left hanging in mid air.

UV Machine Sticky Trap – Similar to the typical glue trap, this trap attracts fly using the UV glowing light where they will stick to the glue adhesive tape placed in the middle.

UV Electric Zapper Trap – Like the UV Glue trap, the electronic zapper trap also attracts fly using UV light, but kills the flies on contact using electricity. This is one of the most commonly used trap as they do not let our odor and provides instant kill.

Final thoughts

Unlike other flying pest, when it comes to dealing with flies in particular, we prefer disposable traps over reusable ones. We will also favour container traps over the ‘open concept’ traps where the caught flies are exposed outside or on the surface of the trap.

Flies are positively phototropic, in other words, they are naturally attracted to light. When placing a fly trap and catcher , other than picking place where flies are commonly sighted, also opt for brighter spots.

Also, as mentioned in the beginning of the article, be sure to keep fly repelling items away from your fly trap.

What do you think of fly trap as a control tool against flies? Have you tried any and experience any success? Let us know in the comment.