Best Fly Strip, Paper, Ribbon & Tape

In this round-up article, we will be featuring some of the best fly strips, board, paper, ribbon and tape that you can use at home and outdoors to effectively catch flies and other flying pests. This range of product does not require electricity, chemicals or insecticides. They are created for mass catching of flies and are perhaps the most cost effective ways of catching and trapping flies. 

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As these fly strips, paper, ribbon and tapes are non-toxic, they are very suitable to be used in places that are inconvenient or impossible to use chemical or insecticides (such as kitchens, hotels and hospitals).

1) Black Flag Fly Paper Strip

The Black Flag Fly Paper Strip is a long lasting sticky trap that does not require bait, chemical or pesticides to control flies at home and outside. On top of catching flies, this long lasting trap also traps mosquitoes and other flying pests.

To set up, simply unroll the sticky paper and hang it up in any indoor or outdoor area where you are facing flying pest problems. Disposal is very easy where you just need to wrap the filled fly paper strip in newspaper and dispose away.

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For better effectiveness, ensure the Fly Paper doesn’t get too cold. If it does, bring the product indoors or somewhere, getting it closer to normal room temperature before using again. Also avoid setting it up in areas with direct sunshine.

To control gypsy moths, simply wrap the strip around the tree trunk to catch the gypsy moth caterpillar before they reach the leaves, hence preventing them from growing.

Each purchase comes with 4 Fly Papers


  • Catches all flying pests
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Long-lasting and strong holding stickiness

2) Stingmon Indoor Clear Fly Tape Trap for Windows

The Stingmon Clear Window Fly Tape is made out of waterproof paper and works by sticking onto clear windows that flies often land on. It uses non-toxic adhesive to catch the flies that come into contact.

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To increase effectiveness, use of baits like cider vinegar or honey can help attract flies and fruit flies faster. Each purchase comes with 36 pieces of the fly tape trap.

  • Uses non-toxic adhesive
  • Waterproof
  • Chances of accidental contact with sticking glue

3) TERRO Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Ribbon

The TERRO Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Ribbon Trap is a ribbon trap that attracts and catches flies and other airborne pests with its sticky ribbon surface.

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To set up the Fly Magnet, simply hold onto the cardboard tubes and pull the red ribbon in a twisting motion to expose the sticky ribbon that hangs out of the tube. Once this is done, simply hang the fly paper ribbon using the included tack or any nails or hook at home.

Every purchase comes with 8 fly ribbon traps.

Tip: For max effectiveness, try setting the fly ribbon at the corner of the house or room, and avoid hanging in a windy area.

  • No baiting required
  • Mess-free
  • No Odor

4) Big Devil Sticky Fly Catcher Ribbon Strips

The Big Devil Sticky Fly Catcher Ribbon Stripis a physical trapping ribbon that catches flies and other flying pests naturally without the use of baits and does not contain any chemicals.

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Its strong adhesion glue ensures that once caught, the flies are not able to escape. This Big Devil Sticky Ribbon Trap also features double-sided adhesive that maximises the catching effectiveness. 

Each purchase contains a total of 16 fly ribbon tubes (4 packs with each pack containing 4 fly ribbon traps). To use, gently pull out the fly ribbon and hang the tape in the area where the flies are observed to be active. Dispose only when the trap is full.

  • Mess free
  • No need for bait
  • Chemical and pesticide free
  • Double-sided adhesive

5) Stingmon Sticky Fly Trap (for Plants)

This Stingmon Sticky Fly Trap is designed to be inserted into plant pots or soil to catch flies, fruit flies, gnat and any flying plant pests that can harm your plant.

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It works both indoor and outdoor where the sharp bottom design allows the trap to be inserted directly into the plant soil without having to hang the trap on hooks, strings or ropes.

This non-toxic trap is waterproof and features a strong adhesive that is able to last until they are fully covered with flies and other pests. To set-up, simply peel off the protective film and plant the trap directly into the soil.

  • Bright color 
  • Sharp bottom design
  • Non-toxic 

6) Garsum Sticky Houseplant Fly Stakes

The Garsum Sticky Houseplant Fly Stake is a natural fly stake that does not use any insecticide or chemicals. On top of flies, it also works effectively to catch and trap fungus gnats, midges, thrips among other flying pests.

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It’s an easy to use fly stake made out of waterproof material and uv resistant adhesive that’s long lasting and does not dry out easily. Its double-sided adhesive also allows for maximum exposure. 

Each purchase comes with 21 fly stake traps.

  • Non-toxic
  • Easy set-up
  • Lovely design that blends into your home garden
  • Waterproof

7) Catchmaster Giant Sticky Fly Trap

The Catchmaster Giant Sticky Fly Trap contains a 3,600 square inches giant roll of fly catching surface that catches flies and other pests like fungus gnats, cicadas, gypsy moths and more.

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This disposable sticky fly trap is non-toxic and is pre-baited with a special scent and green colour to attract flies and other flying pests.

  • Non-toxic
  • Giant size
  • Economical
  • Paper is pre-baited

8) Kensizer Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Fly Trap

The Kensizer Yellow Sticky Fly Trap is a non-toxic trap made of ECO friendly material that catches a wide range of flying pests including black flies, white flies, mosquitoes, fungus gnats, leaf miner, among others.

This waterproof fly sticky board uses a double sided adhesive to ensure maximum exposure to catch and trap flies. Each trap can last for two to three months and is recommended to be changed out when the fly board is more than half covered with pests.

May: Here’s an interesting fun fact. Most traps are in bright yellow as most of the pests have phototaxis which makes the color yellow attractive to them.

Tip: It is most effective to set the trap up before the pests start to spring up and by catching the flies before they are able to reach the plants.

  • Made of ECO friendly material
  • Yellow color
  • Large surface area
  • Double-sided adhesive

>> Bonus

9) Hot Shot No-Pest Fly Strip

The Hot Shot No-Pest Fly Strip is a fly repellent product that features a unique controlled release technology that slowly lets out a powerful penetrating vapor to keep flies and other pests out of the area. 

The clear and odorless vapor released works effectively to kill both visible and hidden pests on contact. It also prevents infestation of new pests.

It is designed to work best in an enclosed space (about 10 ft by 13 ft with an 8-ft ceiling height) with minimal human movement such as the garage or shred, and each strip can last for up to 4 months.

  • Deep-penetrating vapor
  • Even distributed thanks to its controlled release technology
  • Up to 4 months of continuous protection


What we like most about using these sticky strips, papers, ribbons and tapes to catch flies on top of it being long lasting, requires zero maintenance or monitoring and contains no chemicals/pesticides, is the fact that there’s no need to wash or clean up after. Simply dispose of the used product together with the caught pests and replace with a fresh one.

That said, they can be quite unsightly as the flies and other flying pests pile up. Hence for indoor areas, we still generally go with other types of fly traps like the electric ones, using the fly strips, papers, ribbons and tapes for outdoor use and within the warehouse or garage where the human usage is low.