7 Best Fly Killer

There are many ways to kill flies, some methods are better than others depending on the situation on hand. In this article, we’ve put together a round-up of the best fly killer to add to your arsenal in the battle against them.

Flies are one of fastest moving pests and although they seldom appear in group, they can be really persistent and annoying to get rid of. Aside from the constant buzzing that can get on anyone’s nerves, they also bring hygiene risks including loads of bacteria and viruses making them not only disgusting but disease-ridden as well. Let’s get on with the list:

1) Zap-it! Rechargeable Fly Killer Zapper Racket

A Fly Zapper Racket (also known as fly bat) is a pro-active method that provides instant killing of flies without the use of chemical and pesticides. This zapper racket by Zap It! features 4,000 volts of power and has a unique 3-layer mesh to prevent accidental contact with humans.

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With a USB charging outlet for quick recharge, it also has a super-bright LED light to facilitate in dark areas.

[May: Judy and I each have a zapper racket at home as it comes in really handy when we need to provide a quick killing relief like when there a fly lingering around the food.]

  • Provide instant kill
  • No chemical and pesticide needed
  • No bait or lure required
  • Very handy when there’s a need for instant relief
  • Needs to put in some effort to kill
  • Fly are often too fast

>> Also check out the mini version here

2) Flies Be Gone – Disposable Non-Toxic Fly Trap

This non-toxic fly trap by Flies-Be-Gone uses the most convention method of luring flies by scent into the trap and keeping them trapped in. It’s a great set and forget method that is very cost effective.

To set up – simply add some water to the bait to mix the fly food formula. The bait will heat up and let out a pleasant smell that flies can’t resist.

This type of fly trap is also an idea option for use to eradicate pesticide-resistant flies. Once trap is filled with trapped flies, simply dispose it.

Note: The smell of the protein meal bait can be attractive to pets too. Though harmless, you wouldn’t want to clean the mess. So make sure to keep it out of reach.

  • Non-toxic
  • Disposable (no cleaning needed)
  • No need to come into contact with flies
  • Provides long term killing effect
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor
  • Trapped flies can be seem
  • Has to be hang up

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3) Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Fly Killer

The Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Fly Killer is a heavy duty killer lamp designed for outdoor use and offers up to 1/2 acre of coverage. Its USDA tested Octenol attractant lures all types of flies as well as other flying insect pests.

It features a efficient and non-clogging electrified grill that kills flies quickly. The 15-watt high intensity ultraviolet bulb requires no tools to replace. This product has a decorative look and weatherproof construction, so it can double as a security lighting.

  • No chemical insecticides required
  • Made with weatherproof polycarbonate material
  • Easy bulb replacement (no need for tools)
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Not recommended to be set up near humans

>> Also available in these sizes: 1 Acre1-1/2 Acre Coverage

4) Aspectek 20W Electric Indoor Fly Zapper Trap

As with any zapper traps, this powerful 20W electronic fly zapper trap lures flies using its ultraviolet fluorescent bar bulbs where the flies got zapped immediately when they come into contact with the 2800V electric metal grid.

The voltage grids are enclosed within a mesh screen to keep family and pets from accidental contact. It also features a removable and washable tray to make insect disposal and clean-up a breeze.

It works both sitted on a solid surface or when hung up using hooks built on the top of the unit with the chain provided (thanks to its lightweight). On top of flies, it also attracts and kill other flying pests like mosquitoes and moths.

  • Powerful electric grid
  • Coverage of up to 80 feet (more than 6000 sq ft)
  • Easy to clean (with removable & washable tray)
  • No attractants or chemicals needed
  • Protective cage prevents contact by humans or pets
  • Wire chain included (for hanging if needed)
  • Ideal for use in food areas & hospitals
  • Requires electricity & powerpoint

[May: My cousin uses this in the workshop at the back of his house, it surprising what kinds of flying pests you can see. Even tiny pests like fruit fly also gives out a loud zap sound.]

5) Burgess 960 Electric Propane Fogger

This compact and portable propane-powered fogger by Burgess works with both a short style 16.4 oz or tall style 14.1 oz propane cylinder. It is designed for outdoor use where fast results are needed for a wide area of coverage.

It takes effect in less than 10 minutes, killing and repelling flies and other pests within an average of 5,000 square foot. Fogging also keeps them away from the yard for up to 6 hours.

The Burgess 1443 Fogger uses far less chemicals as compared to conventional sprays.

  • Covers wide area fast
  • Works on all pests
  • Compact and portable
  • Propane cylinder sold separately

6) RESCUE! Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap

This disposable fly trap by RESCUE! comes complete with a fast-acting lure included. The attractant is made up of ingredients formulated to be irresistible to flies.

Similar to the fly-be-gone trap, set-up is easy as all we need to do is add water to the formula. Once the lure is activated, flies will be attracted to the scent and easily find their way to the trap and gets trapped and eventually drown inside.

When trap is full, simply dispose the trap and set another up.

  • Cheap and effective
  • Mass killing
  • Long lasting killing
  • Does not use chemical
  • Packaging covers the trapped fly partially
  • Lets off strong odor

Tip: Though non-toxic, the attractant lets off a strong odor. Thus, it is recommended for use outdoors and at least at a 20 feet distance from the living spaces.

>> Bonus

7) BUG-A-SALT 2.0 Fly Killer Gun

The famous Bug-a-salt fly gun offers a fun way to enjoy the disgusting task of getting rid of flies. Its ingenious design mimics a miniature shotgun that uses salt as its ammunition to take down the flying buggers.

It has a pop-up sight indicator to facilitate aiming and increase accuracy and the hand grip is textured for better grip and to help make cocking easier. Any ordinary granulated table salt will work and no batteries are required.

  • Fun and effective
  • No need for batteries
  • Uses any granulated table salt
  • Textured handgrip to facilitate cocking
  • 90 days warranty
  • Not cheap
  • Still requires some cleaning

How to Choose The Best Fly Killer

Fly killing has come a long way. Repellant and killers now come in many forms and design, and one may offer a different set of pros and cons than the other. The question is – how do these features fit into your needs? To further explore your options; here are important factors and features to look into when choosing the best tool for your fly-killing mission.

  1. Killing Method. Some of the most common include disposable traps, electric zappers, sprays, and foggers. Some method requires effort and action in the killing while others are set-and-forget.
  2. Type of Premises. Is it in a more sensitive area (i.e food eatery, hospital) or can you afford to use more lethal options (i.e outdoor, in the yard).
  3. Coverage. How wide do you want the protective coverage to be? Will you need it to take down only flies hovering near you or do you have a very wide area to cover?
  4. Energy and Cost Saving. Does the product come with everything needed? Or is there a need to buy the parts separately? Is it reusable or disposable? In the long run, what parts will need replacing and will you be able to do the replacement yourself? How is it powered and what is the power consumption of the unit?
  5. Ease of Use. Most of these products have been designed for use straight from the box. If there are things to be installed or setup, it should be minimal and straightforward. It should be easy to clean and maintain. Also, check mounting options.
  6. Eco-Friendly. Though created to kill, most of these products are manufactured with consideration to its effect to the environment as well as people using it. If you have pets and kids, choose non-toxic. And make sure to only use the product as recommended.


Dealing with flies is a serious task especially if you have kids in your home to protect. Depending on the fly situation at hand, choosing one fly-killing product might make more sense over the other. For a quick solution in dealing with a handful of flies indoors or outdoors, a zapper racket will do the job.

In an environment where the use of chemical or pesticide based product is not an option, consider an electronic zapper trap for indoor and the fly bait trap for outdoor application. Foggers work best in outdoor area where there’s a need for application to have a wide coverage.

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What’s the fly situation you are facing? Which fly killer option will you be trying? Let us know in the comment section.