Raid Ant Bait Gel Killer Review

Today, we’ll be discussing solutions to rid your house of ants, and we’ll be reviewing a bunch of Raid Ant Killers in details. As one of the leading brands in ant and roach killer products, the Raid’s range of ant killer products constantly make our list of recommendation. Besides reviewing their products, we will also share some of their best ant bait gels.

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What to Look for in an Ant Killer?

They all offer the same package, getting rid of ants fast and a long-lasting action. When it comes to reality, not all ant killers work for all situations.

Here’s what you should look for in your ant killer product.

Ant Type – As a normal person who has zero interest in ants and insects, you probably don’t know what type of ants are invading your house. But actually, knowing their type is the first step to the solution. Here are the most common ant species and how to identify them. You might also want to make sure that what you have is ants, not termites.

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Safety – No matter what type of ant killer you decide you choose, it’ll have some toxicity somehow. Some types are less toxic than others, like gel for example. Protecting your kids and domestic animals (if any) is a priority here, match the product with your safety needs.

Place – Not all ant baits are suitable for all places. In fact, most of them are intended for indoor use. So, make sure that the product you choose works outdoors too, if you want it for that purpose.

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Longevity – This is an essential factor when it comes to which product you choose. Most of ant killer products, especially gel and baits, promise you 3 months of protection. This is true for most cases, sometimes they last longer, even all day long in some situations! Yet, this is not to be taken as a rule. Make sure to replace the baits regularly, twice or thrice a year, depending on your current ‘ant-situation’, and your observation of how well the product works with the type of ants you have.

Ant Baits vs Sprays

When you realize the ants invading your home, you first think of ant repellents, anti-ant sprays, or DIY ones. While they can work temporarily, they’re not the most clever solution. Here’s why:

  • They’re messy and take a lot of effort to clean up.
  • You have to chase ants to direct the spray at them to take action.
  • They’re toxic and hard to keep out of children’s and/or pets’ reach.

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The solution baits provide is smarter and more radical. You start by placing the baits at strategic places where the ants come from, which will, in turn, attract the ants. They’ll feed on the bait and try to carry it to their colonies. No need to worry though, they’ll survive till they reach the colony, in which other ants exist, and they’ll feed on the bait too. Hence, destroying the whole colony. Pretty wicked!

Aiming at the root of the problem instead of temporary fixes is ant bait’s strong suit. Yet, there are a couple of other reasons why it’s the best solution.

  • It’s cost-efficient.
  • It lasts long; around 3 months.
  • It’s odorless.
  • Easy to use and clean.

The odd part would be that you might see more ants when you start using the bait.

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Don’t panic! It’s a normal part of the process, as it targets attracting ants in the first place. Give it some time to work and be transferred into the colony, and you’ll be satisfied.

Best Raid Ant Bait Gel Killer

Let’s get back to real business. Here are 4 astonishing products from Raid, that were handpicked to solve your ant-invasion problem.

1) Raid Ant Gel

Raid Ant Gel works on attacking the ants’ source, rather than randomly catching a bunch of them and killing it. Placing this gel in corners and ants’ entry points will attract ants. If you’re lucky, ants will carry the bait to their hiding place.

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A smart way to use it is to lay it out as a continuous thick line, rather than just a lump. It’ll work better this way, as it’ll be easier for ants to take away chunks of this gel line back to their nests. Thus, affecting more ants. Think strategic. According to the manufacturer, this gel can get rid of Argentine ants, Carpenter ants, Crazy ants, Ghost ants, and Odorous ants. The versatility is definitely a plus.

You don’t want gel residue sitting on your kitchen floor though. After it’s done its work, wipe off gel residue with a wet paper towel to keep the place clean. This shouldn’t be a difficult task, as ants should’ve done most of the work for you!

[May: Don’t make the mistake of mixing ant bait with insecticide as insecticide will deter the ants from coming near the bait to even feed on it]

  •     Easy to use
  •     Odorless
  •     Long-lasting
  •     The gel is a bit watery
  •     Designed for indoor use only

2) Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits

Another interesting product to look at is this Max Double Control Ant Baits pack from Raid.

These are snuggly double baits that will fit nearly anywhere in your house. Using this product, it takes about 10 days to reduce the ant population. However, there’s a major setback; the advertisement shows that the product has an adhesive back to be easily attached to cupboards or so. Yet, the received packages had no adhesives. You can still use external duct tape, though. 

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Reviewers who used the product reported that it worked on carpenter ants, odorous ants, as well as critters. This product would be perfect for mild ant attacks, it won’t be the best choice for large ant colonies. If you’re looking for an on-the-go solution for your ant problem, then this is worth a try!

Note: Avoid contact with skin and clothes.
  •     Hides well in corners
  •     Convenient for occasional ant attacks
  •     Works well in a short time
  •     It’s not self-adhesive
  •     A bit pricey

3) Raid Outdoor Ant Spikes

One of the common complaints about ant killers is that they work indoors only. What about those of us who want to resolve the issue from its source?

Here’s when Raid Outdoor Spikes come in handy. Especially during these summer days when the ant attack is at its peak. Planting these spikes around your house and/or yard will guarantee you an ant-free summer. What you’ll love about these Raid Spikes is their prompt action, reviewers reported seeing a difference after only 2 days!

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Raid Spikes are designed so that they’ll remain intact until the bait goes off, which ideally takes about 3 months. Afterward, you have to replace them. You can place them near your home entrance, in your garage, in flowerpots, in the patio, or around the pool. These spikes are attractive for outdoor animals, and they’ll probably chew on them. Covering the spikes up with bricks or even foil might repel the animals. Placing a pot of flowers on top of them would work too.

  •     Weather-resistant
  •     Fast action
  •     Reasonable price
  •     Not pet-friendly, dogs might chew on them

4) Raid Ant Baits

These baits will lure the antsand then kill them instantly. Wicked, but efficient. They’re suitable for pantries, kitchens, bathrooms, food shelves, and attics. The versatility is something we appreciate.

The whole idea of the bait is that it attracts ants so that they take a portion of it back to their nests, killing other ants in the process. Make sure you place it in places with ‘zero’ traces of insecticides or ant sprays that kill them instantly. This defies the whole purpose of the bait.

If you’re facing a strong ant infestation, it’s better to place all 4 baits at once in different places. The same applies to large areas, for a spacious kitchen, for example, 1 bait won’t suffice. Despite being efficient in getting rid of ants, Raid Baits don’t work instantly. For best results, give them about 5 to 7 days to work, then assess the situation.

  •     Works on a variety of household ants
  •     Works on other insects
  •     Easy to hide and to clean
  •     It takes time to get rid of ants completely
  •     A bit pricey

Wrap Up

We know that choosing the perfect ant killer product can be as hard as trying to kill the ants yourself. Yet if chosen right, it’ll save you a lot of trouble!

There you have it, our top picks for best Raid Ant Gel Killers. Whether you’re looking for a solution tailored for outdoor use like Raid Outdoor Ant Spikes or something that’ll work instantaneously similar to the Raid Ant Gel, we’ve got you covered.

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Go ahead and give these products a try to end that ant colony!