5 Best Ant Killer for Lawns (Updated 2023!)

Ants aren’t as unnerving as mosquitoes and they’re certainly not as gross as cockroaches! They do, however, have the annoying habit of spoiling the lawn and some species have a nasty sting.

In the coming sections, we’ll reveal the best ant killer for lawns. By the end of the article, we’ll talk some more about how ants can harm your lawn and how to eliminate them effectively, so keep reading!

How to Eradicate the Ant Colonies in Your Lawn?

When the ants overstay their welcome in your lawn, here’s what you can do:

Mechanical Methods – Sometimes you just need to scatter the colony by flattening their mounds. This needs a consistent effort to locate and rake the mounds as they appear.

Home Remedies – Spraying the mounds with dish soap and water or sprinkling chili powder are popular DIY tricks. The use of Diatomaceous earth is gaining momentum as well. Don’t sprinkle salt or vinegar on your grass. They tend to dry out your plants and inhibit their growth.

Ant TrapsSome people prefer un-intrusive and chemical-free ways of ant elimination. Ant traps use a powerful toxin to kill the ants, but it remains inside the trap itself. It’s not applied directly to the soil or plants.

Chemical Methods – Resorting to chemical means for eliminating ants usually happens when you have extra-large infestations, or the ant species is too mighty for all the previous methods. There’s a granule variety that you need to water down after application, a powder form that you just apply where needed, and a concentrate that you have to dilute or connect to a hose.

Here’s a roundup of the most effective ant killers for lawns.

1) Ortho Fire Ant Killer

The Ortho fire ant killer is among the big guns of ant control. It’s much more powerful than your regular home remedies or mild ant deterrents and that’s exactly what dealing with fire ants calls for. 

This insecticide comes in a powder form and you only need to apply it on the ant’s mound, it doesn’t need mixing or humidification. You need to be careful around the mound though.

If you make a noise and alert the ants, they’ll carry the queen off to some other hideout. This way she can procreate and they’ll keep the colony going. It’s best to approach softly and apply the powder generously.

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Your lawn should be free from fire ants after the first application the container is sufficient for 54 mounds. 

  •     It’s an effective insecticide
  •     It can kill the queen ant
  •     It stays for a while to repel fire ants
  •     It also eliminates other insects and pests
  •     The powder has an unpleasant smell
  •     It shouldn’t be used near or inside the house
  •     It’s not safe around pets or kids

2) Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer

This Bayer broad-range pesticide targets lawn ants among a host of other garden crawlers. It’s quite diligent, so it doesn’t leave off after the surface insects are exterminated. It actually digs deeper into the soils and follows the pests down there. 

It comes in the form of granules, and the 10-lb pack should cover around 10,000 sq ft for ants, fleas, and ticks. It covers 5000 sq ft for the larger pests like grubs and mole crickets. 

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This product is perfect for lawns, and it’s likely to leave your garden cleaned out of biting and stinging creatures for a while. It’s a powerful pesticide, so it’s best to remove the pet’s food and water bowls when you’re applying it.

  •     It’s a powerful and fast-acting insecticide
  •     It also kills a wide range of garden insects
  •     It kills insects over and under the soil
  •     It remains active after the rain
  •     The pack covers around 5000 sq ft of lawn
  •     It’s moderately priced
  •     It should be kept away from kids and pets
  •     It’s not suitable for fruit trees or edible plants

3) Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

Two features stand out with the Terro Liquid Ant Bait Killer: First, it’s an indoor/outdoor product. It’ll keep your lawn clean, and you wouldn’t need to buy another product for the house.

The second great thing about it is its wide-range extermination capabilities. It can kill about 10 different types of ants including Argentine ants, odorous house ants, and crazy ants.

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It’s also weatherproof as the stations are covered, and they’re not likely to dry out quickly, so they’ll keep attracting and killing ants for a while. They also reach the queen ant through the workers that bring it back to the colony. This thing is thorough. 

  •     It’s a long-lasting ant elimination device
  •     There are 6 prepared stations in the pack
  •     It comes with stakes to fix the stations in place
  •     It’s a weatherproof product
  •     It’s suitable for use inside the house
  •     It’s a budget-friendly solution for eliminating ants
  •     The twist and turn action could be a bit tricky for some users
  •     The chemical inside the traps shouldn’t be around pets or kids

4) Spectracide Triazicide Ant Killer For Lawns & Landscapes

This is a contact type concentrate that you can attach to your hose and start spraying right away. It’s a broad-spectrum product, and you can apply it to the lawn, shrubs, trees, and foliage.

For best results, try to spread this solution around your garden before the insects multiply extensively. Be generous while watering your lawn with Spectracide Triazicide. Don’t stop until you see water falling off the leaves!

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Keep your pets indoors and stay away from the lawn until it dries out. You should also read the instructions carefully to know the best treatment schedule and other safe harvesting information. 

  •     It can eliminate and control ant infestations
  •     It’s supposedly applicable around fruit trees
  •     It’s easy to spread with a hose connection
  •     It can kill more than 260 kinds of insects
  •     It comes with a money-back guarantee
  •     It’s an expensive way to kill ants
  •     It has a strong odor
  •     The safety tabs might come off occasionally

5) Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer Granules (for Soil & Turf)

This Soil and Turf Bayer Advanced Ant Granule Killer is formulated for eliminating lawn insects, but you can use it for building-foundations as well. You can also apply it around buildings to create a buffer area that insects can’t cross.

It’s not recommended to apply it in rainy weather. However, if you do apply it and it rains an hour later, the insecticide will still be intact. You can even water your garden then.

The pack should be sufficient for treating around 5000 sq ft. It usually shows a quick effect, so by the next day, the ant problem should be gone. It’s also long-lasting and the repelling power should last up till 3 months. 

  •     It can terminate the surface insects within 24 hours
  •     The effect of this insecticide remains for 3 months
  •     It’s not too costly
  •     It kills a host of other insects
  •     It’s highly toxic to bees and fish
  •     It shouldn’t be used around trees or other plants

Why Do You Need to Terminate Lawn Ants?

Ants in limited colony sizes shouldn’t be a problem, but here’s what happens when they’re in larger amounts.

  1. They often bite humans and pets.
  2. The sting of some types can warrant a visit to the ER.
  3. The mounds could trip anyone who happens to pass over it.
  4. Some ants build underground colonies that spoil the plants. 
  5. The mounds could interfere with a lawnmower.
  6. Ants usually trek from the lawn to the house.
  7. Having ants around the house is seriously not nice.
  8. Ants often assist the procreation of aphids and other plant-damaging bugs.

Are All Ants Harmful to Your Lawn?

Most ants aren’t villains. The lawn ants especially don’t bite people or pets and generally mind their business. In controlled numbers, ants are beneficial and they could be a useful part of the garden’s ecosystem. They tend to feed on several types of pests, which is a natural scavenging system.

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The constant forays of ants in and out of the soil keep it aerated and free from larvae. Ants are always working, as you might know. Unfortunately, the size of an ant colony could spiral exponentially. If the ants become too comfortable around your lawn then, you might need to start controlling their presence. 

Fire ants are certainly wicked. Fire ant stings are painful, and receiving several bites could warrant a visit to the hospital. Other ants warm their way up to the house, or much on the wooden foundations. This needs prompt action naturally.

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Eradicating ants can be challenging, especially from a large area where kids and pets often play. That’s why Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits is the best ant killer. The grass would stay free from toxins and the ants would eventually disappear. You can use it inside the house as well. It’s weatherproof and budget-friendly, and that’s how it got our top spot.

Some ant colonies are harder to defeat and the ants might not respond effectively to the traps. In this case, you’d need a powerful product like Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes.

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It’s a quick-acting insecticide and it can be sprayed around trees and other plants. It’s also easy to apply by just attaching it to a hose and watering the lawn.