TERRO Ant Killer Reviews (2023 Edition)

In this TERRO Ant Killer Review, we take a look at the range of ant product produced by the company. TERRO produces ant killer products in several version – Ant Spray, Ant Powder Ant Granular and Ant liquid bait (for both indoor and outdoor).

TERRO specialises on Ant Killer product although they also produces products that target other types of crawling and flying pests and insects. They are best known for their liquid ant killer bait formula. In this review, we take a look at their ant killer bait (both indoor and outdoor version), ant granular and their ant dust.

Most of TERRO’s Ant products made it to our list of Best Ant Killer products.

TERRO Liquid Ant Killer Baits Review

This TERRO Liquid Ant Bait is the best type of ant killer by TERRO.

It is a ready-to-use ant bait station that’s pre-filled with liquid ‘ant poison’. Liquid bait is a slow killing ant killer product that works by luring ants to consume it and bring it back to its nest and (hopefully) share it with its peers in the ant colony; hence potentially kills them off.

Some common place to set up bait station includes – at the door, by the window edge, under appliances.

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[May: With ant bait, you will initially see more ants around as they pass the message to consume the bait. This is good and how it’s designed to work.]

Direction – Simple set the the bait stations near any ant trails or where you see lots of ant activities. The baits are also good to be used to stop ants in their tracks when they are heading into your house.

Tip: Set up as many bait station as you can to ensure a sufficient supply for the ant to consume. Resist the temptation to touch bait or interfere with the process.

Tip 2: Place a new bait station every 3 to 4 months once the ant problem has comes under control, this will help keep it that way.

>> Available in these sizes: 2-pack, 3-pack & 6-pack

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  • Easy to set up
  • No contact with bait substance
  • Provides mass killing potential
  • Reach ants you can’t see

TERRO Outdoor Ant Killer Spray

The TERRO Ant Killer Spray features a powerful nozzle that can deliver application from as far as 15 feet away, allowing spray to be applied to hard-to-reach area.

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This product is most effective outdoors during early spring season when the ants emerges from their colony and during the fall season when the ants begin attempting to seek refuge in your house to hide from the coming winter.

On top of ants, it also kills against other pests like spiders and cockroaches. Each treatment also provide continuous barrier.

Note: Be careful when spraying under windy condition.

>> Available in these sizes: 1-pack and 2-pack

  • Instant knockdown
  • Has residual effect
  • Kills other types of pests
  • Far spray reach (10 to 15 ft)
  • Requires re-application after rain

TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits Station

Similar to the TERRO liquid bait station, TERRO has designed a version for outdoor use.  

It’s weatherproof design prevents rain water from entering to dilute the liquid bait content. It’s also designed to prevent the bait from drying out in the hot afternoon, this helps provide a continuous bait supply for the ants to consume throughout the day.

It is most effective on sweet-eating household ant species like the little black ants, argentine ants, odorous house ants, white footed ants and others.

As with the ant bait mentioned earlier, the outdoor version works by attracting ants to consume and carry back the bait to feed and share with the rest of the ants in its colony. Similarly, replace bait station outdoors every 3 months or so to ensure ants level are kept at a minimal.

Direction – Remove bait station from packaging and push down the cup and give it a 1/4 twist. This allows the liquid bait to flow into the reservoir, and the bait station is now ready for placement.

Where to place? – Any outdoor area where ant nest and their trails can be spotted. Use the stakes provided to secure bait station onto the ground, allowing ants to crawl and enter bait station from the top.

>> Available in 1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack and 6-pack

  • Ready-to-use bait station
  • No leak and no mess
  • Weatherproof
  • Stakes provided to secure bait in ground
  • Can also be used outdoor with solid ground

TERRO Granular Ant Killer Plus

The TERRO Granular Ant Killer is designed to be laid around your house vicinity to act as a barrier of entry to ants from outside. On top of ants, it also works on most common pest including fleas and roaches. It kills ants on contact and can provide residual repellency (up to 4 months) that continues to prevent pests from entering the house.

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It comes packaged in a resealable bag that allows easy distribution of the granules around the perimeter of the house without having to use any chemical spreader or such.

Direction – Apply 5 to 10 foot band of granules around the house. After application, lightly wet the granules with water.

Tip: During dry season, consider using DE (Diatomaceous earth) as it is slightly more effective. That said, the granular version is great for wet season.

[May: As with any pest treatment, it is best to start applying treatment to the foundation when you first spotted ant activities. Be sure to also remove dead leaves from the foundation area and push vegetation further away from your house foundation.]

  • Kills ants and other common pests
  • Fast killing action
  • Remains active for weeks (lasting residual control)
  • No liquid applier needed

TERRO Ant Killer Dust

The TERRO Ant Killer Dust is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Dust application is most ideal for treating narrow gaps and areas like in crack and crevice in wall and floor.

This waterproof dust kills most common ants and other pests on contact and provides up to 8 months of effective contact after each application.

For Indoor Use – Apply evenly and lightly directly from the shaker can container or use duster (or any brush) to apply to small cracks and crevices. Apply dust along the ant trails, around spots where ants can enter the house (i.e. at the door, along the windows). Other areas include around electrical appliances, along the baseboards, cabinets and others.

For Outdoor Use –  Apply thoroughly and evenly outside, along the windows and doors. Other ideal areas include the garage, under the stairway, porches, patios and other outdoor areas where ants or other pests are like to hide. To treat ant mounds, sprinkle about 1 tablespoon over the entrance of the mound (Note: Do not pour water or anything else in).

  • Kills on contact
  • Up to 8 months of residual control
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal to reach narrow space
  • Works both indoors and outdoors

Final Thoughts

Most of these products can be used in conjunction with each other. That said, it’s good to read and know how each ant killer product works and to use each type to complement each other (i.e. don’t use ant spray in conjunction with ant bait as that will keep the ants away and prevent them from taking the bait).

As with pest product, we strongly recommend to switch between brands from time to time even if they proof to be effective. This will prevent the ants from building immunity to the brand’s formula and content. This will also prevent ants from learning about each product/brand and to prevent it the next time they come into contact with it.

Where possible, it’s a good practice to get the minimum quantity of each brand if you have no prior success using it.

Have you tried the Ant Killer Product by TERRO before? Which version of the application are you more likely to try out? Feel free to leave a comment to share with us.