4 Best Ant Farm

Here are the Best Ant Farms available in the market for educational, learning as well as hobby or pastime.

Today’s post is unlike our usual articles that focus on getting rid of ants and other pests. We’ve decided to put this together after receiving requests from a few readers and did some YouTube research to find that there are actually quite a few positive effects of starting an ant farm. [May: my nephew actually raise ants as a hobby and has an extensive ant farm at home].

If you have always been fascinated with insects, or have caught a few ants at home and would like to give ant farm a shot, either for fun or for education purposes, we would say go ahead.

Starting an ant farm with your kids can also add tons of fun and some quality time together. In the process, both you and your kids might just learn much more about these hardworking tiny little insects.

Tip: Keep the ants calm by placing them in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer) for about 10 mins prior to adding them to your kit.

1Ant-Cosmo Blue Gel Ant Farm by Evviva Science Check Price
2Sand Anthill Ant Farm BIG – By Anthouse Check Price
3Sand Formicarium Ant Farm L – By Anthouse Check Price
4Sand Educational Ant Farm Basic – By Anthouse Check Price

Ant-Cosmo Blue Gel Ant Farm by Evviva Science (with LED Light)

The Ant-Cosmo Blue Gel Ant Farm by Evviva Science features glowing LED lights that not only beautifies the ant farm but also encourages your ants to dig further. It also increases visibility when you and your kids are observing the ants.

Each purchase comes with a cool magnifying glass to help observe the ants at work and a little stick to help ants to start digging.

The container is made of clear acrylic which allows visibility. It has a lid with a vent and comes filled with clear blue gel that serves as the nutrition and hydration for the ants. The enhanced nutrients in the blue gel help the ants live longer and encourages them to dig more elaborate tunnels.

The cord and the base can be detached for easy transporting (Kids will easily to take to school for show and tell).

Evvival offers 100% Money back Guarantee or Replacement of the farm.

  • Transparent gel for clear observation
  • Magnifying glass included
  • LED light design
  • Free educational e-book
  • Money back guarantee
  • Ants not included
  • Not designed for ants to start a real colony

Tip: It will take a couple of days before the ants start tunneling, use the stick provided to poke a few starter tunnels to help jump start.

Big Sand Anthill Ant Farm – By Anthouse

The BIG Anthouse Acrylic Start kit is features an acrylic tank that comes with everything needed to get started in the world of ants. It features a separation as it’s backdrop where the ants build tunnels and live. The set-up comes with an acrylic cover as well.

The main area is designed for landscaping, and is the playground for which food can be placed. The area can be decorated with extra sand, little plant or stones/ rocks.

Each purchase comes with 1 tank (30x15x10 cm), 1 acrylic cover, 1 pack of Sand and Clay mixture for the backdrop where the ants live (300g), 1 pack of sand for decoration (50g), 1 pack of stone granules for the landscaping (50g), a plastic pipette, a feeder, a water dispenser and a pack of syrup for food and protein (10g).

  • All in one pack (except ants)
  • Natural and ecological
  • Real ant’s nest
  • Suitable for breeding of ants
  • No ants are included

Sand Formicarium Ant Farm L – By Anthouse

Similar to the previous artfarm by Anthouse, the Sand Ant Farm L is an acrylic tank that focuses more on the living backdrop space of the ants.

This kit is ideal for raising of ants with its queen, and also comes with everything you need to get started.

Each purchase comes with: 1 Acrylic sandwich (25x20x1cm), 1 Acrylic box with lid (18x25x10cm), 1 pack of mixture of sand and clay (500g), 1 pack of stone granules as decoration of the box (50g), 1 Plastic pipette, 1 Trough for food placement, 1 Water trough, 1 pack of liquid protein syrup as food (10ml) and 1 pack of sand for the base (50g).

  • See real anthill
  • Comes with everything (other than live ants)
  • Natural and Ecological
  • No ants are included

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Sand Educational Ant Farm Basic – By Anthouse

This is another beautiful set-up by Anthouse. The Anthouse Basic is formed by an acrylic backbox (where the ants build its nest) and a separate foraging box connected by a tube. The front area is where ants can surface to do activities and it’s where the food is placed.

Each purchase contains: 1 acrylic back sandwich box (15x10x1cm), 1 acrylic  box with lid (18x10x5cm) 1 pack of mixture of sand and clay (250g), 1 pack of stone granules for decoration (50g), 1 plastic pipette, 1 trough, 1 pack of protein syrup for food (10ml) and 1 pack of sand for decoration (50g).

  • Natural and Eco
  • All in one to get started
  • Ants are not included

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Final thoughts

There are many types of ant farms in the market. Some of which is purely for short-term observation as well as study. These are usually made with man-made gel (like the Ant-Cosmo by Evviva Science) and is not designed for ant colony building or expansion. If you are looking to get something for your kids to play with where you know there will not be a long term commitment to it, these are the ones to go for.

The other type of ant farms are the ones that allow ants to build a full colony, where there are real sand and materials involved for the colony to work and function in the long term (do note that these usually require time, effort and more reading for knowledge). If you are certain about start something as a side hobby where you and your kids have something in common to nurture and observe, these ant farms will be your choice.

Are you currently farming any ant colony at home? Do you like it? Is it a lot of on-going maintenance work? Feel free to leave a comment to share with us.

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