What Do Ants Eat? – Diet of Ants

Every wondered what do ants eat? Just like humans, different ant species have specific eating habits. They have mastered the seasons and are able to trek long distances to find food and store some for future use. There are over 12,000 ant species around the world. While they feed on a large range of foods, …

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How To Detect Bed Bugs

This article features some of the ways to detect bed bugs at home or other places like in the hotel. These inspection tips seek to help avoid any initial conditions from expanding into more severe bed bug problem. When it comes to bed bug detection, there are basically three options: 1) Engage an exterminator or …

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Best Weep Hole Covers

This article features the best weep hole covers to be used in and out of the house to help block out rodents and other annoying pest. What are weep holes? Weep holes are little pockets of holes seen usually at the bottom of buildings that are designed to vent moisture and ensure the integrity of …

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