Fly Diet – What Do Flies Eat?

Have you ever wondered what do flies feed on? Do flies have any food preferences? Is there anything that flies do not eat? Before going in depth on what do flies eat, we need to know that there are about 120,000 species of flies worldwide. Generally, flies are attracted to decaying organic items which includes …

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8 Best Mosquito Repellent Patch Stickers (2019 edition)

In this best mosquito repellent patch review round-up, we’ve listed some of the best mosquito mosquito stickers made with natural ingredient content that is Deet-free. Like the mosquito bracelet, the mosquito sticky patch (also known as mosquito repellent tape) is fast gaining popularity thanks to its ease of use (simply paste on clothes) without having …

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5 Best Roach Fogger & Bomb

Here’s a round-up of the best roach fogger and best roach bomb to help provide a mass cockroach killing at home. When used with other roach control methods, fogger can help speed up the process of getting rid of roaches at home. A roach fogger (also known as roach bomb) works by spraying fine pesticide …

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