Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs?

Lysol is one of the household names in the cleaning and disinfecting product category not just in the US but also internationally. Their products are EPA tested to kill SARS and COVID-19 virus on hard and non-porous surfaces in 2 minutes duration.

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Yes, Lysol is able to kill bed bugs on contact.

How Does Lysol Actually Kill Bed Bugs?

Lysol’s disinfectant spray uses Ethanol as its active ingredient while its stronger products like he Professional Lysol Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner and Lysol Power & Fresh Multi-Surface Cleaner contain Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride.

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All of the above-mentioned active ingredients are very strong chemicals and are able to degrade the outer layer of bed bugs on contact, killing them almost instantly.

Advantages Of Using Lysol Products To Kill Bed Bugs

  • They are usually readily available at home and can be bought almost anywhere. From supermarkets to drug stores, hardware to your local minimarts. 
  • They are effective against both adult bugs and eggs.
  • They not only get rid of bed bugs but will also remove bacteria and viruses along the way.

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How To Use Lysol Against Bed Bugs

  1. Identify the area where bed bugs are present. This can be done with the help of UV torch and magnifying glass. Look out of blood and black/dark brown like dots that’s actually bed bug’s faeces.
  2. Make sure that the room is well ventilated before applying.
  3. Shake the aerosol bottle or mixture well before spraying on the bed bugs directly.
  4. If you are using wipes or mixture, go ahead and wet the cloth and wipe it directly on the bed bugs.
  5. During the process, some bed bugs could escape. Placing some bed bug interceptors at the legs of the bed frame will be helpful.
  6. Once done, it will be good to go through the mattress or treatment area with a Vacuum.

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Some Things To Note When Using Lysol Against Bed Bugs

As with most chemical based disinfectants, prolonged exposure may lead to eye irritation, sensitive skin or may even result in more long term consequence due to inhaling the chemicals. As such, it is wise to always wear a mask and a pair of gloves during treatment. A pair of goggle will be helpful as well.

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If you’re allergic to fragrances then some of the Lysol products may cause slight irritation as well as they make up quite a big part of their product’s content. Also try to allow ventilation in the treatment area and avoid spraying product onto your skin or other sensitive areas like the eye and mouth.

The active ingredients in Lysol could also cause damage to the surfaces around the house like wood etc. Hence do make an effort to read the instructions prior to starting treatment and pay more attention when treating these surfaces. Lastly, do keep food away or ensure they are covered.

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Other Effective Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

Lysol may be a readily available option when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs at home. That said, you can increase the chance and effectiveness of the treatment with these methods as well:

Bed Bug Products – If possible, we always recommend getting a commercial product designed specifically to get rid of the pest you are dealing with. In this case, bed bug products come in many forms and the more popular ones are bed bug sprays, bed bug powders, and bed bug traps. >> Related: Best Bed Bug Killers

Vacuum – Vacuum is an effective way to pick up any bed bugs that you may have missed during a treatment. >> Related: Best Bed Bug Vacuums

Steamer – Another commonly used product against bed bugs is the steamer. It works by killing bed bugs and their eggs using the hot air or steam produced. >> Also read: Best Bed Bug Steamers

Professionals – If the infestation is out of control, then engaging a professional might just be the best option for you. Engaging professionals not only saves time but also saves a lot of effort required on your end (i.e. to research, the prepare, to check and identify, to treat and to clean up after).

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Final Thoughts

Lysol is effective for bed bugs and it can be more effective when used together with other bed bug treatments. Once you do get rid of the bed bug issues, consider preventive measures like the use of bed bug mattress encasements and bed bug interceptors. These will not only help prevent the next wave of infestation, they also provide a better peace of mind and serve as early detectors for any possible future bed bug attacks.