Best Bed Bug Detectors (Updated 2021)

This article features some of the best bed bug detectors in the market to help detect these little nasty pest. The most accurate way to confirm that there’s bed bugs at home is to actually catch one. Being one of the tiniest common pest at home, bed bugs can be pretty tricky to detect simply using the naked eyes. These listed tools can help aid in the task of detecting these nasty bugs quicker and easier.

1Escolite UV Flashlight 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Bed Bug Detector Check Price
2TaoTronics Black Light UV Flashlight Bed Bug Detector Check Price
3ClimbUp Bed Bug Interceptor Check Price
4Ortho Defense Max Bed Bug Detect & Trap System Check Price

Do note that detecting bed bugs is only the first step, once identified, proceed to plan out how to get rid of bed bugs.

Escolite UV Flashlight 51 LED Ultraviolet Bed Bug Detector

The Ultraviolet light by Escolite is a powerful handheld blacklight that offers both strength and economy into one compact design.

It works using 3 x AA standard Alkaline Battery (sold separately) and can emit up to 395 nanometer wavelength.

This large 51 UV LED flashlight can emit a strong 395nm wavelength covering a large area of at least 6 feet away.

On top of detecting bed bugs (pest control), it’s also perfect for revealing of pet stains (i.e urine) at home or at a hotel room.

  • Compact & quality design
  • Made with aluminum body
  • Large head with 51 LED
  • Covers a wide area
  • Up to 395 nanometer wavelength

How it works – UV lights basically reflect off of any substance that contains Phosphor. Do note that it is not the purple light at work here but the invisible UV waves.

Note: UV lights is technically a radiation with lower frequency than X-rays. Hence never shine them directly into the eyes.

Tips: It’s a good habit to remove the battery from the flashlight if you know it will not be used for a long time.

[May: My husband can never lie on the carpet again knowing where the invisible stains are.]

TaoTronics UV Flashlight Detector for Bed Bugs

The TaoTronics UV flashlight not only works effectively to detect and spot bed bugs, they can also be used to detect food and dried urine stains around the house that are hard to be seen by our naked eyes. Some users also use it to authenticate notes and important documents like passports.

It features 51 durable LEDs that have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Its compact size and design also allows easy carrying around.

Every purchase comes with a pair of safety UV glasses and 3 AAA batteries to go.

May: UV light works best in dark environment, hence be sure to minimise any light sources.

  • Comes with UV safety glass & batteries
  • Durable LED
  • Pocket-size

ClimbUp Bed Bug Interceptor

The ClimbUp bed bug trap is an easy to use interceptor system that provides early detection of bed bugs. It can also help determine whether there’s still presence of bed bugs after treatment of a furniture.

The design features dual-well that helps determine the direction where the bed bugs come from (from the furniture or from the floor).

How it works: The outer well traps bed bugs coming from the floor while the inner well traps bed bugs escaping from the furniture.

They are pesticide-free and can fit all types of furniture with ‘legs’ of 375 diameter or less. Each purchase includes 4 interceptors.

  • Provides early detection
  • Works on any furnitures (as long they have ‘legs’)
  • Pesticides-free
  • Set-and-forget
  • Made in USA
  • Provides a peace of mind
  • Not ideal for furnitures with no legs
  • Still possibilities that trapped bed bug can climb back (see tip below)

Tip: Apply bed bug Insecticide dust/ powder to kill trapped bugs.

Note: If trap is used on soft surface (ie carpet), place something solid under the trap to prevent breaking it.

[May: On top of acting as a monitoring device, they also helps provides a barrier between the floor and your furniture.]

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Ortho Defense Max Bed Bug Detect and Trap System

The Ortho Home Defense MAX Bed Bug Trap is part of their 3-step bed bug solution system. Similar to an interceptor, this bed bug trap catches bed bugs that crawl into it. 

Every purchase comes in a pack of 2 bed bug traps that are tested to be 3 times more effective than their previous trap version and uses a lure to speed up the trapping process.

It is best to set both traps simultaneously to increase the effectiveness. 

  • Portable for traveling
  • Trusted brand

Final thoughts

It is very likely that the very first signs of bed bugs would be seeing blood stains on the bed sheets due to the bites caused by these nasty little pests.

Upon suspecting, use one of these tools mentioned to try and catch one. The best way to confirm presence of bed bugs is still to actually catch one.

Depending on the bed bug infestation level, choose one of these bed bug killers or consider engaging professionals for help.

Are you facing bed bug issues at home? Have you tried using any of these methods mentioned in this article? Leave a comment to share with us.