Best Bed Bug Traps 2023

In this article, we have put together some of the best bed bug traps and interceptors to add along your array of tools in battling bed bugs.

While bed bug sticky traps that are designed to trap bed bugs for killing, bed bug interceptors are designed to help monitor as well as detect where bed bugs are present (or if they are still around after a treatment). Most importantly, it also provides a barrier between the floor and the bed, as bed bugs can’t jump or fly.

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1Trapper Bed Bug Insect Trap Check Price
2Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap Check Price
3Trapper Max Glue Boards Trap Check Price
4Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Trap Check Price
5LightsOut Chemical-free Reusable Bedbug Detector Trap Check Price

Why Bed Bug Traps?

Bed bugs are often hard to spot and move around only when humans are in their inactive state (i.e sleeping). Bed bugs are not able to fly or jump long distances and usually only crawls around. Hence bed bug traps are an effective and economical method to intercept them.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using bed bug traps:

Pros of using Bed Bug Powder
  • Easy to use & set-up
  • Non-toxic & chemical-free
  • Good preventive option
  • Glue traps also works on other pests
Cons of using Bed Bug Powder
  • Not as effective as other bed bug killers
  • Interceptor trap might crack on weight of furniture

Trapper Bed Bug Insect Trap

Trapper Insect Trap

The Trapper bed bug glue trap is a non-poisonous and features impressively strong glue adhesive that last for weeks (and does not dry).

The cardboard trap can be used undivided as a large trap or can easily be separated into three smaller traps (Each purchase comes with 30 boards that can be separated into 90 traps by tearing along the perforated lines).

It allows recording of the set-up date on the trap and has optional peel n’ stick strip on the bottom to help the trap stays in place (May: we usually don’t use this).

  • Easy to setup and install
  • Strong glue adhesive
  • Good longevity
  • Traps other pests as well (i.e spider, cockroach)
  • Optional glue strip on bottom
  • Tough to peel off clear film over the glue
  • Adhesive backing does not stick to all surfaces
  • Not always easy to separate traps

Tip: Placement is key, take some time to find hot spots and place traps directly in paths of travel (usually along walls).

Note: Tear on the dotted lines instead cutting to separate the boards (to avoid glue sticking on scissors).

Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap

The ClimbUp bed bug interceptor trap is an easy-to-use monitoring system that helps in the early detection of bed bug infestations. It also helps determine which furniture is still infested after treatment.

Its dual-well design allows users to determine which direction the bed bugs come from (see below)

  • How it works: Bed bugs approaching the furniture from outside gets trapped in the outer well while bed bugs escaping from the furniture get trapped in the inner well.

Each purchase comes with 4 interceptors that are pesticide-free and fits all furniture with ‘legs’ of 375 in diameter or less.

  • Helps monitor and detect bed bugs
  • Works on any furnitures with legs
  • Free of pesticides
  • Easy to use
  • Made in USA
  • Helps sleep a little better at night
  • Not ideal for furnitures with no legs
  • Not exactly a bed bug killer
  • Chances that trapped bug might climb back (see tip below)

Tip: Apply some CimeXa Insecticide Dust to kill trapped bugs.

Note: When used on carpet, place something below to prevent breaking trap.

[May: Monitoring devices are useful for confirming the presence of bed bugs where a visual inspection cannot. It also provides a barrier between the floor and the furniture – as bed bugs can’t jump or fly.]

Trapper Max Glue Boards Trap

The Trapper Max Glue Boards Trap is another non-toxic trap that catches rodents and other pests.

What separates this trap from others is that it can be used folded or flat.

Each purchase comes with a set of 6 traps. The whole trap is 5.25″x 7.75″ while the glue covered surface measures 4.5″x 6.5″.

  • Non-toxic
  • Can be used as flat or folded
  • Strong glue adhesive

>> Available in these packages: 6 Traps, 12 Traps & 72 Traps

Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Trap (2-Pack)

Brand: Ortho

The Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Trap features a scientifically proven and patented pheromone attractant that is guaranteed to lure bed bugs from their hiding places in under an hour.

  • To set up: 1) Remove paper from glue card & attach to bottom of trap, 2) Push down on the button until you hear a click (which releases the pheromones), 3) Place trap near where bed bugs are suspected.

It lasts quite long (even after 4-5 days) and Ortho offers money-back guarantee for this trap.

  • Quick to see results
  • Comes with attractant lures
  • Pesticide free
  • Easy to use
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Have slight scent due to attractant
  • More costly than usual cardboard & glue trap
  • Tip: Suggest peeling off sticker on the transparent window to allow easy viewing of trapped pest (if any).

Note: Avoid holding the transparent window when setting up, to avoid shutting trap accidentally.

[May: This is an ideal trap if you wish to find out quickly whether there’s bed bugs at home, or if there’s any more bed bugs left after treatment.]

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LightsOut Chemical-free Reusable Bedbug Detector Trap (4-Pack)

Similar to the ClimbUp interceptor trap, LightsOut is designed to detect the presence of bed bugs in a structure and intercept bed bugs as they move up furnitures in search of blood.

It features a textured exterior to facilitate climbing up the trap, an ultra-smooth inner walls to prevent trapped bed bugs from escaping, and fits furniture or bed posts of up to 3.75″ diameter.

This powder-less and talc-free interception device is made with durable, reinforced center and stability guards.

  • Pesticide-free & talc-free
  • Resistant to cracking
  • Ultra-smooth inner walls
  • Doesn’t fit some bedpost diameter

>> Bonus

DIY Bed Bug Trap

If you wish to save some bucks, try using simple items at home to make your own DIY bed bug traps.

To set up: Simply attach duck tape around the bottom of the bed ‘legs’. The bed bugs will get stuck when they try to sneak up the bed.


Bed bug traps and interceptors are best used as part of a bed bug treatment plan. They are ideal for initial level as well as on-going monitoring and maintenance purposes.

For urgent bed bugs situation, try some of these bed bug killing methods. Depending on severity as well as degree of problem, you likely need to use more than one solution as well as other ongoing measures like the bed bug traps and interceptors mentioned in this article (and bed bug mattress and pillow protector covers).

Now over to you… Have you tried any of these bed bug traps? Will you give them a try?