Can Fleas Bite Through Clothes?

Fleas live by feeding on the blood of mammals and birds. These pests may even pass on diseases as they bite their prey. Fleas are responsible for a number of conditions like flea-borne fevers, typhus, and cat’s scratch fever.

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Yes, it is possible for fleas to bite through thin clothes (i.e.lace, silk) , but not so much through thick or layers of clothes (i.e. denim). That said, they will usually make their way to have direct contact with your kin by entering openings and holes in clothing.

How Do Fleas Get On Your Clothes?

There are many ways on how fleas can land on your clothes. Your pet cat or dog may catch on fleas and move them into your home from outside and eventually onto you. You yourself might have caught them from outside as well when you move around in the garden or garage.

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Clothes To Wear When Dealing With Fleas

Clothes that can cover all surfaces of your body would be the most ideal. Long sleeve top, long bottom, socks, covered shoes and gloves. Opt for thicker material like denim jeans and oxford shirts for example.

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Thick socks are also a preferred choice where the hem pants should ideally be tucked under the socks. Also, check your clothes for any holes as they can be easy access points to bite you.

How To Keep Fleas Off Your Clothes

Your clothes are a good way to provide a layer of protection between you and the blood-sucking fleas. Long and thick clothes that cover all skin surfaces are effective in preventing flea bites, they might not always be ideal as it can be quite hot to be wearing all covered clothing, especially when you are doing chores or requires to move around.

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The most effective way to keep fleas off your clothes would be to apply flea repellent products (i.e. sprays). Most flea repellents contain effective active ingredients such as permethrin to deter fleas from getting on your clothes. Each treatment with flea repellent sprays can also provide up to 2 weeks of protection even after wash.

Applications are usually by spraying treatment over your clothes until they are moist, before letting the clothing dry for several hours. The good thing about permethrin base flea treatment is that it won’t stain clothes or damage the materials, unlike stronger chemicals like DEET. 

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Permethrin is effective as this active ingredient works by attacking the flea’s nervous system and thus causing spasms. This is a very potent toxin that can actually work on all kinds of pests other than fleas.

Final Thoughts

If you know that you will be visiting outdoor or indoor areas where there might be presence of fleas, do remember to remove your clothes as soon as you get home and put them to wash. This prevents any possibility of them jumping off and infesting the rest of your house.