Where Do Fleas Come From

Ever wonder where do Fleas come from? Especially when you have been living in a flea-free environment for years before suddenly come facing with a flea situation in your house or outside in the yard.

It is also puzzling for individuals who does not own any pets, or own pets that do not leave the house to go outdoor, to see and spot fleas in their house.

[May: Be sure to check out the video at the end of the article for an easy illustration.]

Where Do Fleas Live?

One common belief is that fleas love to jump and move from one animal host to another. The truth is, most fleas actually prefers to stay on the same host (until they have been dealt with of course).

Besides staying on their host, new flea eggs might also be laid in carpets (sometimes, they could have fallen off the host). The eggs will develop into pupil within days, inside the carpet or whatever is the nesting spot, but the flea will not emerge until it can sense a host nearby (usually pet dog or cat).

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Where Do Fleas Live Outside?

Flea situations at home usually begin from outside. Similar to what was shared earlier, they usually develop from eggs to larvae, and not leave the cocoon until a pet or human host in close proximity for them to jump on.

Developing fleas are more vulnerable in outdoor area that’s extremely hot or extremely wet (like in flooded area or under heavy rain conditions). As such, outdoor fleas are usually found in shady area with tall grass or fallen leaves.

Even more so if the outdoor spots have host for them to feed on – like a human sitting area or a dog house.

Sidenote – Other than humans and pets, other wildlife animals like the rabbits, squirrels, deers, raccoons, sheeps and even other poultry are vulnerable to be attached by fleas. Fleas don’t actually have preference on the type of animal to host on.

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How Do Fleas Get From Outside To Indoor?

In the above scenario where fleas developed and jump onto your pet dog or cat can simply be brought in by the pet itself. Once in, the flea reproduces eggs on your pet which eventually develops into adults. The eggs might also fell off your pet in the house, where they develop and grow into adults before jumping onto another host.

[May: This is why it’s always good to wash your pet when they enter the house. Especially so, before allowing them to get onto the sofa, couch or bed.]

It is also possible for Humans to become carriers of fleas. Fleas achieve that by riding on shoes or even the socks or backpack. Most likely when we happen to walk around an infested area outdoors or in.

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Here’s a simple video that illustrates the cycle of how and where fleas actually comes from:

Final Thoughts

In summary, fleas operate by first establishing a host before deciding to hatch and spend their life in. Hence, wherever the host goes, the fleas will be there as well. The flea living on the host will typically deposit their eggs on the host, allowing them to develop and grow on the skin, hidden in the fur of the host.

For flea eggs that’s not originally hatched on a host, they will usually jump on a nearby host upon reaching their adulthood.

Have you had experience where you house was flea-free for year until suddenly the fleas decided to show up? Did you eventually figured out the root cause? Are the flea situation under control now? Leave a comment to share with us.