6 Best Flea Carpet & Rug Spray (2023 Edition)

Here are the top Flea carpet spray to help in your battle against the nasty suckers. Generally, fleas hidden in carpets and rugs are much tougher to get rid of than fleas living on a host like your pet dog and cat, and even on humans.

Here are some scary statistic..

For every single flea spotted either around the house or outside, there are at least 100 more fleas around. What’s worse, among the great number, Only about 5% of the fleas are in the adult stage. 10% of them are turning to adult (pupil stage), 35% in the larvae stage, and 50% are flea eggs.

Since we know that only adult fleas spends their entire lifespan on their host, the remaining of the fleas are hidden elsewhere during their pre-adult stage. Hence should you spot or find a single flea on your carpet, rug or other upholstery furnitures, you can bet that there are many more hiding around.

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1) Virbac Knockout Flea Carpet Spray

The Virbac Knockout E.S. Aerosol Carpet Flea Spray provides killing on fleas and ticks hidden in carpets, wooden floor gaps, floor cracks, dogs and cat beddings, rugs and other upholstery of furnitures.

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On top of killing adult fleas, each treatment also prevents new flea infestation for up to 7 months. The spray does takes time to dry after applying. Open the window to help with ventilation.

Tip: When treating carpet in a room, use a rolled towel to cover the gap at the bottom of the door to help give that extra knockout.
  • One can of spray treats up to 2,100 sq ft
  • Last up to 7 months after treatment
  • Cause no stains if used as directed
  • No unpleasant smells
  • No stickiness

2) Adams Plus Flea & Tick Carpet Spray

This Flea & Tick Carpet Spray by Adams Plus features a formula which contains Insect Growth Regulator (also known as IGR) and other ingredients that targets fleas of all lifecycle stages. It kills fully grown fleas, flea eggs and stops the development of flea larvae. The spray formula is designed to penetrate into carpets, rugs, furniture, cushion for pets and more.

On top of fleas and ticks, it also kills other common pests like roaches, spiders, carpet beetles, silverfish and more. Each spray can is able to cover up to 2,000 sq ft of carpet area; and one application can provide up to 7 months of protection.

  • Kills fleas in all stages of their lifecycle.
  • Also kills ticks and other common pests
  • Each can covers up to 2,000 sq ft
  • Up to 7 months protection
  • Leaves no odor and stains
  • Does not cause discolouration

3) Raid Flea Killer Plus Room & Carpet Spray

The Raid Flea Killer Plus Spray is formulated to destroy both flea hatchings and adult fleas. This product uses a combination of pyrethrins and tetramethrin among many other flea killing ingredients.

Each application can provide up to 4 months of flea protection. This carpet and room flea spray is designed for use on upholsteries, carpets and other furnitures in your room.

The nozzle of the spray is wide angle, enabling spraying and application to be really easy. The spray also works when applying upside down.

Direction – When treating carpets, hold spray about 2.5 feet away from and apply treatment upside down.

  • Kills adult fleas and flea hatchlings
  • Up to 4 months of protection
  • Wide-angle nozzle design
  • Also works when spray is upside down
  • Does have a slight odor

4) Zodiac Upholstery & Carpet Flea Aerosol Spray

The Upholstery & Carpet Flea Spray by Zodiac is formulated to effectively breaks the flea life cycle. It provides fast killing action on flea and ticks, including flea eggs and larvae.

Thanks to its water-base formula, the spray does not leave stains or sticky residue after application. There’s also no awful odor.

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Works on kills ticks and fleas of all lifecycle
  • Water-based formula
  • Does not leave smelly odor or stains
  • Does have chemical smell

5) SENTRY Flea & Tick Home & Carpet Spray

The Sentry Home and Carpet Flea Killer Spray provides up to 200 days of killing effect of fleas eggs and larvae, as well as adult fleas and ticks.

What’s unique about this home and carpet flea spray is that it features a special deodorizing formula that gets rid of odors in carpet, upholstered walls, rugs and any upholstered furnitures.

The spray nozzle produces a mist output (instead of a jet-type) which allows for ease of application on your carpet and other furnitures.

[May: There is a strong smell during application for this product, but the smell will be gone as soon as treatment sets.]

  • Kills fleas of all life stages
  • Kills within 24 hours
  • Up to 200 days of reinfestation control
  • Eliminates odor

6) Durvet No-Bite Flea & Tick House & Carpet Spray (with IGR)

The No-Bite Flea & Tick House & Carpet Spray by Durvet is an indoor spray designed to kill both fully grown and pre-adult flea and tick.

Each application can provide up to 4 months of killing protection. The spray is designed to reach into rugs, carpets, cracks in the floor, drapes and even pet beddings, to kill fleas and ticks on contact.

  • Kills both fleas and ticks
  • Up to 4 months of flea protection
  • Strong chemical smell

After treating your carpet with the flea carpet spray, either use a vacuum to suck up the dead bodies (including unhatched ones still in their cocoon), or send carpet for wash. That said, if send for wash, carpet will lose the flea control effect.

Note: If you chose to vacuum, be sure to wash the container or dispose the paper dust bag.

Warning: As with any spray products, always try to wear a mask protection of sort during treatment.

Final thoughts

One of the biggest challenge when it comes to dealing with fleas hidden in the carpet is that they are usually in their pre-adult stage (i.e hidden in their cocoon before emerging when they spot a host to live in). Most sprays are usually unable to penetrate the cocoon to reach the fleas in the pupil stage.

As with other flea killer product, the carpet flea spray should be used in conjunction with other types of flea and tick control products. Once the first flea is spotted, be sure to pay extra attention and take extra precaution to control and keep them away.

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Have you experienced getting flea and tick on your rug or carpet? Have using carpet spray to get rid of flea? Please leave a comment to share with the committee.