Advantage Flea Treatment Reviews

This is a review of the Advantage Flea Treatment by Bayer. The Advantage’s range of products is designed to treat and protect your pet dogs and cats against fleas, ticks and even chewing lice.

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Both the Advantage II for Dogs and Advantage II for Cats contains the same treatment formula (Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen). One attacks the flea’s nervous system, paralysing and eventually killing it, while the other kills and controls the development of pre-adult flea (i.e Larvae and eggs).

Side note – Flea infestation in a pet’s environment usually consist of around 5% adult fleas and 95% immature flea life stages that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

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Bayer Advantage II Flea Treatment (for Cats & Dogs)

The Advantage ll Flea Treatment by Bayer provides fast killing on fully grown fleas and works on various stages of the flea’s life cycle to rid flea infestations. It contains ingredient that stops fleas biting within 3 to 5 mins of application and kills both fully-grown fleas and their larvae within 20 mins.

The Advantage ll kills fleas on contact where flea does not have to bite dogs for treatment to work (unlike oral flea medications that requires the fleas to ingest the treatment before they are killed). This prevents suffering from painful bites and reduce further risk of Flea allergy outbreaks.

On top of fleas and ticks, Advantage is also formulated to control lice. It is an easy-to-use treatment that’s applied monthly.

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Key Features:
  • Water resistant
  • Ease of application
  • Kills on contact
  • Works on multiple flea life stages
  • Odorless & Fragrance-free
  • Only need to reapply once a month
  • Stops biting within 5 mins of application
  • Kills adult fleas within 1 hour of application
  • Safe to use on pregnant & lactating dogs
  • Safe for all ages of dogs and puppies
  • Also treats and controls lice

Choose Your Dog Size:

Choose Your Cat Size:

Application Directions

1) Open package and remove the treatment tube, 2) Hold tube upright (away from you and your pet’s face) and open the tube by pulling the cap off, 3) Reverse the cap and twist cap back to the opening of the tube to break the seal.

For dog below 25 kg – Part the dog fur between its shoulder blades and squeeze tube to apply treatment directly to the skin.

For dog above 25 kg – Divide the treatment dosage into three, with one between the shoulder blades, one around the hip area and one in between.

For cat – Part the hair at the base of its skull and apply treatment by squeezing it directly onto its skin (see video for more).

[May: My friend actually buys the dosage for extra-large dogs and split it among his smaller dogs. He treats his dog with a smaller amount using a syringe to ensure the correct amount and stores the rest in a jar for future treatments. That said, if you are unsure, please just purchase the correct version based on your pet’s size.]

Things to Note:

  • Make sure your cat does not lick or consume treatment.
  • Do not apply treatment on top of the hair.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, clothes and even walls and furnitures.
  • Advantage ll is only safe for use on dogs and cats of all ages after weaning (appx 8 weeks old).
  • Hair loss may occur on the area of application. It’s usually a single occurrence and the hair should eventually grow back (be sure to monitor it).

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep pet standing during treatment to facilitate the application.
  • Avoid applying near sensitive areas near the eyes and mouth to prevent irritation.
  • Ensure your dog/ cat is dry before applying treatment.
  • Consider giving treats to keep pet from shaking their heads.
  • Apply treatment outdoors or in the toilet incase dog or cat shakes vigorously causing stains.

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Final Thoughts

Fleas don’t just make your pets itchy, but can can also cause the development of tapeworm when ingested.

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Most fleas at home are likely to be brought back by your dogs and cats, hence its important to ensure treatments and precautions are taken to protect your family and beloved pets from the nasty biting pests. >> Click here to check price on Amazon.

Have you tried the Advantage ll Flea treatment? Have you had any success or what other brand of flea treatment for dogs and cats would you recommend? Leave a comment to share with the committee.