Best Mosquito Zapper & Electric Swatter

Looking for the best mosquito zapper and swatter to help get rid of mosquito and other flying pests at home? This article features some of the best electric swatter and trap zappers to help your battle in getting rid of the buzzing mosquitoes.

There are generally two types of mozzie zapper in the market: 1) Electric lamp version and 2) Electric racket version (also known as electric bat). The lamp version takes a passive approach of attracting mosquitoes to it, providing a long term killing solution while the racket zapper help get rid of that handful of persistent ones.

[May: The sparks and popping sound produced when a mosquito is electrocuted are pretty satisfying.]

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1) Zap-It! Rechargeable Mosquito Racket Zapper

This lightweight mosquito zapper by Zap-it! Is a rechargeable electric racket that charges using conveniently charges using any USB drive. It’s 3 layer mesh design helps prevent accidental contact.

It comes with built-in LED light and on top of mosquitoes, it also kills other flying pests with it’s powerful 2000 volt electric grid (that sense of satisfaction from the sparks created when the mosquito gets shocked).

  • Kills almost all flying pests
  • Safety mesh design (three-layers)
  • On/off switch (with indicator lights)
  • Lightweight body
  • USB charging

2) Aspectek Electric Indoor Mosquito Killer Zapper

The Aspectek Mosquito Trap Zapperis designed for indoor use and is one of the strongest mosquito trap zapper in the market with its powerful 2800V electric bulbs

It’s scientifically proven to attract flying Mosquitoes and other flying pests with the 365 nm wavelength it produces. Cleaning is also easy with its in-built removable tray that collects the killed pests

Each purchase comes with a 36 months money-back guarantee.

  • Strong zapping
  • Safety cage wiring feature
  • Ease of cleaning (removable tray)
  • Comes with complimentary replacement bulbs
  • Includes optional hanging chain
  • Produces sound when in use

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3) Black Flag Extendable Bug Racket Zapper

This handheld extendable zapper racket by Black Flag is designed for both indoor & outdoor use against mosquitos and other common flying pests like wasps and spiders, among others.

It features a portable handle design that extends out to 2.5 feet long. Its head design allows for up to 6 angles for access to all sorts of environment and provides up to 3,000 volts of killing power when in contact with any bugs.

There’s also a hanging hook at the end of the handle for ease of storage when zapper is not in use. Lastly, the slim design allows ease of bringing around and the bright color makes it easy to locate in times of ‘emergency’ when a flying pest is spotted.

May: Although this item is pretty solid in the build, it doesn’t mean you should simply smack or smash it against hard surface when operating it.

  • Powerful 3000 V power
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Even works on tiny fruit flies
  • Comes with D-ring hook for easy storage & bringing around
  • Might not kill bigger sized pest immediately (no issues on mosquitoes though)

4) Rotating Head Rechargeable Electric Zapper Racket

This electric swatter features a patented rotating head design that can be adjusted to any angles which makes it very versatile to kill mosquitoes or other bugs at different parts of your house or outside.

Its rechargeable battery has a 1200mAh which allows for a longer use with each charge.

Despite its 3500V electric power to provide an instant kill, this electric swatter has a 3-layer wire mesh design which prevents any accidental touch from humans and pets.

On top of being used as a handheld fly swatter, it works to kill flying pests in a standing position as well.

  • Patented Rotating Head Design
  • 3-layer Safety Protection
  • 3500V Power
  • Can be used as handheld or standing

5) Black Flag Handheld Mozzie Zapper

This handheld Mosquito Zapper by Black Flag emits a powerful 2750 volts of killing voltage to get rid of mosquitoes, flies, wasps, yellowjackets, spiders and other flying pests.

Its operated by using standard AA alkaline batteries (not inclusive) and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The safety activation button must be pressed and held down to activate the zapper.

It’s design also comes with a D-ring on its end that allows for hanging and easy storage.

>> Available in Black & Pink color

  • Uses standard AA battery
  • 2750 volt of power
  • Convenient hanging hook
  • Cheaper than others in the market
  • No safety mesh layer

6) Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Mosquito Trap Zapper

This heavy duty Electronic Mosquito Lamp Zapper by Flowtron uses USDA tested Octenol attractant to lure mosquitoes and other types of flying pests.

Designed for outdoor use, this powerful zapper provides up to 1 acre of wide coverage.

On top of its weatherproof construction, its powerful electric grill kills mosquitoes instantly on contact and no tools are needed to replace the high intensity UV bulb (15 watts).

>> Also available in these versions: 1/2 Acre & 1.5 Acre Coverage

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  • Made with robust polycarbonate material
  • Easy to replace bulb
  • Double as a security lighting
  • Wide coverage
  • Comes with 2 yr limited warranty
  • Not recommended to set-up near pets and humans

7) 2 in 1 Foldable Mosquito Electric Zapper

This 2 in 1 Foldable Mosquito Zapper features two modes of killing. The first is to set it straight to be used as a normal mosquito electric zap swatter while the second version is that you can fold the electric mesh side ways to be placed on table tops to be used as an electric trap to attract and kill mosquitoes on contact.

Its three layer mesh design also ensures that you and your kids are protected from any accidental contact with the electric mesh. 

Its middle mesh is capable of delivering up to 3500 volt of electricity to kill the pesky mosquitoes and other flying pests instantly on contact.

To charge, simply plug the cable to any micro USB device and the zapper will be fully charged within 2 hours. Each charge can provide up to 10 days of killing depending on usage.

  • Two modes of killing
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Three layer mesh for safety
  • Fast USB charging

8) Livin Well Electronic Indoor Mosquito Killer Lamp

This indoor mosquito killer lamp by Livin’ Well is a non-radiative electric zapper that attracts the annoying mosquitoes with its ultraviolet lights and kills them with the high voltage grids. 

It has a mesh screen design to prevent any accidental contact between your hands and the electrical grid.

As it does not let out any harmful radiation or use any chemical, it’s perfect for indoor use around toddlers, pets and even pregnant women. Due to the portable size of this zapper lamp it has a relatively short coverage range of about 30 square meters.

Tip: A UV type of mosquito zapper such as this is most effective in a dark environment. Hence try to ensure there’s no bright lights near it when operating. For maximum killing, consider placing multiple units around.

Each purchase comes with a 1-Year replacement or full refund.

  • 1-year full refund/ replacement
  • High voltage killing
  • Portable size

Final thoughts

We suggest using both types of mosquito zapper (lamp trap and racket) in conjunction to help get rid of mosquitoes. An electric racket zapper is worth keeping at home to provide a quick relief in the house and around the yard.

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A few things to help in your consideration when picking a right handheld zapper to buy. Opt for zapper with safety mesh feature if you have kids at home, else going for one without the mesh can save some bucks and have more killing kick in each swing. Also decide if you prefer rechargeable version or using batteries (pros and cons to each but we personally prefers inserting AA batteries as we think it last longer).  

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Which type of mosquito zapper are you more inclined to try out? Have you had any previous experience with mosquito zappers? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.