5 Best Mosquito Fogger

In this round-up, we have put together a list of the best mosquito fogger around. Fogging is one of the best methods of controlling mosquito problems.

On top of pest control, it can be used for other of applications including: mold and mildew control, disinfectant for sanitising indoor spaces, removing unpleasant odours and can even be used as a humidifier in the greenhouse.

Immediate results: Although it is impossible to eliminate every single mosquito around the home, foggers allow targeting mosquitoes at their source and it is a great immediate solution for providing a mosquito-free zone.

Long-term benefits: Depending on the level of infestation, regular use of fogger can also significantly reduce the mosquito population over the long-term.

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How Foggers Work?

Fogger works by converting liquid insecticide or pesticide into a fog or mist that is actually made up of tiny droplets or fine particles. The fog is sprayed out from the nozzle, which spreads and float through the air, killing mosquitoes on contact.

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1) Burgess 960 Electric Mosquito Fogger

Designed for outdoor use, the Burgess 1443 Propane Fogger is considered “heavy duty” compared to other house-use mosquito killer. No electricity or pump is required as it is propane-powered.

This mosquito fogger is also featured in our best mosquito killer round-up. It is ideal for outdoor clearing at large volume. At full capacity, it can cover up to 5000 sq ft in 10 minutes.

Note: Wear protective gear and mask when operating a fogger. Wait at least 5 – 10 mins before entering treated area (to allow fog to clear out).
  • Portable and Easy to use
  • Up to six hours coverage
  • Works with most winged and biting insects
  • Produces a thick fog fast
  • Covers a large area (up to 5000 sq ft)
  • Propane tanks sold separately
  • Kills indiscriminately

>> Recommended Insecticides:

  • Black Flag 190255 Fogging Insecticide
  • Repel 190392 Fogging Insecticide

>> Buy Propane here:

  • Bernzomatic Fuel Cylinder

2) Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Pests Fogger

The Commander Tri-Jet Mosquito Fogger is made in the USA by Createch, one of the leading manufacturers and industry experts within the fogging machine industry. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

It has a powerful 1,000-watt motor and as a non-thermal fogger (aka cold fogger), it produces UVL fine mist (Ultra-low Volume Liquid) rather than let out gas fogs (like with a thermal fogger).

The fogger can be used with both oil and water based solutions for indoor or outdoor application. On top of pest control, it can be used for a variety of applications including: sanitation, odor and mold control.

It uses an adjustable valve in combination with tornado action nozzle that allows control over the particle size of the fog/ mist (small-sized particles for a small outdoor area, while larger-sized particles for a larger area, appx 30 feet).

Createch offers a standard five-year warranty and all of their products are UL rated.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use
  • Covers a wide range of applications
  • Provides good coverage
  • Can reach hard to reach areas
  • Adjustable valve
  • Triple nozzle with two-stage action
  • Rust proof
  • Heavy Duty Motor
  • Kills other pest like fleas, ticks and bedbugs
  • Made in USA (Yup!)
  • Nozzle might get clogged
  • Can leave a small residue after fogging
  • Not very portable
Note: When using the fogger for mold, do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide as it will damage the fogger.

>> Alternative but similar pro fogger: Silver Bullet ULV Fogger

3) Cutter Backyard Outdoor Mosquito Control Fogger

The Cutter Backyard Mozzie Fogger is a ready-to-use fogger designed for outdoor use. It’s available in bigger size version, the compact version featured is ideal to be brought along for outdoor trips like when you’re out hiking or camping. It’s also a good alternative to the big fogger units if you have a small backyard.

The fogger kills insects on contact and can cover up to 10 – 15 feet; and treat up to 1.2k sq ft. One bottle of the compact version can last between 2 – 3 days out in the woods (Tip: be sure to combine the spray with Mosquito coil and repellents).

It not only eliminates mosquitoes but other nasty pests like moths, flies and firebrats.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Kills a wide range of insects
  • Ready-to-use
  • Effective for several days (against mosquitoes)
  • Smell might be too strong for some
  • Not ideal for large areas

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4) Black Flag Propane Mosquito Fogger (NEW VERSION)

This propane mosquito fogger by Black Flag features microscopic mosquito killing particles that are 7 times finer than mist. This allows fast killing to take place and the application dissipates from the area of treatment within minutes. 

Each application kills and keeps the area protected for up to 6 hours against mosquitoes and other flying pests.

It is very portable and does not require any electricity to work. Both short and tall  or short canister works.

  • Large treatment spread
  • No mixing required
  • Does not have offensive odor
  • Dissipates in minutes
  • No electricity needed
Note: Wait for fogger to heat up before dispensing fog solution.
  • >> Buy Propane here
  • >> Buy Insecticide here

>> Bonus

5) EcoSMART 33129 Organic Mosquito Fogger

The EcoSMART Organic mosquito fogger is a toxic-free alternative to the usual chemical-based products. It is 100% organic and contains natural ingredients like geraniol, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil.

The EcoSMART fogger produces a generous amount of fog and mist that works up to 8 hours and leaves no residue (safe to use around children and pets).

Shake well before use, and slowly spray can in a sweeping motion directly toward brushes, shrubs and grassy areas from 4 – 6 feet away (give special attention to common breeding areas).

  • 100% organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Portable and Ready-to-use
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Not as effective as chemical base fogger
  • Small coverage area

Recommended Safety Mask:

3M Professional Respirator

Recommended Insecticide:

Black Flag 190255 Fogging Pesticide

Types of Fogger

There are two main types of foggers: Thermal (hot) &  Non-thermal (cold).

Thermal Mosquito Foggers (Hot)

Thermal fogger is powered by propane gas tank and the heating element located on the front. It heats and vaporizes insecticide and pesticide as it is pumped out from the unit. The liquid insecticide gets vaporized in the process and form a dense cloud of tiny and fine particles (the fog) which eliminates the mosquitoes by killing them on contact.

Most thermal foggers requires preheating before they can operate properly and they are better suited for outdoor use as it uses extremely high temperatures.

Non-thermal (Electric) Foggers (Cold)

Non-thermal fogger features strong engine that is powered by electricity and uses high powered air pressure to discharge the fog or mist through a swirl or multiple nozzle. It uses air pressure instead of heat (hence the name non-thermal), thus it is safer to use compared to the thermal counterpart.

The downside is that it needs to be attached to a power outlet, hence it’s a good alternative for indoor use (though it can be used outdoors as well).

Where To Apply Fogger?

Generally, dark and humid areas and places with standing water

These include vegetation like shrubbery, tall grass areas and in the woods with lots of trees and plants.

Places with objects that can collect and trap rain water (such as old rubber tires and barrels) should be treated.

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The Best Time To Apply Fogger

The best time to fog is early in the morning as in the evenings when mosquito activities are the highest (Generally the best time to fog is in evenings around dusk).

Most of the ‘good’ bugs and insects (like the bees and butterflies) are active in day time and stop its activity around the evening. Hence fogging at this time is ideal as it reduces the chances of harming them.

Note: Avoid fogging in during windy conditions as the fog will likely get blown away from the desired treatment area.

Things To Note

  • Read the instructions before operating fogger.
  • Thermal foggers operate at high temperatures, avoid using it indoors unless it is specifically designed for indoor use.
  • Thermal foggers can get very hot, hence be careful when operating the fogger. Avoid touching the casing at all times.
  • Some thermal foggers can produce a thick cloud of white to gray fog that can cause traffic hazards if used in urban area.
  • Thermal foggers can drip insecticide solutions from the nozzle if it’s not heated to proper temperatures.
  • For maximum effectiveness, use foggers in low-wind situations.
  • For backyard activities, apply fogger in the designated area in advanced leading up to the event.
  • Gloves and mask are highly recommended when operating foggers

Over To You…

What’s your take on using foggers as a mosquito control solution? Have you had any success using the fogger? Feel free to leave a comment and share it with us.