Best Mosquito Mesh Netting (for Bed, Hat, Stroller & Plants)

A good mosquito net, should not only provide protection against mosquitos, it should also block out other flying pests, allow air to enter and exit mesh. In this article, we have put together the best mosquito netting for bed, head, stroller and plants.

Mosquito net is a cost effective way to protect you and your loved ones from the nasty mosquitoes without the use of chemical repellents, which can often be sticky and uncomfortable (especially when you are using it for sleep).

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1) TIMBUKTOO Luxury Mosquito Net

This Mosquito netting by TIMBUKTOO is a one size fit all mosquito mesh net that can be used on Single size, Double size and King size bed mattress. It used a soft & lightweight Polyester netting micro-weave fabric that features tiny holes that keeps mosquitos and other pests out while allowing breeze to enter.

Its two opening design on each side of the netting allows you to get out of bed without having to crawl over your partner. This mosquito netting also features a unique internal loop on the inside of the net to allow handing of fan or lamp, allowing you to switch the light on and off without having to step out of the net to do so.

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Its pre-installed hanging kit allows quick installation and collapsing of net is also as simple as a simple twist. This means there’s no need to tie or untie anything during the installation and dismantling process.

Using the strong stitch as the attachment loop allows this netting to endure repeated use for years to come.

[May: Lying in our bed during a recent trip to Bali, we can actually see mosquitos flying outside of the netting all night.]

  • 30 day money back
  • Fits beds up to king size
  • Features inside loop to hang on light or fan
  • Also works as a sunshade
  • Comes packaged in its own travel bag

2) EVEN Naturals Mosquito NET for Bed

The EVEN Naturals Mosquito Bed Net is made with durable multifilament polyester net material that features 380 hole per inch. This allows air ventilation while keeping even the tiniest pest out of the bed.

It fit any bed sizes up to a California king size and comes with two openings for ease of entering and getting out of the netting.

Setting up is easy thanks to its 1 point hanging system design. The height can be easily adjusted with the release mechanism.

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It is both an outdoor and indoor mozzie mesh netting that’s made with lightweight material that’s machine washable.

Tip – Get 15% off for purchase of 4 or more (use code HWDEYG28). Get 10% off for 3 Products (use code P9J5U4A5). Get 5% off for 2 any products (use code VAR945DK).

  • 1 month guarantee
  • Can fit up to California King Size bed
  • Tiny hole
  • Comes with carry bag and hanging kit
  • 27 years of mosquito net making experience

3) OLLREAR Pop Up Mosquito Net (Stand-up Canopy)

This pop-up mosquito net tent by OLLREAR features a bottom cum floor design that can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The tent sets up easily and has two doors on both sides for convenient entering and exiting from the tent netting.

It features high-quality mosquito mesh that has all round 300 holes per in² protection to block off mozzies and other flying pests from entering.

Care Direction – washed mosquito using warm water by hand and air dry.

Note – While this mosquito mesh looks the same as an actual camping tent, it is not a camping tent, and as such should only be used on a camping trip when you know it’s not likely to rain.

>> Available in these sizes: Queen without bottom & King without Bottom

  • Stand-up tent canopy design ensures room to move about inside
  • High quality mesh netting
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Two door design

4) EVEN Naturals Mosquito NET (Square Curtain Design)

This mosquito net by EVEN Naturals features a square curtain design that allows room space within the netting for you to manoeuvre. This design is ideal if you like to sit up on the bed or have kids who likes to stand or jump on the bed.

This lightweight mesh netting can be used both indoor and outside, and it can be machine wash. It’s 380 holes per inch2 fabric keeps nasty pests out while allowing air to flow in and out.

This curtain net design is also super ideal to hang over a queen or king canopy bed. It’s design also adds a slight elegance and a touch of romance to the room. This mozzie net also has two entrance opening for easy access in and out of it.

Every purchase comes with 30 days guarantee and the company donates a portion of its sales profit to the charity.

>> Available in these sizes: 80 x 40 inch (1 opening) & 80 x 71 inch (2 openings)

  • Leaves room inside the protected area to move about
  • Very tiny holes
  • Comes with two openings
  • Comes with 1 month guarantee
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Machine washable

5) Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

The Coghlan’s Mosquito Net is a simple and cost effective mosquito net that provides full protection for both outdoors or indoors.

It is made with mildew resistant mesh polyester material and has a floor base which is able to provide complete coverage for a wide sleeping bag.

Its metal tie tabs at all corners of the netting allows anchoring of all corners into the ground and the hanging the top two corners to a tree or posts.

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Every purchase comes packed in a carrying bag with easy enclosure.

>> Available in these sizes: Double Wide (240 mesh), Single Wide (240 mesh), Double Wide (180 mesh) & Single mesh (180 mesh)


  • Affordable solution for outdoor use
  • Comes with strings and hanging kit
  • Secure 6 point anchor

6) MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Netting

This huge Mosquito net by MEKKAPRO is one of the most versatile mosquito mesh net that’s perfect for outdoor use.

It’s make with 100% Polyester material that’s designed to act as a hanging screen protection for quick and easy shield. There’s no base and it acts like a curtain that drops all around a hammock, a king or queen canopy type of bed or air mattress.

There are two opening to get in and out. Each net purchase comes with a free hanging kit and a pouch for easy carry-around. The netting tent is lightweight and can be washed and cleaned via machine.

On top of providing coverage and protection to bedding and hammocks, this freeform mosquito net is also ideal for use in the deck chilling area and even during barbecue to protect you and your family from mosquitoes and other flying bugs.

>> Available in these designs: Circle & Rectangle

  • Very versatile use
  • Lightweight
  • Can be machine washed
  • Comes with hanging kit and pouch
  • Very large in size

7) SansBug Pop-Up Mosquito-Net (Free-Standing)

This pop-up mosquito net by SansBug is a horizontal mosquito net that pops open instantly and into shape instantly. Not only are there no assembly needed, the tent remains standing and in shape all the way without having to tie the top to any poles or trees.

Its tarp base is made with 100% polyester and the mesh protection has about 1200 holes per inch to block out even the tiniest bug.

This free-standing mosquito net is lightweight and durability, and has been used by both the Canadian and American military, ecologists, disaster response team, and even doctors in the field.

The tent is also ideal for boy scout camp gear or to double as a baby or pet mosquito net tent.

Note – Be sure to watch the demo videos before setting up or folding down the tent.

  • Very lightweight
  • Sets up and collapses almost instantly.
  • Great air flow within the net
  • Reasonably priced
  • Base layer is water-resistant
  • Can’t fit into a carry-on

8) Mozzie Bug Net Hammock by pys

This hammock mosquito net by pys is one of the largest being sold today. With a massive dimension of 12” x 4.4”, this mosquito net offers lots of room to move about in your sleep while keeping the nasty mozzies and other flying pests out.

It is made using 100% mesh that has super fine holes that is breathable and provides all round coverage and protection. The design also features a vertical zipper which provides easy access in and out of the net.

Directions – There are two ways to hang the hammock net: 1) on tree straps using hooks, or 2) tie hammock to trees using the ridge-lines provided.

This lightweight net only weighs about 20 ounces and can easily fits into any travel bag or sack.

Every purchase comes with a 23 feet long ridge-lines, a premium stuff bag to store the hammock and is backed by a money back guarantee.

Tips – Try setting this mosquito hammock net up in your backyard as practice before taking it out for actual use. This give you some experience and confidence, while ensuring the actual set-up time when you are in the field will be shorten.

  • Super large size
  • Lightweight and sets up easily
  • Vertical zipper design for easy access

>> Best Head Mosquito Net

9) EVEN Naturals Premium Mosquito Head NET

The EVEN Naturals Mosquito Head Net is a super useful Mosquito head mesh for moving around in the outdoors (whether it’s for trekking, hiking or doing gardening work).

The mesh features 300 holes per inch2 that blocks out the nasty mozzies while allowing ventilation into the mesh. It also offers visibility for the user thanks to the use of black color.

Its size of 16” top x 23.5” height x 39.5” stretched bottom allows fitting over almost all types of headwear. It’s generous height/length ensures coverage of the entire neck area. [May – the best type of hat to wear in conjunction with this type of mosquito net is the type of ‘jungle’ hat as seen in the photo].

The bottom comes designed with elastic drawstrings with Toggle for easy adjusting.

Every purchase has a 1 month guarantee, comes with carry bag and the net is machine washable.

  • Great size
  • Black color offers great visibility
  • Elastic drawstring with Toggle
  • Machine washable
  • 30 days money back

>> Best Baby Stroller Mosquito Net

10) V-FYee Baby Stroller Mosquito Net

The V-FYee Mosquito Net for Baby Stroller is an elastic mesh netting that stretches to 150cm (59”), allowing it to fit almost any strollers, Cradles, carriages or bassinets.

It uses polyester mesh to protect against mosquitoes and other flying bugs, while allowing air circulation to provide baby and infant with ventilation.

Note – As with any items for baby or infant use, wash netting and air dry before use.

Every purchase comes with a little bag. The net is also thin enough to put into diaper bag or put under the stroller.

  • Lightweight and very portable
  • One size fits most

>> Best plant mosquito net

11) Gardeningwill Mosquito Net Barrier (For Plant, Fruits & Flower)

The Mosquito Net barrier by Gardeningwill is designed to provide coverage and protection for your plant, vegetables, fruit or flowers from seeding all the way to harvest.

This method provides a natural protection against pests, insects, birds and even small animals without having to use pesticides. The fine mesh allows light to rain to enter and provides air ventilation [May: you can simple run water over the mesh].

It is made with soft and marquisette knit material that measures 8 x 10 feet (about 2.5 x 3 meters).

  • Net can be used all year round (set and forget)
  • Can simply water over mesh

Final Thoughts

Mosquito net is one of the items to battle against pests that can be reused multiple times when handled with care. They are often small and lightweight to put into the bag and carrier when heading outdoor. It is also ideal for individuals with sensitive skin where spray-base repellents are not an option.

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What’s your view on the use of mosquito netting? Are there an event or activities that you need to engage with that you can’t do without mosquito netting protection? Leave a message to share with us.