Best Fly Strip, Paper, Ribbon & Tape

In this round-up article, we will be featuring some of the best fly strips, board, paper, ribbon and tape that you can use at home and outdoors to effectively catch flies and other flying pests. This range of product does not require electricity, chemicals or insecticides. They are created for mass catching of flies and …

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Fly Bites on Dogs

Noticed any bite that leaves red swells on your dog’s ears, inside the ears or stomach zones lately. Bite marks on your pet which leaves you puzzled as to why, where, when and how your pet dog got them. This article seeks to explain whether fly bites are an issue that will cause any form …

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Fly Diet – What Do Flies Eat?

Have you ever wondered what do flies feed on? Do flies have any food preferences? Is there anything that flies do not eat? Before going in depth on what do flies eat, we need to know that there are about 120,000 species of flies worldwide. Generally, flies are attracted to decaying organic items which includes …

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4 Best Fly Sprays For Doggies

In this article, we’ve listed the best dog fly sprays to help keep the annoying flies at bay. All flies spray listed are non-toxic to ensure they are safe for use on your beloved ‘Good-Boy’. [May: When it comes to pest control products to use on pets, its ingredients should be the first condition. As …

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