Capstar Reviews – Effective Flea Tablet for Dogs & Cats?

In this Capstar Review, we take a look at the pros and cons of their Flea Tablet for your dogs and cats suffering from fleas and ticks.

The Capstar Flea tablet works by letting flea killing agents to be absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream. The agents in turns kill the adult fleas when they bite on your pet.

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Flea tablet is perhaps one of the most effective flea killer product. That said, with any consumable oral treatment, there are certain risk that your pet will undertake.

Capstar Flea Tablets (for Dogs and Cats)

The Capstar Flea Tablet Treatment for Cats and Dogs features Nitenpyram as its active ingredient to help kill flea and ticks on your beloved pet.

Its fast killing formula starts killing fleas on dogs within as short as 4 hours of application and when applied to cats, it kills fleas within 6 hours.

Each box comes with 6 tablets (equivalent to 6 doses). Each dose of the Capstar Flea Tablet is strong enough to get rid of adult fleas on your dog and cat. Should there be a flea reinfestation on your pet, do note that the maximum dose of treatment is once per day.

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Direction – To administer, simply ensure that your pet eats the flea tablet pill. To achieve this, you’ll usually have to hide it in your pet’s food (Note: Be sure that your pet dog and cat actually consumed and swallowed the flea tablet).

Despite its effective killing formula, this product is also safe to be consumed by pet dog and cats that are pregnant. It also can be used on breeding pets.

Storage – Keep the unused Capstar Flea Tablets at room temperature. Ideally between 60 to 78 degree fahrenheit (15 – 25 degree celsius).

Key Features:
  • Ease of application
  • Designed specifically for pets
  • Fast killing action (within 4 to 6 hrs)
  • Kills almost all adult fleas within 1 treatment (depending on level)

It comes in two version based on the size of your pet dog and cat: Between 2 to 25lbs & 25Ibs and above

Note: Ensure pet dog and cat is at least 4 weeks old

Note 2: Be sure to weigh your dog or cat before applying treatment to ensure you administer the proper version.

Also check out the newer model of the Capstar Flea Tablet:

Other Things to Note

In some reviews, users actually feedback that the Capstar Flea Tablet started killing the adult fleas in as short as 30 minutes after feeding to their pet.

Upon treatment, fleas will start dying and falling off your pet within 30 mins. For the next couple of hours, you will see your pet scratching or even grooming quite aggressively likely due to the dying fleas going ‘crazy’.

After that, your pet will start feeling more comfortable. That’s a sign that the fleas are almost killed. Wait awhile and proceed to bath your pet dog or cat (try to use flea shampoo). Blow dry your pet and use a flea comb to pull out any remaining fleas (both alive or dead).

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Once Flea condition is under control, it can be applied on a monthly basis as a preventative measure to keep fleas away.

Final Words

If there’s difficulty getting your pet dog or cat to consume the flea tablet, try mixing this in their food. If unsure if your pet actually took the pill, it is safe to feed one more dose (that said, we do advice to wait one more day before feeding).

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As with any treatment, it is best to find out how did the flea got on your pet in the first place (i.e was it from the yard? A play area you passed while out for a walk? Or could be from another dog or cat in the streets). Also apply flea repellents like Flea Collar or Fur conditioners to prevent and deter new fleas from hosting on your pet.

Have you tried the Flea tablets by Capstar? What’s your experience with them? Or are there any other brands of flea tablet you’ve tried? Please leave a comment and share with us.